Strategic Enablers

Overarching strategic enablers are the building blocks to achieve our mission.

image: capacity building

Capacity Building

Volunteer and not-for-profit organizations are resilient and adapt to the needs of the communities they serve - locally and provincially. In addition safe and accessible places to meet, work and play are essential to communities.

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Creative approaches that fully realize opportunities and effectively address challenges faced by every community are supported and encouraged. By developing new ideas or adapting best practice we can stimulate new opportunities for vibrant and resilient communities.
image: civic engagement

Civic Engagement

Ontarians of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged and supported in their efforts to improve community life through a wide range of volunteer activities and in participation in community initiatives and events.

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Connections with others, both individually and organizationally, support strong communities. Partnerships and new ways of working together are fostered in order to achieve greater impact.
image: inclusion


Building more inclusive communities ensures that barriers of all types are addressed; and that diversity, one of Ontario's key assets, is valued, fostered and celebrated.
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Responding to Local Contexts

OTF supports local initiatives and local decision making that responds to the unique and diverse needs of communities.