How We Work

The Ontario Trillium Foundation is an agency of the Government of Ontario.

How OTF Does its Works

Based on the mission, built on the strategic enablers and guided by the priorities, knowledgeable and
committed staff and volunteers are able to address the opportunities and needs identified by local and
provincial grant applicants.

Locally-appointed volunteer Grant Review Teams (GRTs) and regionally-based OTF staff ensure communities
large and small are represented in 16 OTF catchments, or granting areas. Each of the 16 GRTs has determined
Local Areas of Granting Focus to address the need for local context in decision-making.

Provincial decision-making is guided by an appointed Board of Directors whose members oversee provincial
grant decisions based on the same strategies and sector priorities. Provincial Areas of Granting have also been

The Strategic Framework guides OTF activities within the broader not-for-profit sector including its relationships
with stakeholders and research, knowledge sharing and community engagement.

How Our Grant Review Process Works

Potential grantees fill out an application. Once that application arrives at the Ontario Trillium Foundation, it goes through an extensive review process:
  1. A Coordinator of Program Administration will check for basic eligibility and that an application has the required documents.
  2. A volunteer Community Grant Review Team or the Province-Wide Grant Review Committee will decide if the proposed activity is the best use of the Foundation's funds and whether, in their view, the applicant is the best group to do the work. The team or committee will recommend approval for either the full amount or a reduced amount or decline the application.
  3. The Board of Directors ratifies or declines grants as recommended by Community Grant Review Teams or the Province-Wide Grant Review Committee.
  4. A Letter of Agreement or a Letter of Decline is sent to the applicant. Letters of Agreement include the amount granted, conditions attached to the grant, reporting requirements, and payment schedules. This letter forms a contract between the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the grantee. Once it has been signed and returned, funds are released.