Apply for a Grant

The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) is proud to have an up to date modern system that is environmentally friendly, simple to use, flexible and more streamlined. It provides an online granting system that delivers a wide range of administrative benefits and dramatically reduces the use of paper and paper-based processes. Overall the process is a two-step exercise based on an organization creating and maintaining their profile and then applying for a grant - both steps online. What could be easier?


Steps to follow:

IMPORTANT NOTICE if you are applying for a grant: The next grant application deadline is November 3, 2014. All applicants must register their organization before October 17th to allow OTF to verify the registration information to determine if the applicant is eligible. This also applies to previous applicants who need to update their organization registration.

Please note this is the last deadline until late Spring 2015 at which time OTF will announce new deadlines under its new ReDesign2015 strategic framework. There will be no opportunity to submit an application between November 2014 and Spring 2015.