Creating Opportunities for Ontario Youth through Social Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise

The 2012-2013 Future Fund will be allocating $5 million to achieve a stronger network of supports for youth social entrepreneurs and social enterprises. 
We have been asking for input for how to invest these funds to have the biggest impact.
Here are some of the things we have learned are needed to strengthen supports to youth social entrepreneurs:
  • opportunities for skill-building, education, capacity building and mentorship
  • communities of practice, for sharing knowledge and best practices
  • more collaboration among sector participants, including private, not-for-profit, philanthropic, academic and others for collective impact
  • creation of hubs to connect sector participants and generate synergies
  • opportunities for shared resources such as space, and 
  • funding sources for start-ups and to scale up existing initiatives
The Future Fund Process

image: future fund process - flowchart

Design Lab
  • We will host a Design Lab on October 22nd and 23rd, 2012 to generate ideas and action plans to strengthen the landscape for youth social entrepreneurs. 
    • We are hoping great ideas and collaborations will take place, leading to possible Future Fund grant applications.
    • We will make selections based on a number of factors: creating a balance between usual and unusual partners, finding people poised to do innovative work, ensuring a good cross-section of the social enterprise and youth landscape, and making sure there is appropriate representation from geographic centers, a diversity of people and ideas from across the province.
    • Future Fund applications will be developed through the collective work of a diverse group of people who are involved in social enterprise, including youth. This work will begin at the Design Lab and continue throughout the fall and winter. 
    • While the Future Fund is taking a highly-curated approach, eligible applicants who are not invited to participate are welcome to apply to the Community and Province Wide Programs. The next deadline is November 1st.
  • Potential applicants will continue to work after the Design Lab, to further their concepts and create draft grant requests for submission to OTF.
  • In December 2012 groups will "pitch" their concepts and business cases and those selected will be invited to submit full grant applications to OTF in January 2013.
  • Final applications will be considered for funding by the end of March 2013.
How to Participate in the 2012-2013 Future Fund
  1. Design Lab participants will be invited from among the respondents to the survey
  2. Applicants for the Future Fund will mostly be drawn from ideas and collaborative initiatives developed at the Design Lab.
  3. We will be working to invite people with a wide continuum of experience, diversity and engagement from Ontario communities.
Please contact: Tracey Robertson at or Jackie Powell at
For French inquiries, please contact Carmen Robillard at