The Future Fund

2008 - 2009

Creating Innovative Economic Opportunities

Approved by the Board of Directors on March 26, 2009

Financing our Future c/o Carleton Centre for Community Innovation, Carleton University (pdf - vignette)
$299,200 over 30 months to mobilize the capital marketplace to serve community non-profit sector needs and reduce existing barriers to the development of a Canadian social financing system.

MaRS Discovery District (pdf - vignette)
$30,000 over one year to support the School for Social Entrepreneurs assess an innovative approach to skill development that will increase the skills of social entrepreneurs.

ProtoLaunch Group c/o Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre (pdf - vignette)
$461,800 over three years to provide employment-related skills training and experience for youth in Northern Ontario and foster economic growth in the fast growing video game industry.

Youth Opportunity Centre c/o Moose Cree First Nation (pdf - vignette)
$366,300 over four years to provide entrepreneurship training and mentoring to First Nations youth in Northern Ontario who will overcome barriers to employment by developing their own businesses.

Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise c/o Causeway Work Centre (pdf - vignette)
$342,700 over three years to establish a Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise that will provide support to emerging and established social enterprises in Eastern Ontario so that they can contribute to employment and economic needs in the community.

LASI World Skills (pdf - vignette)
$500,000 over three years to eliminate systemic barriers and enhance the ability of employers in the public, corporate and nonprofit sector to recruit, hire, orient and retain internationally trained workers.


Approved by the Board of Directors on December 4, 2008

Community Power Training Collaborative c/o Ontario Sustainable Energy Association
$505,700 over three years to create new job opportunities in the Community Power sector. Ontarians will become advocates and owners of renewable energy, and thereby benefit from local renewable resources economically, while offsetting gas emissions.

Environment & Diversity Project c/o Sustainability Network 
$352,000 over four years to inspire environmental non-profits to diversify their audience and organizations by providing a multi-level initiative that will lead to long term sector transformation. (Another OTF grant will support this activity)

FarmON Alliance c/o FarmStart 
$448,900 over three years to build a provincially coordinated alliance to support a new generation of viable, ecological and local farmers by addressing the issues of farmland access and succession, and knowledge transfer, training and resources.

Northern Connections c/o Ontario Nature 
$355,600 over three years to enhance the leadership & capacity of northern groups and build strong networks for boreal conservation, focusing on: clean and renewable energy, community based forest management, and public access to remote areas.

Stewardship Funds to Save Community Lands c/o Ontario Land Trust Alliance 
$337,800 over three years to raise stewardship funds to assure the protection of up to 50% of currently owned conservation lands. The project will be carried out by an innovative partnership between Ontario based Community Foundations and Land Trusts.