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November 1 deadline

Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on March 4, 2010

Brampton Music Theatre
$102,800 over two years to hire an artistic director, purchase equipment and promote the theatre. This will help establish a dynamic, regional youth performing-arts-education program for the North of Peel and surrounding regions.

Canadian Community Arts Initiative
$12,000 over one year for staff to support the activities of a dynamic community festival that will showcase South Asian and local talent.

Cooksville Kids Athletic Team Training (CKATT)
$6,000 over one year to purchase sports equipment that will support high-quality basketball programming for children and youth in the Mississauga area and beyond.

Coopérative de couture UMOJA
$12,500 over one year to conduct a feasibility study on the possible development of a sewing co-operative that will create employment opportunities for Francophone immigrant women in the Hamilton, Milton and Burlington areas. (Another OTF grant supports this project.)

DiverseCity: The Greater Toronto Leadership Project c/o Toronto Summit Alliance
$25,000 over one year for an initiative that will provide tools and resources for the community to engage in discussions that will lead to the identification of leaders from the diverse communities of Peel. (Other OTF grants support this project.)

Eden Food Bank
$189,300 over three years to hire an executive director who will expand programs and increase awareness and fundraising so more food and programming can be provided in western Mississauga.

Epilepsy Halton Peel
$192,900 over three years for staff, program materials and volunteer recognition activities. Programs and services will be expanded to improve public awareness, support and quality-of-life for people with seizure disorders.

FIRST Robotics Canada
$43,800 over one year to rent a venue and obtain temporary help and security for a national robotics competition at Mississauga's  Hershey Centre that will attract hundreds of youths from all over Ontario.

Goan Overseas Association
$22,400 over two years for equipment and operating support to develop and grow the organization's soccer program in Mississauga. Children and their families will be encouraged to become more active and engaged in their community's activities.

HIPPY Oakville
$100,000 over three years to staff the Home Visitors program. Mothers will work with vulnerable families to provide home instruction for parents of pre-school children that will enhance their literacy levels and overall well-being.

Hornby Co-operative Nursery School Inc.
$1,800 over one year to purchase resource materials and furnishings that will encourage enhanced learning for children in Milton.

Human Services Centres of Peel c/o Peel Senior Link
$225,000 over three years to enable 16 or more agencies and organizations to implement a shared-space model in Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon locations. The plan will reduce costs and better serve the current and future needs of the community.

Indian International Seniors' Club Brampton
$18,000 over two years to support social and recreational activities for seniors in Mississauga.

LIFE Project - Ontario March of Dimes Peel Region c/o Ontario March of Dimes
$222,100 over three years for staff, program materials and computer equipment. A day program will be launched to help youth with physical disabilities make the transition from high school to employment, volunteer opportunities and independent living.

The Malhar Group Music Circle of Ontario
$15,400 over one year for staff, musicians' honoraria and office equipment. Professional musicians will introduce Indian classical music to students in 16 Halton-Peel region schools, expanding their cultural awareness of other music traditions.

Malton Community Building Project c/o Punjabi Community Health Services
$375,000 over five years for a co-ordinator, training and program support. A project will be launched to engage the South Asian community, build and enhance networks and develop adult and youth leadership.

The Mississauga Heritage Foundation Inc.
$50,000 over one year to hire a co-ordinator, pay entertainers and market the Maanjidowin: Native Pow Wow and Métis Rendezvous as part of Heritage Mississauga's 50th anniversary in 2010.

Mississauga Sustainable Urban Agriculture Project c/o Ecosource Mississauga
$375,000 over five years for staff, tools and space to develop an agriculture food-production and demonstration site. The project will provide the community with access to healthy organic food and knowledge about sustainable urban food production.

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Mississauga Chapter c/o Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
$93,500 over two years to hire a full-time co-ordinator who will continue fundraising activities and build the sustainability of the organization.

Oakville Minor Football League (OMFL)
$15,000 over one year for equipment and field costs to enable the organization to provide more opportunities for the community, especially young people, to take part in this healthy physical activity.

Peel Children and Youth Initiative c/o Peel Children's Aid Society
$65,000 over one year to retain a planning consultant and engage youth in an initiative to gather suggestions and ideas about priorities for planning purposes. This will improve co-ordination and outcome measurement in the sector.

Peel Elder Abuse Prevention Network Steering Committee c/o Catholic Family Services of Peel Dufferin
$216,400 over three years to hire a co-ordinator, conduct training, outreach and a strategic planning process. Awareness will increase about elder abuse and strategies will be implemented to enhance the safety and well-being of seniors in the region.

People of Motherland Cultural Committee
$23,300 over one year to purchase equipment and supplies to expand cooking classes for new immigrant women and youth. This will lead to the development of a social enterprise that caters African-Canadian food.

Port Credit 175th Anniversary c/o Lions Club of Credit Valley
$25,000 over one year for a stage manager, entertainment and expenses to celebrate the 175th anniversary of Port Credit in Mississauga. The project will increase the community's pride and awareness of its rich heritage and vision for the future.

Protect Our Water and Environmental Resources - P.O.W.E.R. (Halton Hills)
$132,000 over three years for a managing director and space rental in order to support the organization's day-to-day operation, growth strategy and projects and collaborations that enhance community sustainability.

Skills for Employment Life and Family (formerly Peel Literacy Guild Inc.)
$99,600 over two years to hire a program co-ordinator who will help volunteer tutors teach adults learners with low literacy skills. This will increase the number of clients the organization can serve.

SPEAK UP! International Film Festival
$13,500 over six months for staffing and program support for the 2010 Student Film Festival in Mississauga.  The festival will promote and celebrate student filmmaking and help advance filmmaking talents among young people.

Tottering Biped Theatre Marketing Infrastructure Project c/o Student Theatre Active Representatives Society (STARS)
$4,500 over six months to hire a marketing expert who will plan and begin implementing a strategy to promote and grow this theatre group in Burlington.

Track 2000 BMX Milton Inc.
$65,700 over one year to purchase equipment that will allow the organization to update and maintain its bicycle-racing track. This will increase membership, volunteerism, access to the track and interest in the sport by people of all ages.

Valleybrook Community Stewardship Initiative c/o Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA)
$238,600 over four years for staffing and program support. Education and hands-on activities will be provided to local residents, youth and businesses to help protect and enhance the ecological health of Brampton's Valleybrook corridor.

WE: Women Empowerment c/o Aurat Health Services Inc.
$128,100 over two years for staffing and operational support to develop a women-centred organization in Peel.  The project will address the broader determinants of health to help empower South Asian women.

Willow Park Ecology Centre
$108,500 over three years for staff to provide an outdoor environmental-education program for children and youth in North Halton and North Peel.  The project will enhance children's awareness and appreciation of the importance of natural habitats.

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July 1 deadline

Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on November 2nd, 2009

Alzheimer Society of Peel
$149,300 over one year to renovate a garage, turning it into a facility with two respite beds. A horticulturalist will also be hired to build and animate an outdoor garden, which will help to raise funds and develop partnerships with other programs.

Art Gallery of Mississauga
$15,800 over one year for a consultant who will strengthen the gallery's organizational capacity by conducting a feasibility study on the value of art rental programs for this public art gallery.

Arts for Children and Youth in Oakville
$50,000 over one year to support community outreach and an after-school arts program for children and youth in the Kerr Street neighbourhood of Oakville. The project will provide a full range of arts experiences to participants.

The Black Community Action Network of Peel c/o African Community Services of Peel
$375,000 over five years for staffing and program support that will provide leadership and co-ordination to the network as it builds a strong and responsive social infrastructure for the black community in Peel.

Burlington Counselling & Family Services
$225,000 over three years for staff, outreach and administration costs to support the Caring Dads program, which will help men to develop non-abusive relationship skills and better parenting abilities.

Burlington Runners Club
$12,000 over one year to purchase marker cones that will improve the safety of participants on the 30th anniversary running of the Robbie Burns 8 km Road Race and other sponsored events in the community.

Caledon Cycling Club c/o Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
$15,000 over one year to purchase tools and equipment for use by local volunteers in building and maintaining bicycle trails in the Caledon area.

Child Development Resource Connection Peel
$52,300 over one year to purchase equipment, develop a database and provide on-line access to specific information and resources. Clients and families in the community will have more information and support, including children with special needs.

Family Transition Place
$134,400 over three years to expand the Violence Prevention Program in area schools. This will reduce bullying and other negative behaviours among children and teach relationship skills. (Another OTF grant supports this project.)

Gateway Centre for New Canadians
$10,000 over eight months to develop a small youth-run Bubble Tea social enterprise. The initiative will provide participants with experience in enterprise development and allow them to acquire valuable skills.

Georgetown Agricultural Society
$15,000 over one year to install a new roof on the society's facility. The initiative will keep the building in good condition so it can continue to host activities during the Annual Fair.

Georgetown Soccer Club
$110,000 over one year to purchase and install an artificial turf in an outdoor athletic facility. This project will benefit hundreds of young participants in soccer, football and other field sports.

Habitat for Humanity Brampton
$47,500 over one year to purchase a new, larger truck that will support the organization's ReStore operation and its home building projects.

Halton Hills Sports Museum and Resource Centre
$119,100 over 20 months for staffing, program and capital support that will enable the organization to build its collection of historical resources, develop a curriculum-based education program, and support its organizational development.

Lions Foundation of Canada /Fondation des Lions du Canada
$112,400 over one year to launch an autism assistance dog guide program. This will assist children between the ages of 4 and 12 years who are living with autism to increase their sense of self-confidence and safety.

Mississauga Hockey League
$65,200 over two years to develop the introductory Got Hockey program that will promote the sport to new participants in the Mississauga community, especially new immigrants and youth.

Multicultural Inter-Agency Group of Peel
$165,500 over three years to support existing core staff by hiring a mentor who will help stabilize the organization. This will give it the time and support needed to develop core funding opportunities and build organizational infrastructure.

Oakville Chamber Orchestra
$5,800 over one year to purchase new equipment and music that will improve the quality of performances for the community in Oakville and surrounding areas.

Oakville Distress Centre
$21,000 over one year to support rental costs, which will help the centre as it transitions to a new facility while continuing to provide essential service to the community.

Palermo United Church
$7,000 over one year to support the restoration activity of this historic facility in the Palermo village. The project will make the facility safer and better suited for use by a greater range of community service organizations and programs.

Peel Chinese Community Service Hub c/o Carefirst Seniors & Community Services Association
$375,000 over five years for salaries, promotions and overhead to help develop this organization, which will offer a shared space and community service infrastructure for the Chinese community in the region.

Peel Multicultural Council
$20,000 over one year to develop a plan in partnership with local community agencies for establishing a neighbourhood centre that will provide services and programs for youth, seniors, women and children.

Peel Newcomer Strategy Group c/o United Way of Peel Region
$225,000 over three years for staff, workshops and communications to provide customized support to settlement organizations and groups. This will help enhance their capacity to deliver effective and sustainable services to newcomers in Peel.

Postpartum Mood Disorder Telephone Support Line Workgroup c/o Telecare Distress Centre
$225,000 over three years to develop a 24/7 multilingual telephone-based support and information service for women and families at risk for, or experiencing, perinatal mood disorders.

Sensory Arts Program Pilot c/o Bob Rumball Associations for the Deaf
$73,000 over one year to pilot a visual arts program for individuals with sensory impairments in Peel. The project will provide these individuals with opportunities for creative expression and build self-confidence.

Southside Shuffle Blues & Jazz Festival
$91,500 over two years to hire a general manager to increase the administrative capacity and sustainability of this Mississauga festival. The manager will also be responsible for increased sponsorships, partnerships and volunteer support.

St. Aidan's Anglican Church - Oakville
$130,000 over one year to renovate the church facility and make it fully accessible to people of all abilities. The church will be transformed into a multiuse, multifunctional and accessible community hub in the West River area of Oakville.

St. John Ambulance - Oakville-Milton & Halton Hills Branch c/o St. John Council for Ontario
$111,800 over three years to develop a sustainable fund development program that will allow the Halton branch to meet the growth in demand for its community services.

SuiteLiving360 Affordable Housing Corp.
$131,000 over two years for staffing and basic operational costs. The initiative will support the development of innovative and affordable housing accommodation for older adults, particularly isolated women, in Halton and Peel.

United Way of Peel Region
$224,900 over three years to support the continuation of the organization's diversity and outreach initiative. Staff will be hired to raise awareness and engage the South Asian, Chinese and black communities.

Urban Non-violent Initiatives through Youth (UNITY)
$65,400 over three years for staff resources to enhance the capacity of this group to deliver dynamic, youth-led, artist-driven workshops. Youth will be led to discover their skills and talents through various urban art forms in Peel high schools.

Wetland Education - Halton-Peel c/o Ducks Unlimited Canada
$162,000 over three years for in-class resources and annual field trips for 60 Grade 4 classes in culturally diverse schools in Halton-Peel. Nine-year-old children will then be able to participate in interactive wetland education.

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March 1 deadline

Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation  Board of Directors June 25th 2009

Advocacy Committee for Arts, Culture and Heritage Plan c/o Georgetown Choral Society
$58,000 over 18 months for staffing and project funding to develop a cultural roundtable. This group will oversee the implementation of a wide range of action and communication plans to enhance arts, culture and heritage in Halton Hills.

Albion-Bolton Historical Society
$14,700 over one year to erect interpretive heritage signage and a masonry bench in a local parkette. The initiative will help increase awareness and appreciation of Bolton's historical origin and its water-powered industrial history.

Burlington Civic Chorale
$10,100 over one year to hire professional soloists and musicians. They will help improve the capacity of this local performing arts group to provide a high-quality choral experience for its volunteer members and the community in Burlington.

The Cedarbrook Society
$83,400 over one year to create a Snoezelen Room and obtain sensory supports for the hydrotherapy area of this respite home in Milton. This will help children with serious disabilities reduce anxiety, improve well-being and become more socially engaged.

Chinguacousy Concert Band Inc.
$16,000 over one year to enhance the training program of the band by purchasing new equipment that will attract new members to this Brampton-based group.

Community Living Burlington
$227,900 over four years to offer Ways to Shine, a pre-employment training opportunities and job-placement program for individuals with developmental disabilities and multiple barriers to employment, as well as a volunteer support program.

Community Youth in Action Network (CYAN)
$93,600 over two years for staffing and program costs to enhance the organization's capacity to promote and facilitate youth engagement in various community initiatives in Oakville.

Erin Mills Tennis Club Inc.
$60,000 over one year to replace the 30-year-old lighting system on the club's four tennis courts. The new lighting will allow for extended playing time for junior and adult players as well as improve safety in the courts.

Friends of Devereaux House
$78,900 over 18 months to hire a facility manager who will promote Devereaux House as a venue for community events in Halton Hills and establish it as a gallery for local art, Canadiana and heritage artifacts.

Halton Carvers Inc.
$6,900 over one year to purchase woodworking tools and other furnishings that will help improve the artistic learning and working environment in the club's facility, raise awareness of the art form and attract new members.

Halton Environmental Network
$75,000 over one year to create Green Engagement Culture, an organizational pathway and process tool that will assist local businesses and community organizations in building a culture of sustainability in their structures and operations.

Halton Fresh Food Box c/o St. Christopher's Anglican Church
$181,200 over three years for a program manager to expand the food box program and help the organization work with local farmers to provide fresh fruit and vegetables to more families with limited incomes.

Halton Hills Gymnastics Centre
$220,500 over three years to hire a general manager and purchase new equipment. The capacity of the club will then increase so it may continue to provide high-quality, safe recreational and competitive gymnastics programs for this growing community.

Headwaters Communities in Action c/o Community Living Dufferin
$40,600 over one year to hire staff who will support strategic partnerships, develop community leadership for action. The goal is to promote economic resilience and the further development of a network of regional recreational trails in Caledon.

Hearthouse Hospice Inc.
$127,000 over two years for an administrative assistant, an enhanced website and promotions to help build awareness and new fundraising. This will enhance the agency's capacity to provide end-of-life care to over 1,000 terminally ill clients annually.

The Mississauga Food Bank
$150,000 over two years to increase the capacity of the organization to improve its long-term viability by hiring a fund development and marketing director.

Mississauga Youth Games (MY Games)
$94,100 over two years for staff, marketing and equipment rentals to promote this annual event, which provides sports events for youth in Peel Region with the excitement and spirit of the Olympic games

Oak Park Moms and Tots, Oak Park Mamans et Bambins
$45,000 over three years to support the expansion of the learning program for children with disabilities and to provide Japanese and Spanish cultural programs for new immigrant families.

Oakville Galleries
$211,000 over three years to offer Art for Life: New Models for Civic Engagement, an art-based program that will provide learning experiences in community and public spaces for youth, seniors and newcomers in the Halton Region.

Oakville Sustainable Food Partnership
$33,700 over two years for operational support to grow the organic farmers' market in Oakville. The market will support the development of a local food system that is sustainable and accessible to local residents.

Our Place (Peel)
$37,000 over three months to support developmental planning costs and architectural services that will guide the organization's facility renewal plan for the only youth centre in the region.

Pakmen Volleyball Club
$10,000 over one year to purchase an on-line registration and club management system, enabling this Mississauga group to free up volunteer time for child contact and club development.

Palgrave Rotary Club
$85,100 over one year to construct a gazebo that will become the focus of a community meeting area in Palgrave.

Peel Aboriginal Network (PAN)
$180,000 over three years to increase the capacity of this organization to provide culturally appropriate services to the Aboriginal community and promote knowledge of Aboriginal heritage throughout the Peel Region.

Peel Children's Aid Foundation
$223,000 over three years for a co-ordinator to enhance the Skills for Success program. The program offers a series of learning and mentorship opportunities to support youth at risk and help them live more successfully.

Reachout Committee Inc.
$147,200 over two years for staff, program space and expenses to support a program for black youth in Peel and their families. Black youth and community leaders will engage in dialogue to address the issues and barriers they face and their solutions.

Réseau franco-santé du Sud de l'Ontario
$20,000 over one year to participate in the development of French-language tools that will promote health services in Halton-Peel and various regions of Southern Ontario. (Another OTF grant supports this activity)

Safe City Mississauga
$152,500 over three years to improve the capacity of the organization so it may expand its Crossroads Youth Academy programs to all schools in Mississauga and to improve its fundraising capacity.

The Social Planning Council of Peel
$375,000 over five years for staffing to support the capacity of newly established groups and organizations become more effective service providers to the community.

St. Paul's United Church - Oakville
$85,900 over one year to upgrade a 52-year-old gymnasium attached to the church. The initiative will help improve energy efficiency, safety and the quality of this facility which is used by recreational, social and cultural groups in the community.

Tales and Tunes for Toonies c/o The Chamber Music Society of Mississauga Inc.
$82,500 over two years to produce new educational performance projects. Musicians and narrators will introduce young audiences in Peel Region elementary schools to the classical music experience.

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