Register Your Organization

Grant applicants are being asked to register their standard organizational information with OTF before submitting an application. This is the information that rarely changes in an organization's lifetime: name, address, mandate and mission, where work takes place, incorporation or charitable registration number, etc.

Once this information has been submitted, you will have created a permanent Organizational Profile in OTF's database which you can update at any time.

When you apply to OTF in the future, your organization's information will be included in the review process for your application.

Registering your Standard Organizational Information will:
  • Save you time - your main organizational information only has to be entered once (or when it changes),
    rather than each time your organization applies for a grant.
  • Give you more flexibility - your initial registration (and any future changes) can be done at any time (although
    it must be done before submitting an application)

Register your organization now!

You can register your organization now, even if you intend to apply now or at a later date.