The Future Fund

2007 - 2008

Approved by the Board of Directors on March 6, 2008

Chronic Disease and Early Environmental Exposures Joint Constellation c/o Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA)
$294,700 over two years to raise awareness of the links between early environmental exposure and chronic disease in children. This work will help influence practice and policies in the development of chronic disease prevention strategies.

Good Neighbour Initiative c/o Toronto Environmental Alliance

$612,300 over three years to work with concerned individuals and grassroots organizations, encouraging the participation of local people in local issues to strengthen leadership and capacity among Toronto, Sarnia-Lambton (including Aamjiwnaang First Nation), and Akwesasne First Nations communities to reduce pollution and help build corporate environmental leadership.

Clean Air Partnership c/o Mining Innovation Rehabilitation and Applied Research Corporation (MIRARCO)
$349,200 over 30 months to establish and maintain a north-south climate-change network, build community capacity to respond to common climate-change challenges and link regional efforts in the northern and southern parts of Ontario.

Green IT Collaborative c/o Green Communities Canada
$205,100 over two years to optimize the use of information technology by at least 25 environmental organizations across Ontario. This will help boost productivity, functionality, communications, collaboration and outreach and marketing.

Environmental Priorities Outfront: Re-inventing, Re-tooling & Re-focusing the Environmental Movement in Ontario
c/o Environmental Defence

$538,700 over 30 months to engage a broad range of environmental organizations in the development and implementation of a shared strategy. This work will help strengthen the effectiveness of the sector in Ontario.