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Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on March 4, 2010

Accessibility with Moxie Foundation
$12,500 over eight months to purchase office equipment that will enable the organization to enhance professional communications with volunteers, businesses and the community and increase its capacity to deliver awareness and training programs.

$106,800 over three years to hire a housing counsellor to develop innovative and more culturally appropriate services for clients who are recent immigrants or from visible-minority communities, resulting in better understanding of these groups' needs and how to respond to them.

Agape Centre (Help to the Needy) Cornwall Inc.
$43,100 over one year to help hire staff, purchase office equipment and participate in a train-the-trainer program. Volunteer involvement will increase and the organization's capacity to meet the increased demand for services will strengthen.

Arnprior and District Breast Cancer Support Group Inc.
$28,200 over one year to purchase a dragon boat and complementary paddling equipment and help cover initial program costs. A dragon boat team will then be created to help improve the physical and mental health of breast cancer survivors in the Ottawa Valley area.

Beaver Boxing Club
$80,300 over two years to expand boxing programs in Ottawa by hiring a part-time co-ordinator, funding training and youth camps and purchasing equipment. The program will target youth from low-income neighbourhoods, youth at risk and women.

Canadian Mothercraft of Ottawa-Carleton
$68,500 over one year to develop a new 14-agency social enterprise to train parents as teachers on a fee-for-service basis. Revenues will allow partner organizations to expand no-cost services to low-income families and share training resources across the Champlain region.

Canadian Toy Testing Council
$32,700 over four years to increase staff resources so that the organization can more effectively test toys, share information with consumers and work with manufacturers and retailers to improve toys that are being sold to children in Canada.

Centre de ressources communautaires Orléans-Cumberland
$65,000 over one year to purchase refrigeration equipment for the new food bank and furnish an office and meeting room to be shared by 11 community groups in the Orleans Cumberland Resource Centre. This will provide a single access point to a variety of community programs.

Centre des services communautaires Vanier
$145,600 over two years to hire training and co-ordination staff and help purchase equipment for an Ottawa-based social enterprise. People who face significant barriers to employment will receive hands-on training in food preparation and then be matched to employers.

Cumberland Township Agricultural Society
$57,000 over one year to repair the roof, structural supports and concrete footings of the pavilion dome on the Navan fair grounds. This will help to ensure that this important landmark venue continues to be available for community events in east Ottawa.

Friends in Sportfishing
$36,000 over one year to purchase a specially adapted pontoon boat that will make free recreational boating and sportsfishing activities accessible to marginalized populations and people of all abilities in Ottawa.

Glengarry Inter-Agency Group Inc.
$100,000 over three years to hire staff, purchase office equipment and produce program materials. Programs will be expanded for youth aged 12-years-and-under at a youth centre in Alexandria and satellite programs set up throughout North and South Glengarry.

Groupe Action pour l'enfant, la famille et la communauté de Prescott et Russell
$111,000 over two years to hire a co-ordinator and purchase equipment for an eight-bed respite-care facility for the United Counties of Prescott-Russell. This will provide caregivers of people with physical disabilities with much-needed respite from their daily obligations.

Killaloe Curling Club
$24,600 over one year to improve the insulation of this well-used curling facility, which will increase energy efficiency, help eliminate mold and ensure that active recreational programs can continue for people of all ages in this rural community.

Kombite Outaouais
$30,000 over one year to hire a part-time co-ordinator to manage a promotional campaign and event planning. This will help to increase community awareness and participation in the Festival Haiti en Fête held in Ottawa.

$25,600 over two years to expand soccer programs to young boys and girls and women from four Francophone ethnocultural communities in Ottawa. Funding will also help recruit and train volunteers, coaches, referees and team leaders for existing and expanded programs.

La Radio communautaire francophone d'Ottawa
$75,000 over one year to purchase technical equipment, hire human resources and renovate a rented space to help establish the Radio communautaire d'Ottawa, which will provide relevant news and information to the Francophone population in all its diversity.

Learning Disability Association of Ottawa Carleton
$116,000 over two years to fund extended working hours for two staff members. This will allow the organization to increase awareness of the needs of people with learning disabilities and help ensure their academic success and integration into the workforce.

Musical Arts Society (Alexandria)
$4,400 over one year to pay honoraria and festival fees. Young musicians in rural communities will then have opportunities to learn from and play alongside professionals in classical chamber-music ensembles during Festival Alexandria 2010 in North Lancaster.

National Capital Boys Competitive Gymnastics Academy
$15,000 over one year to replace aging equipment, which will help to increase the safety and quality of boys gymnastics programming in Ottawa.

Nepean Housing Corporation
$36,000 over one year to hire a community-and-youth-outreach worker who will develop and deliver workshops, training and information sessions. Safety Matters is a community-driven program that addresses safety issues in eight housing projects.

Osgoode Village Community Association
$21,000 over one year to purchase tents, bleachers and a portable stage. This will increase the capacity of the Osgoode Village Community Association to host the Medieval Festival, which explores the days of olde in an educational, informative and fun atmosphere.

Ottawa Festival Network
$133,000 over two years to enlist the participation of volunteers and youth in the support of festival events in the Ottawa area by providing a centralized volunteer database and developing the necessary Internet tools.

Ottawa Peace & Environment Resource Centre
$45,700 over three years to hire a co-ordinator and update the organization's website. An innovative environmental portal, an on-line newsletter and a resource archive for environmental tools and resources that community members can use will be created.

Ottawa River Runners/Les Coureurs de la Rivière Outaouais
$14,600 over one year to purchase kayaks and safety equipment, which will allow children and youth to learn whitewater-kayaking skills in a safe environment at affordable community-based summer camps and programs.

Ottawa-Carleton Citizen Advocacy
$112,800 over two years to train 15 facilitators and establish a new independent planning-and-facilitation service. Individuals with developmental disabilities and their families will then have greater access to high-quality, person-centred planning services in the Ottawa area.

Pembroke Symphony Orchestra
$22,000 over one year to purchase percussion instruments to expand the group's musical repertoire and allow amateur musicians of all ages and abilities to rehearse and perform with a symphony orchestra.

Rendez-vous des aînés francophones d'Ottawa
$70,000 over two years to hire a full-time staff member to co-ordinate current volunteer activities, oversee ongoing recruitment efforts and actively promote and expand programs and services to seniors living in the eastern part of the City of Ottawa.

Renfrew County Senior Games
$5,700 over one year to purchase shuffleboard courts that will increase recreational activities for seniors in Cobden, Calabogie and surrounding areas and be used during the annual Renfrew County Senior 55+ games.

Rideau Canoe Club
$42,800 over one year to make accessibility renovations to the club's facility and purchase additional equipment. People of all abilities in the Ottawa area will then be able to take part in this form of healthy active recreation.

Russell Soccer Club Inc.
$55,900 over one year to purchase and install energy-efficient sports lighting at the new full-size soccer field. This will allow more youth and adults in Russell Township to play the sport and enable the community to host more tournaments and games.

Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa
$15,000 over eight months to repair the roof of the facility and purchase new computer equipment. Upgrades to the building and computer equipment will ensure that the organization can continue providing a safe and efficient environment for clients, volunteers and staff.

Société de développement commercial et touristique de Hawkesbury
$39,300 over one year to hire a co-ordinator who will set up the co-operative and secure contracts from businesses to provide youth and young unemployed adults with employment opportunities in Prescott-Russell.

Sonshine Community Ministries (Ottawa)
$13,500 over one year to purchase equipment that will increase outdoor educational and recreational programs for children and youth of all abilities at Petrie Island in Ottawa and other outdoor venues.

St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage Performances
$3,400 over six months to purchase a stage lighting system that will enhance the quality of performances available in the community of Morrisburg.

St. Lawrence Rowing Club
$10,700 over one year to increase community access to rowing programs in Morrisburg by purchasing a single skull, oars, coach-boat motor and signage.

The Church of St John the Evangelist
$72,000 over two years to help pay two part-time staff members and provide ongoing training to volunteers. This will enable an initiative to continue that provides support and mentorship to sexual offenders being released from prison to the local community.

The Leading Note Foundation
$47,500 over two years to purchase equipment and software and for a portion of the executive director's salary. A marketing and fundraising strategy will be developed to increase the organization's capacity to deliver music programs for children and youth in Ottawa's inner city.

The School of Dance
$100,000 over three years to hire choreographers who will train and mentor dancers and choreographers. Emerging young professionals will gain skills and experience to launch their careers by working with students in English and Francophone schools in eastern Ontario.

The Society Saint-Vincent de Paul - Saint Columbkille Conference in Pembroke, ON
$15,500 over one year to replaced old kitchen equipment including commercial fridges, tables and chairs. The new purchases will increase the capacity of this grassroots community group to continue serving meals to people who are in need in Pembroke and area.

The Waupoos Foundation
$17,500 over one year to replace roofing on the main lodge and cottages of the organization's vacation-farm facility, which will help to ensure that outdoor vacation and recreation continues to be offered to low-income families in Ottawa and area.

Town of Deep River
$58,000 over 16 months to obtain services to build two paving-stone terraces on the hillside of the town's riverbank. This second phase of the Waterfront Improvement Project will create an accessible outdoor theatre and recreational-activity space for people of all ages.

Town of Renfrew
$20,500 over one year to purchase safety gymnastics equipment and provide coach and volunteer training. This will increase opportunities for children and youth aged 2 to 14 years to participate in gymnastics and dance programs.

Town Youth Participation Strategies
$11,400 over one year to hire a co-ordinator, support the establishment of a centre in Kanata for hard-to-service youth or youth at risk aged 12 years and older. Youth will be engaged in the development of the centre, its programs, activities and services.

Township of Admaston-Bromley
$39,700 over one year to pave a community rink surface, replace unsafe boards and purchase equipment. This outdoor four-season facility will then be safer so that structured drop-in sports leagues for children and youth aged 5 to 18 years can expand in this rural community.

Township of Champlain
$33,600 over one year to replace the air conditioner in the Vankleek Hill community centre, which will help to ensure the facility continues to be comfortable, safe and available year-round for community activities.

Township of McNab-Braeside
$26,300 over one year to purchase and install an accessible playground structure at Burnstown Beach to increase access to physical activities for children of all abilities.

United Way of Stormont Dundas & Glengarry
$4,800 over one year to replace the roof and siding of the organization's storage garage, which will help to safeguard fundraising materials used during the annual campaign and improve the safety of volunteers using the space.

Valley Employee and Family Assistance Program
$24,800 over one year to upgrade educational materials including DVDs and books, which will increase the organization's inventory of valuable resources to support counselling services across Renfrew County.

Vankleek Hill Fiddle & Dance Association
$11,900 over one year to purchase a hydraulically operated sunscreen-frame-and-tarpaulin for the mobile, fully accessible stage, which will be covered with a removable canopy. This will allow greater use of the stage in Vankleek Hill and surrounding communities.

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July 1 dealine

Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on November 2nd, 2009

211 Ottawa Kiwanis Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron
$10,000 over six months to purchase quality musical instruments for a 15-member squadron band for youth aged 12 to 19 years. The band program will then be expanded, training cadets for performances and exposing them to a rich musical culture of military, classical and popular music.

Bereaved Families of Ontario - Ottawa Region
$40,000 over one year to conduct a study that identifies gaps in bereavement support services in the Ottawa area. The organization will then be able to expand partnerships that provide long-term, sustainable funding opportunities, increase services in both French and English as well as community awareness.

Boys & Girls Club of Cornwall / SDG Club garçons et filles de Cornwall / SDG
$90,000 over one year to renovate the newly-purchased facility in Cornwall and continue funding the executive director's position, helping to build the capacity of the organization.

Canadian Wildlife Federation
$25,000 over one year to install additional solar panels on the organization's facility, which will help to showcase solar power and encourage greening of the not-for-profit sector in Ottawa.

Le Cap : Centre d'apprentissage et de perfectionnement Inc.
$30,000 over one year to hire staff and help with program costs so this citizens group can continue to increase awareness of environmental issues and engage residents of Hawkesbury, Hawkesbury-East and Champlain in environmental activities.

Centre de ressources de la Basse-Ville d'Ottawa inc. / Lowertown Resource Centre of Ottawa Inc.
$65,000 over one year to develop and provide training to marginalized women in five Ottawa neighbourhoods. Participation will give emerging women leaders confidence so they can bring their neighbourhood's concerns to the attention of the city's decision makers.

Centre de services à l'emploi de Prescott-Russell Inc.
$90,000 over two years to hire two human resource specialists who will provide travelling resources. Small and medium-sized businesses will get help to build their human resources components and reduce job losses in the community.

Centre francophone de Vanier
$37,000 over one year to repair the facility's foundation and renovate several areas in this important community centre, helping to ensure its comfort and safety for users.

Clinique juridique populaire de Prescott et Russell Inc.
$66,000 over two years to create a bilingual credit counselling service in Prescott Russell that will offer no-charge individual budget consultations and information sessions on subjects like indebtedness, budget management and financial planning.

Comité de loisirs de Bourget Inc.
$21,800 over six months to renovate the kitchen, purchase video projection equipment and equip the community hall with a larger stage. These improvements will help provide more and better services to people attending this Bourget community centre.

Cornwall and District Immigrant Services Agency
$80,000 over two years to engage immigrant children and youth in activities to develop artistic and creative skills; to facilitate literacy and learning among immigrant women that will reduce isolation; provide culturally-sensitive training to volunteers.

Deep River Community Association Incorporated
$50,000 over one year to purchase two snowmobiles and trail grooming equipment, which will enable a local ski club to maintain 70 kilometres of trails and ensure continued cross-country skiing in Deep River and area.

Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall
$30,000 over one year to level the floors and renovate the public washrooms for the parish hall at Sainte-Therese-de-Lisieux, which will make the facility more accessible to people with limited mobility in this community of north Cornwall.

Epilepsy (Ontario) Ottawa-Carleton
$60,000 over two years to hire an executive director who will build the organization's administrative capacity to deliver programs. New funding sources and a larger volunteer base will be developed to improve and expand epilepsy education programs and support services in the community.

Federation of Ottawa Chinese-Canadian Community Organizations
$15,300 over one year to develop an education campaign and deliver workshops to Chinese immigrant women. The program will increase their knowledge of Canadian policies that protect against domestic violence and of local services that support abuse victims.

Gloucester Pottery School
$23,000 over one year to install and provide training on the use of a new gas kiln for pottery classes. The new kiln will enable the Gloucester Pottery School to offer a number of new classes in pottery styles.

Hunt Club/Riverside Community Services Centre
$89,600 over two years to develop an action plan and a city-wide strategy for improved senior recreation programming. A system will be designed to help distribute funds more equitably to all seniors in Ottawa, especially new immigrants and those from culturally diverse communities.

Immigrant Women Services Ottawa / Services pour femmes immigrantes d'Ottawa
$78,800 over two years to hire staff, purchase equipment and launch communications that will increase Latin American adolescent newcomer girls' capacity for healthy life choices and expand leadership among those who are at risk of peer abuse, alienation and unhealthy sexuality.

Killaloe & Area Lions Club
$49,000 over one year to renovate the washroom and kitchen, which will provide a more functional space for the various community groups that use the facility. This will help remove barriers for individuals with limited mobility, encouraging their participation in social and recreational activities.

M.A.P. (Mentorship-Aftercare-Presence)
$50,000 over two years to expand aftercare and re-integration services for men and women who leave the criminal justice system and choose to reside in the Ottawa area, and recruit new volunteer coaches including representatives of various Muslim and ethnocultural communities.

Maple Leaf Almrausch Club
$30,800 over one year to purchase a new heating and air conditioning system for the club's facility in Carlsbad Springs. The new energy-efficient unit will enhance the comfort of the hall while reducing energy consumption and associated operating costs.

Metcalfe and District Ringette Association
$5,000 over six months to purchase goalie protective equipment, which will increase the safety of ringette participants in the community of Metcalfe.

Minwaashin Lodge - The Aboriginal Women's Support Centre
$35,000 over one year to produce a business plan to implement an Aboriginal addictions treatment facility that will allow women to bring their children to the facility while they are in treatment.

Multi-Cultural Arts for Schools and Communities (MASC)
$90,000 over two years to help fund a collaborative program that will seek to engage street-involved youth in creative, artistic expression and promote interaction with members of the community.

Nation Valley ATV Club Inc.
$13,000 over six months to purchase a tracked ATV and grooming equipment, which will be used to improve the quality and safety of trails serving the community of North Dundas.

National Capital Region YMCA-YWCA
$133,000 over two years to build networks to expand heart-health exercise programming across the region and add a new fitness regimen for individuals with health problems such as stroke, diabetes and obesity.

La Nouvelle Scène
$135,000 over two years to repair, replace or renovate several important infrastructure components of this important Francophone theatre centre in Ottawa, so that it remains safe, and available for community plays and activities.

Operation Come Home
$81,600 over two years to expand BeadWorks, a social enterprise that employs over 80 homeless youth on a casual basis and encourages creative expression through jewellery making.

Ottawa Folk Festival
$89,900 over two years to hire an outreach manager who will increase the organization 's capacity to reach and engage families, youth and diverse cultural communities by recruiting them to volunteer and participate in festival activities.

Ottawa Region Chapter, Canada Green Building Council
$40,000 over one year to hire an executive director and a part-time planning co-ordinator, who will support the organization's effort to launch Ottawa's first Green Building Conference and Student Green Building Design Competition.

Ottawa River Institute
$68,900 over two years to offer presentations and field trips and facilitate drumming circles. Volunteers will be recruited to collect local flora and fauna information and store it in a Citizen Science database which they maintain, helping raise awareness and understanding of Renfrew County's biodiversity.

Ottawa Riverkeeper / Sentinelles de la rivière des Outaouais
$101,200 over three years to bring municipal leaders together at three annual Ottawa River Summits to promote sustainable use of the waterway. Public participation in decision making will increase as a Summit report is published and River Watchers are engaged to raise awareness of local issues.

Ottawa Torah Centre
$30,000 over one year to increase the delivery of culturally enriching hands-on programs to children aged 6 to 12 years in the Ottawa area, helping to promote respect for diversity, appreciation of heritage and sensitivity to differences.

The Parish of Huntley St. James
$41,500 over one year to make the parish hall fully accessible to all community members with limited mobility living in Carp and surrounding area. Renovations include the installation of an indoor lift, an exterior accessible ramp and front doors, and the creation of a fully accessible washroom.

People, Words & Change
$50,000 over two years to hire a part-time marketing co-ordinator, inventory manager and electronics receiver. This will increase the organization's capacity to grow the Everybody Wins electronic recycling program, increase community outreach, manage inventory and provide logistical support.

Prevent Cancer Now
$30,000 over one year to develop and pilot a public awareness campaign in Champlain region that emphasizes the prevention of environmental cancers, focusing on people under 25 years of age. Funds will help create partnerships, conduct outreach and train volunteer presenters.

Sage Youth / Jeunesse sage
$94,000 over two years to develop the Literacy for Life program, which provides marginalized children and youth in the Ottawa area with literacy skills so they can develop leadership skills and achieve their career goals.

Sierra Club Canada
$39,000 over one year to deliver volunteer-led workshops that introduce changes to household waste sorting practices. Two-hundred volunteers will be recruited, trained and equipped to give short presentations at Ottawa workplaces, schools, church groups and community organizations.

Somali Youth Basketball League (SYBL)
$19,600 over 18 months to hire a co-ordinator and fund program costs that will build the organization's volunteer capacity. This will improve recreational programs for youth aged 12 to 18 years who come from culturally diverse communities and low-income neighbourhoods in Ottawa.

St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences
$94,700 over three years to develop a forecasting model to predict beach closures due to bacterial contamination. Public education about beach health and contamination risks will be provided and community leaders along the St. Lawrence River will help assess economic impacts.

St. Mary's Home / Maison Sainte-Marie
$22,000 over one year to continue providing educational support counselling to pregnant young women who attend the organization's programs and outreach centre while continuing to seek new sources of funding.

Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry County Library Board
$40,000 over six months to equip the new Avonmore and South Mountain libraries with shelving and furniture, which will make them more comfortable and encourage greater community use of the facilities.

TeKnoWave, Inc.
$61,000 over one year to develop a program that will provide skills development and employment opportunities for Aboriginal adults and youth in the Green Energy sector in Ottawa. In-class curriculum development, employment counselling, employment preparation and career follow-up will be offered with support, coaching, mentoring and other related services.

Théâtre du Trillium Inc.
$105,000 over two years to encourage greater public interest in this community theatre by engaging young volunteers to participate in its activities. University of Ottawa students and the public will be involved in proactive programming to increase audience sizes.

Théâtre jeunesse en tête Inc.
$10,000 over one year to purchase portable equipment that will help increase the capacity of this Francophone theatre to offer high-quality productions for children and youth in Ottawa and in schools across Champlain Region.

Thinking in Pictures Educational Services
$22,200 over one year to obtain training material, update the website and provide workshops that will increase the community's access to advanced behavioural analysis therapies for autistic children in Ottawa.

Town of Petawawa
$19,400 over one year to replace aging hardware, which will enhance the library's new operating system, expand various learning opportunities for patrons and increase access to high-speed internet connections for all community members.

United Way / Centraide Ottawa
$100,000 over one year to create community spaces at the Community Campus: A Multi-Tenant Not-for-Profit Centre in Ottawa by completing renovations to the Resource Centre, Training Centre and Incubator Spaces.

West Ottawa Ringette Association
$30,600 over one year to purchase equipment, provide additional training for volunteers and coaches, and offer new skill-development and fitness opportunities for girls and young women aged 4 to 18 years.

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March 1 deadline

Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors June 25th 2009

1st Blackburn Scout Group
$7,300 over one year to purchase canoes and camping gear to improve safety and enhance outdoor activities for youth in Blackburn Hamlet and the surrounding region.

Alliance Française d'Ottawa-Hull
$70,000 over three years for staff and resources to assist with improving the promotional work done to create interest in community artists from the Francophone community in the Ottawa Region.

Arbor Gallery - Centre for Contemporary Art
$89,000 over two years to hire a curator for this community art gallery in Vankleek Hill. This staff member will improve programs and educational activities, enhance community awareness of the visual arts and strengthen the organization.

Artists' Centre d'Artistes
$14,600 over one year to purchase specialized computer, software and photographic equipment. These will help meet the organization's needs, save rental fees and enable multi-disciplinary exhibitions to be held for the community at large.

Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa
$78,200 over two years to provide safe, structured and barrier-free after-school and summer programming in Rochester Heights for children and youth at risk or those in great need of support to ensure their healthy development.

Centre culturel les trois p'tits points
$7,500 over one year to hire a consultant who will conduct a feasibility study on locating an accessible high-quality venue for live shows and other community performances and activities as needed in Alexandria.

Centre de ressources des jeunes d'Orléans
$64,100 over one year to build the capacity of the organization to develop youth-run social enterprises. These programs will provide leisure and recreational services to local teens in Orleans and Eastern Ottawa and valuable work experience to participants.

Christie Lake Kids
$25,400 over one year for staff and program expenses to help this Ottawa-based organization improve the recruitment, training and retention of volunteers who deliver recreational activities to children and youth at risk, aged 6 to 17 years.

Club de l'âge d'Or St-Albert
$13,000 over one year to replace existing tables and chairs and renovate this important seniors meeting facility in the community of St-Albert.

Club Optimiste Rockland, Ontario
$7,900 over one year to purchase a laptop computer and on-ice training equipment in order to improve the safety and effectiveness of skating programs offered to the community of Rockland.

Columbus House (Pembroke) Inc.
$70,000 over two years to expand the Young Parent Support Program in Renfrew County provided to young parents in rural areas so they can successfully pursue high-school education while learning parenting skills.

Cooper Marsh Conservators Inc.
$11,600 over one year to replace the windows at the Cooper Marsh Visitors Centre. This will reduce energy consumption and improve the esthetics of this important environmental resource in the Township of South Glengarry.

Coopérative multiservices Inc.
$45,000 over one year to increase access to the organization's multiservice building by renovating the front entrance and washrooms, making them accessible to people of all abilities in this rural East Ottawa community.

Cumberland Curling Club
$25,000 over one year to insulate and rebuild the interior walls and replace the running boards of the club's facility, helping to improve the safety and overall quality of the curling experience for members of the Cumberland region of Ottawa.

Daybreak Non-Profit Shelter (Ecumenical) Corporation
$40,000 over two years toward the salary of a communications officer. This staff member will co-ordinate fundraising campaigns and recruit and support volunteers, enabling more support and shelter for people who are homeless in downtown Ottawa.

Eastern Ontario Tennis Academy
$15,000 over one year to resurface the Ridgemont High School tennis courts, which will increase the availability of quality tennis programs for the Ottawa community.

Équipe Psycho-sociale
$60,000 over two years for the Families, Health, Balance Program. A co-ordinator will be hired to plan and carry out recreational activities throughout the year and one-week summer camps for low-income families.

Family Services à la famille Ottawa
$104,000 over two years to expand and deliver Around the Rainbow, a program for children aged 7 to 12 years that supports GLBTTQ families in reducing the bullying, isolation and homophobia that they often experience.

$13,900 over one year to purchase a kiosk and audio and office equipment. These will support and enhance the delivery of this theatre group's improve workshops to Francophone communities and youth throughout Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.

Laurentian Valley Township
$26,600 over one year to purchase and install playground equipment in Alice Fraser Park that will provide children with the means for safe and healthy outdoor activities.

Municipality of Casselman
$50,000 over one year to build a splash pad for residents of Richelieu Park. The facility will provide healthy recreation for small children including those with physical challenges and their families in the summer time.

Nation Municipality
$33,000 over one year for an entrance ramp, automatic doors and washroom renovations. These will improve the accessibility of the St-Isodore Hall, which serves as local meeting place for various recreational, social and leisure events and groups.

National Capital Region Croatian Folklore Ensemble (Croatoan)
$6,300 over one year for Croatian folkloric costumes, which will increase this Ottawa-based youth group's repertoire and programming as it performs Croatian traditional songs and dances across Canada.

North Glengarry Township
$25,000 over one year to replace the windows and siding on the Duvegan Community Hall. This upgrade will support the delivery of many sports and recreation programs at this important rural community facility.

Ontario Outstanding Young Farmers Program
$40,000 over one year to hire a co-ordinator who will assist volunteers with organizing the five-day, 2009 National Outstanding Young Farmers Event to be held in Ottawa in December.

Osgoode Rideau Basketball Association
$6,800 over one year to purchase six shots clocks, which will allow the organization to implement the FIBA rules and so enhance the skills development program for Ottawa players.

Ottawa Little Theatre
$46,100 over one year for an education co-ordinator and workshop instructors who will help to enhance community training programs and increase volunteer participation in community theatre.

Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre
$30,000 over one year to hire a fundraising co-ordinator who will enhance the organization's strategic vision and commitment to sustainable fundraising.

Ottawa River Institute
$49,200 over one year for salaries, presenters' fees and materials to raise citizen's awareness about energy-efficient upgrades to buildings and generating local electricity and heat. A green technician course will be developed to increase employment.

Ottawa-Carleton Ultimate Association
$30,000 over 18 months for staff to develop the organization's volunteer base. Funding will help create best practices in volunteer services, a recruitment strategy or program, and volunteer training, skill development and leadership opportunities.

Overbrook-Forbes Community Resource Centre
$47,800 over two years to deliver after-school programs to children and youth between the ages of 7 and 12 years in Overbrook. Programs will include homework clubs, communications-behavioural skills development and health promotion.

Planned Parenthood Ottawa Carleton
$30,000 over one year to build the capacity of the organization by hiring a part-time co-ordinator who will recruit volunteers, develop volunteer policies and procedures, a communications plan and a marketing plan.

Renfrew Curling Rink
$34,700 over six months to replace a 50-year-old brine chiller, which will enable this well-used curling facility to continue its regular operations for curlers of all ages.

Rideau Curling Club
$60,000 over one year to repair the club's ice-making equipment and install a dehumidifier system. These will improve energy efficiency and air quality, while ensuring the continuity of programs at this well-used curling facility in Ottawa.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 616 - West Carleton, Woodlawn
$60,800 over one year to help renovate this important community gathering space in West Carleton, making it more energy-efficient, safe and accessible to all members of the community, especially the many seniors attending recreation programs.

Scouts Canada Voyageur Council
$37,900 over one year toward renovating cabins and lodges at regional Camp Opemikon near Perth. Upgrades will improve energy efficiency, prevent water damage and improve safety.

Seaway Senior Citizens Club # 1201
$16,300 over one year to launch a new fitness program for seniors in Cornwall. A fitness instructor familiar with the needs and abilities of seniors will be hired, equipment purchased, volunteer-instructors trained and a training manual developed.

Seaway Valley Theatre Company
$12,600 over six months to purchase sound equipment. This will enhance the quality of theatre productions for local audiences in the Long Sault community through the rehearsal and presentation processes.

Seaway Winds Concert Band
$28,000 over three years to help purchase instruments that will allow this Cornwall-area concert band to grow and achieve full instrumentation, while encouraging amateur musicians and offering an aesthetic listening experience to the public.

Senior Curling Association of Pembroke
$15,000 over one year for critical repairs to the club's ice-plant components, which will ensure the continuity of curling programs at this well-used facility.

Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area
$80,000 over two years to hire an administrator who will develop a sustainability plan for the organization, ensuring it remains able to deliver the programs, activities and services identified as priorities by the community.

Social Planning Council of Ottawa / Conseil de planification sociale d'Ottawa
$6,200 over one year to assist with operating expenses, helping to ensure that Spanish-speaking seniors who are socially and culturally isolated due to language barriers receive the assistance and support they need.

Social Planning Council of Ottawa / Conseil de planification sociale d'Ottawa
$28,000 over one year to assess the feasibility of creating new employment opportunities for young adults with high school or less education in the emerging field of renovating houses using green technology.

St. Lawrence Valley Agricultural Society
$60,000 over one year to renovate the fairground's main stage. This will help to improve the safety and the capacity of the facility to host events for community groups in Williamstown and South Glengarry Township.

The Canadian Film Institute
$25,000 over two years to develop a brand and a website for the organization. These marketing tools will create and engage new audiences for animation film in Ottawa, targeting young families and youth through on-line podcasts, games and activities.

The Greely Players
$9,700 over one year to purchase a trailer, storage organizers and stage risers. These items will improve safety for volunteers and enhance the quality of community theatre productions for audiences in Greely.

The Hearing Foundation of Canada/La Fondation Canadienne de l'Ouie
$58,200 over two years to deliver the Sound Sense program to Grade 6 students in Ottawa. This will increase young people's understanding of noise-induced hearing loss and how they can adapt their behaviour to protect their hearing for the future.

The National Irish Canadian Cultural Centre
$75,000 over one year to assist with structural renovations needed by this important cultural centre in the heart of Ottawa. The upgrades will improve the facility's safety and comfort, enabling its greater use and rental by community groups.

The Ottawa Inuit Children's Centre
$127,000 over two years to continue providing a family literacy program in English and Inuktitut for parents and caregivers of Inuit children in Ottawa. This will enable them to be their child's primary educator in cultural and academic literacies.

The Township of Rideau Senior Citizen's Service Centre Inc.
$31,000 over one year for expert advice to develop a fundraising strategy that makes effective use of staff and volunteers while enhancing the organization's visibility in the community, increasing donations and other sources of funding.

Town of Hawkesbury
$13,300 over six months to purchase and install a new security system in the Hawkesbury Public Library. This upgrade is needed to replace an aging system from 1980 for which parts are no longer available.

Township of Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan
$15,000 over one year toward the purchase and installation of new playground structures in Palmer Rapids that will offer safer and better outdoor activities to all the children living in this community.

Township of Greater Madawaska
$14,000 over one year to renovate the kitchen at the Barnet Park Cottage in Calabogie, helping to increase the use of this community facility for recreational and cultural events.

Township of Madawaska Valley
$25,000 over one year to replace the 30-year-old lights at the Barry's Bay arena with a new energy-efficient lighting system that will improve visibility for all users and reduce energy costs.

Tucker House Renewal Centre
$84,500 over two years for salaries, program costs and administration to support the development of the National Capital Environmental Network (NCEN), a collaboration of a wide range of environmental groups in the Ottawa area.

West Carleton Nordic Ski Club
$14,000 over one year to purchase an all terrain vehicle with removable tracks, which will enable the club's volunteers to improve cross-country trail grooming in the community of Fitzroy Harbour.

Whitewater Region Township
$9,500 over one year for promotion costs to increase awareness and participation in the Taste of the Valley event in Codben. It showcases Renfrew County's agricultural heritage and artistic talents and promotes its small local food-and-craft vendors.

Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa
$66,000 over three years for the collaborative of Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa and Radha Yoga Youth Outreach (RYYO) to implement a sustainability plan for RYYO to become a sustainable program to improve health and well-being of youth at risk.

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