About Us

One of the largest grantmakers in Canada, Ontario Trillium Foundation is unique for its deployment of 330 volunteers to review and analyze more than 3,000 grant applications each year. To make great grants that help create vibrant and healthy communities, program staff rely on our volunteers to bring their knowledge of local community needs and sectoral expertise to the grant review process.

OTF awards approximately 1,500 grants each year to community-based not-for-profits and charitable organizations in the arts, recreation, environment and human and social services sectors. An agency of the Ontario government with an annual budget of over $100 million, OTF is always looking for ways to be a more effective grantmaker as well as a thought leader.

In 2013, the Ontario Trillium Foundation celebrated thirty years of granting. The Foundation marked this important milestone with a reflection on its successes, challenges, and lessons learned over the past three decades.

OTF grant recipients, past and present, talk about the Foundation’s 30 Years of Granting and how OTF is making an impact.

We developed two short reports that capture how the Foundation has evolved over the past 30 years, and how it might move forward.
In Looking Back (pdf) we interviewed OTF stakeholders, asking them to reflect on the history, accomplishments and impact of the Foundation.

In Looking Forward (pdf), our stakeholders, including past grant recipients and OTF volunteers, offer insights on trends and opportunities they think should inform the Foundation’s future strategic direction as part of the next phase of its evolution.