Accessibility Services and Support 

OTF has developed both informal and formal practices and procedures that ensure the provision of the best possible customer service to persons with disabilities. We have anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies in place.

Our staff is comfortable serving customers with disabilities and our services can be provided in different ways. Our volunteers are aware and respectful of the needs of people with special needs and the organizations that support them.

OTF supports the use of personal assistive devices including:

TTY service at its head office,
Job Access With Speech (JAWS),
Special keyboards and headphones

The Foundation makes every effort to ensure that we communicate in a manner that takes into account all persons who have special needs. Visitors to the Foundation's website and people submitting grant applications online have the option of customizing font size for ease of readability.

OTF website is designed to be user friendly; the Foundation has received numerous awards for the quality of its content and its usability.  OTF ensures that its reports, advertisements and other written materials use respectful and inclusive language, and makes concerted efforts to use plain language in all its communications. OTF advertising and publicity materials portray communities in a representative manner and without negative stereotyping.

Many OTF resources are available in different formats such as Large Print, Voice, DVD, and CD.

OTF's head office premise has automatic doors, level access to the entrance as well as elevator access. All 16 regional offices are accessible through the use of ramps and/or elevators. 

The use of guide dogs and the use of support persons for people with disabilities are permitted at all OTF offices. OTF has emergency plans in place for all staff and guests, including those with disabilities.