Granting Programs

The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) distributes its funding to charities and not-for-profits through four granting programs: Community and Strategic Investments programs, the Future Fund and the Youth Opportunities Fund.

  • The Community Grants Program is for activities that take place in one catchment area and have a local impact in one or more communities within that catchment area. Community grants account for 80% of OTF funding.

  • The Province-Wide program is for activities that have a province-wide impact. At a minimum, the work must take place in three catchment areas or two catchment areas in the North. Province-Wide grants account for 20% of OTF funding.

  • The Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) is for activities focused on youth ages 12 to 29 that takes place in the Greater Toronto Area. The YOF is a program of the Ontario government, administered by OTF.

  • The Future Fund: The Ontario Trillium Foundation has adjusted its current operating and granting budgets to align with the recently approved Provincial Budget. Therefore Future Fund grants will not be made in 2013 -2014. OTF will continue to support those approved grantees with multi-year projects.