Auditor General of Ontario - Report

In 2011 the Auditor General of Ontario conducted a Value for Money audit of the Foundation, offering seven recommendations for improvement.

The Auditor General recommended the Foundation strengthen its grant monitoring procedures, initiate systems improvements to its granting processes so as to remain transparent and equitable, and put in place additional measures
to ensure initiatives funded are those that will offer the highest community impact.

The 2011 report also observed that:
  • OTF administrative expenditures were relatively modest compared to most other government agencies the Auditor General has audited.
  • OTF has an institutional mindset that placed emphasis on keeping costs to a minimum.
  • The Foundation has a 'well-defined grant application and review process'.
  • The OTF website is 'comprehensive and informative' .
  • OTF ensures that all grants indeed have a 'community-based focus,' and that its grant allocations to regions on a per-capita basis 'facilitate equitable access to grant funds throughout Ontario.'
In December 2013, the Auditor General published a follow-up report to its 2011 audit, noting:
“We concluded that the Foundation had made substantial progress on most of our recommendations. For example, the Foundation developed a new corporate strategy with new performance measurement indicators and targets; expanded its promotional activities; and developed new approaches to grant monitoring, including more site visits to grant recipients. It also strengthened its conflict-of-interest guidance and monitoring.”
Read the follow up report on the Foundation – Chapter 4.11 (pdf)