Accessibility FAQ (AODA)


What are some types of disabilities? 

People can have one or a combination of the following disabilities:

  • Physical disabilities
  • Vision loss
  • Deafness or being hard of hearing
  • Intellectual or developmental disabilities
  • Learning disabilities
  • Mental Health disabilities
  • Other disabilities

What is done to accommodate a disability in the workplace?

The scope of accommodation may include job redesign, work station modification, employment policy and practice modification, communication services, human or animal support services and building modification, where feasible.

How are customer service needs addressed?

Customer Service Standard Policies and Procedures have been developed and implemented at all levels of the Foundation.  The Human Resources and Volunteer Relations Department is responsible for monitoring the Website and Intranet and responding to any questions or feedback from Staff, Volunteers and the Public on the Foundation's accessibility practices and policies.

How can one get information or provide feedback?

Manjula Mistry, Human Resources Advisor
416.963.7935 or 1.800.263.2887 ext. 235
800 Bay Street, 5th floor Toronto ON M5S 3A9 

We will respond within 10 business days of receiving a request.