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Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on March 3, 2011

2011 Memorial Cup Host Organizing Committee 
$75,000 over one year to develop a world-class volunteer program that will support the recruitment, screening, training, deployment and recognition of 1000 volunteers for the 2011 Memorial Cup. This championship event for the highest level of amateur hockey played in Canada will be held in Mississauga from May 20 to 29.

Acton Curling Club 
$18,900 over one year to install a new brine header that will improve the ice surface and overall playing conditions at this community curling facility in Halton Hills.

Albion Hills Community Farm
$300,000 over four years to support a community farm and learning centre that uses an integrated approach to farming and engages both rural and urban community members. This carbon-neutral farm will have vegetables, field crops, edible trees, livestock, local grains, beans and legumes.With the Albion Hills Outdoor Education Centres, it will offer school programs.

Bereaved Families of Ontario Halton/Peel 
$188,000 over three years to enhance staffing, resource development and community partnerships that will strengthen and expand the delivery of support and services to bereaved individuals and families in the Halton Peel region.

Burlington Skating Centre 
$147,100 over one year to enhance the arena and increase and diversify membership by offering new programs including off-ice physical training programs to both teens, adults and children with special needs

BurlingtonGreen Environmental Association 
$225,000 over three years to enhance current programs and services and introduce new initiatives including energy conservation and green energy generation, zero waste initiatives, restoring native ecosystems, local food source production, and youth environmental engagement.

Clarkson Sheridan Soccer Club 
$170,000 over three years to support this Port Credit-based soccer club to increase membership, seek out new sources of funding and provide quality instruction to their participants.

Coalition for Persons with Disabilities (Peel,Halton,Dufferin) 
$168,800 over two years to pilot an employment counselling and work-readiness program for youth with disabilities from Peel district schools. This pilot will help them succeed in their career planning and future employment.

$136,200 over two years to provide professional board training and consult with the local Peel Francophone community to develop a strategic plan. The purchase of computer equipment will support a new resource centre providing training to youth at risk.

Drew Hildebrand Teen Benefit Fund 
$64,200 over two years to support staffing and program costs that will enable the organization to raise community awareness on teen-on-teen violence, build its community profile and generate increased community support.

Elder Technology Assistance Group 
$190,000 over three years to hire an executive director to develop partnerships for educating seniors on technology in Peel and Halton and secure funding to sustain the organization.

Lakeshore Area Multi-Services Project (LAMP), as lead organization on this collaborative 
$150,000 over two years to deliver a youth-oriented social awareness program to over 12,000 high-school students in Peel. The program uses an interactive learning approach as well as social media and communication technologies to provide a platform that encourages young people to become active citizens at the local, national and global level.

Mississauga Fruit Tree Community Organization 
$130,000 over two years to support the work of hundreds of volunteers to pick fruits from the backyards of homeowners in Mississauga for distribution to local area food banks. Food preparation, storage and canning training will be expanded and youth will be trained in the art and business of arboriculture.

Mississauga Independent Film Festival Group 
$44,000 over two years to employ staff support in various aspects of the Festival in order to enhance the overall event as well as increase the participation of film makers and movie-goers to this sole independent film festival for the Peel region.

Mississauga Sports Council 
$281,500 over three years to provide staff and equipment support for the Mississauga Sports Hall of Fame and educational outreach program. This facility and its programs will help preserve and celebrate the city's rich sports heritage, including that of the First Nations, inspiring people of all ages to value sports and active living.

Nexus Youth Services 
$225,000 over three years to develop and adopt a youth engagement model that will meaningfully involve youth aged 14 to 24 in the organization's governance, program development and service delivery creating a more inclusive and responsive organization to the needs and voices of Peel youth.

Oakville Sustainable Food Partnership, as lead organization on this collaborative
$128,900 over three years to support the Urban Fruit Gleaning, Garden Sharing and Community Orchard initiatives. These three initiatives will help build the capacity and resiliency of the local food system in Halton.

Ontario Inter-Cultural Community Services (OICS) 
$161,000 over three years to support staffing that will enable this community food bank to enhance its operation and financial viability and provide improved access to food and other resources to families in need in the east-end areas of Mississauga.

Palgrave Tennis Club 
$90,000 over one year to rebuild two of the older tennis courts and make improvements to the net posts, ensuring a safe and enjoyable facility for the membership and the hundreds of players that visit this Caledon-based tennis club.

Regeneration Outreach Community 
$336,900 over five years to hire a staff person who will work to increase the sustainability of the agency and its capacity to provide needed services to the homeless and individuals at-risk of homelessness in Brampton.

Réseau de développement économique et d'employabilité, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$150,000 over two years to hire a coordinator for the creation and set-up of a growing co-op of exotic foods and a food distribution co-op and the establishment of a farming incubator to provide Francophone immigrant women with employment opportunities, skills development and training in Brampton and Peel regions.

Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention Services of Halton 
$190,000 over three years to enhance and diversify the centre's recruitment, training and support of community volunteers thereby improving its volunteer-supported program for the survivors of sexual abuse in Halton.

Sikhs Serving Canada Association 
$60,000 over two years to support the work of this new food bank to provide the basic necessities and other needed services to families and individuals in Mississauga through the purchase of new equipment and the hiring of a part-time operations manager.

St. Albans's Church (Acton) 
$150,000 over one year to complete accessibility renovations including the installation of a chairlift, addition of a ramp and accessible washroom and the modification of existing washroom and kitchen areas to increase the amount of accessible and inexpensive community meeting space in downtown Acton.

Streetsville Founders' Bread & Honey Festival Incorporated 
$5,400 over one year to purchase equipment and tools that will assist volunteers in organizing and running the popular annual Streetsville Founder's Bread and Honey Festival in Mississauga.

Supportive Housing In Peel 
$48,200 over two years to hire a business coordinator to enable this social enterprise to increase its profile and revenues thereby generating more jobs for mental-health consumers.

Telecare Brampton Inc., as lead organization on this collaborative 
$228,000 over three years to support the Peel Leadership Centre in creating a strong not-for-profit sector by offering a sustained and intensive leadership program that will train current and future leaders in community collaborative practices and other organizational development skills.

The Brampton Community All Steel Percussion Concert Band 
$158,100 over two years to hire artistic support and provide a permanent home for a broad variety of steel-band percussion programs in Brampton.

Toronto Kendo Club 
$13,000 over one year to support the hosting of an international Kendo event in Mississauga. Practitioners from the GTA will learn from Kendo masters from around the globe as they demonstrate to adults, children and seniors what is possible to achieve through a life-long commitment to Kendo, the art of Japanese swordmanship.

Tottering Biped Theatre Inc. 
$61,500 over three years to hire a part-time marketing manager and corporate grants manager to expand the profile and increase tickets sales and corporate donations for this innovative Burlington-based theatre company.

Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre 
$217,500 over 30 months to build educational, financial, professional and community partnerships that will help the centre achieve its vision of being a Centre of Excellence for visual art and education and maintain the heritage aspects of the centre, which is located in the hamlet of Glen Williams.

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July 1 deadline

Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on October 28, 2010 

Alzheimer Society of Hamilton and Halton
$101,100 over two years to increase the agency's capacity to recruit and train volunteers to assist with dementia support programs in the community and in long-term care facilities. This grant has an impact in more than one OTF catchment area.

Appleby Tennis Club
$50,000 over one year to reconstruct the courts in this Burlington community tennis facility in order to improve safety and the quality of the sports experience for all participants.

Burlington Art Centre
$73,600 over two years to support a volunteer coordinator who will recruit, train and retain volunteers from diverse backgrounds and strengthen the profile of the Centre in the community.

Burlington Concert Band and 'Pops' Orchestra
$8,600 over one year to enhance the quality of the band's performances for the Burlington community through the purchase of new instruments and musical arrangements.

Children's Aid Society of Halton, as lead organization on this collaborative
$210,000 over three years to support a communications manager to increase community and member engagement in the Our Kids Network of Halton.

Citizens For The Advancement of Community Development
$15,200 over one year to hire a youth worker to support an after-school program that will facilitate personal growth and development of youth in high-priority neighbourhoods in Mississauga.

CommUnity Arts Space, as lead organization on this collaborative
$130,000 over two years to support partner groups in the development of a shared grassroots-based cultural community hub in Oakville, a facility that is vibrant, diverse, creative and accessible to a range of arts and culture groups in the community.

Danielle's Place Eating Disorder Support and Resource Centre
$25,200 over one year to develop organizational capacity by clearly defining board and staff roles, and developing strategies to expand the role of volunteers in public education and fundraising. This will enhance the long-term sustainability of this Burlington-based organization.

Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Drop-In Centre, as lead organization on this collaborative
$375,000 over five years to provide staffing and programing to offer a wide range of culturally specific recreational opportunities for youth who are newcomers to Canada or who may be isolated from age-appropriate activities in this high-needs neighbourhood.

Georgetown Globe Productions
$150,000 over one year to renovate and re-purpose a historical building that will serve as a multi-use arts and cultural centre in Halton Hills. The renovation will also help improve the facility's energy efficiency and make it more accessible to community residents.

Georgetown Skating Club
$30,500 over one year to expand the Learn to Skate programs in the Town of Halton Hills through the new equipment purchases and the hiring of an administrator.

Halton Cheshire Homes Inc., as lead organization on this collaborative
$50,300 over 18 months to allow eight local agencies to develop an effective service collaboration model with the goal of eventually opening a community hub for services to individuals with disabilities in Halton region.

Halton Environmental Network, as lead organization on this collaborative
$30,300 over two years to support the development of an environmental organization - MiltonGreen - to engage local citizens and institutions in environmentally-sustainable practices.

Halton Food for Thought
$134,100 over two years to expand the youth meal card program to all Halton schools to allow at-risk students to access one healthy meal during the school day. A youth engagement approach will raise awareness and funds to sustain the program.

Halton Multicultural Council
$148,500 over two years to provide information and support to newcomer families caring for children with special needs. This project will ask Halton families about their needs, survey service providers about capacity to serve newcomer families and hire multilingual Parent Leaders and a coordinator to guide the project

Hindi Writers Guild
$8,700 over one year to support the activities of this emerging artists group in Mississauga through the purchase of audio-visual and computer equipment.

Living History Multimedia Association, as lead organization on this collaborative
$84,800 over two years to support the overall cost of creating a three-part documentary series entitled, "Rural Raids and Divided Loyalties-Southwestern Ontario and the War of 1812". This documentary series will engage youth, descendents, historians and First Nations people in Grand River, Halton, Essex and Kent in telling the story of Western Ontario's involvement in the War of 1812. The documentary series and curriculum will be distributed to 900 elementary and high schools in Southwestern Ontario. This grant has an impact in more than one OTF catchment area.

Mississauga Girls Hockey League
$200,000 over three years to support a comprehensive training and development program for league coaches, referees, and over 1,100 players of all ages. The program will provide a positive and safe hockey experience for all participants and promote fair play and sportsmanship.

Mississauga Ramblers Cricket Sports and Cultural Club
$99,700 over one year to purchase ground maintenance equipment for a cricket wicket and provide practice areas to increase the number of players and provide healthy, active recreation opportunities for local youth.

Mississauga-Meadowvale Community Support Fund, as lead organization on this collaborative
$85,300 over two years to protect the water and land habitat in Lake Wabukayne by installing environmental interpretive signs and a floating island that will become the focus of rehabilitation and environmental education activities in the Meadowvale area and throughout Mississauga.

Oakville Sculptors and Woodcarvers Guild
$8,000 over one year to acquire small tools and equipment so that more local youth and interested adults can participate in the art of woodcarving and sculpting.

Oplenac Serbian Cultural Association of Metropolitan Toronto & Mississauga
$53,700 over one year to support cultural activities for the Serbian community in Mississauga by purchasing new costumes for the youth dance troupe, installing a new HVAC system for the cultural centre and hiring a part-time facility supervisor.

Peel Cheshire Homes (Brampton) Inc.
$35,000 over one year to repair a specialized whirlpool tub for adults with disabilities living in this Brampton-based facility. The whirlpool will provide pain-management and therapeutic benefits and contribute to residents' overall well-being and comfort.

Protecting Escarpment Rural Land
$15,000 over one year to create an ecologically sustainable long-term vision and plan for the Mount Nemo plateau on the Niagara Escarpment in Burlington. The plan will guide the community in its work to preserve and enhance this environmentally significant natural heritage area.

Roxy Community Music Place
$15,000 over one year to purchase sound stage equipment that will help create an attractive and welcoming space for youths and artists to share their musical talents in this unique community meeting place in Acton.

Royal Botanical Gardens, as lead organization on this collaborative
$149,800 over two years to develop and implement a governance structure, lands protection strategy and a marketing plan to consolidate organizational and public support for the development of a 'Cootes to Escarpment Park System'; a protected, permanent and connected natural lands sanctuary that promotes both human and ecosystem health. This grant has an impact in more than one OTF catchment area.

Springfield Tennis Club
$60,000 over one year to enhance quality of play and safety at this Mississauga tennis club through the resurfacing of two of the club's four tennis courts.

Square One Older Adult Centre
$219,000 over three years to expand the centre's programming and activities in a satellite location, thereby increasing services to older adults in northwest Mississauga.

The 676 Lorne Scots Royal Canadian Army Cadets
$44,400 over one year to support a wide range of outdoor physical fitness and recreational activities by replacing aging sports and camping equipment that will be used by youth aged 12 to 18 from Georgetown, Brampton and West Brampton.

The Oakville Arts Council
$40,000 over two years enhance organizational capacity through the development and implementation of a new membership model designed to increase the number of participants, creators and consumers of arts and culture in Oakville.

The United Way of Peel Region, as lead organization on this collaborative
$75,000 over one year to facilitate 10 community consultations that will help develop indicators to measure community achievements in the areas of mental health, abuse, poverty, as well as services to Peel seniors, women, children and youth, persons with disabilities, immigrants and newcomers.

The We Remember Project
$12,500 over one year to connect Grade 10 students with 'living history' - Second World War veterans who, through 50 in-person presentations, will explore Canadians' contributions to the various wars efforts since WWI.

Trillium Photographic Club
$9,000 over one year to purchase equipment that will help club members develop their digital photography skills and help the club enhance, display, and promote their work in Burlington.

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March 1 deadline

Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on June 28, 2010

800 Black Forest Squadron RC(AIR)CS

$15,000 over one year to purchase musical equipment that will improve the quality of the band music program and performances offered by the Squadron to the Halton Peel community.

Abbeyfield Houses Society of Caledon
$34,900 over one year to purchase furnishings and equipment for gathering rooms and common spaces that will create open and friendly community gathering places for seniors in Caledon East.

Arts Burlington
$9,100 over one year to purchase new equipment in order to promote safety and enhance the craft of clay sculpting and woodworking for community-based artisans. This will help attract new members to the Burlington Sculptors and Woodcarvers Guild, part of Arts Burlington.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton
$160,000 over three years to hire a program director to facilitate more individual matches between children and volunteers, expand recreational and gender-specific programs and build partnerships with ethno-cultural communities.

Brampton Cricket League
$13,600 over one year to support the growth in membership of both players and volunteers as well as enhancing refereeing and coaching, thereby increasing access to this popular sport for Brampton players aged 10 to 45 from all ethic backgrounds.

Brampton Safe City Association , as lead organization on this collaborative
$258,400 over four years to coordinate delivery of safety and violence prevention workshops to Grade 6, 7 and 8 students in Brampton, as well follow-up volunteer activities that enhance the safety of their schools. These and related empowerment workshops will help reduce the amount of violence and injury as well as increase volunteerism.

Burlington Community Foundation , as lead organization on this collaborative
$32,100 over one year to develop a toolkit to train volunteers to work with Burlington seniors who may be isolated due to low income, mobility or lack of social supports, linking them to community programs and organizations in order to improve their quality of life.

Burlington Curling Club
$30,000 over one year to reduce energy use and improve lighting by installing energy efficient lighting fixtures. This Burlington curling facility is regularly used by more than 800 recreational and competive curlers.

Burlington Hoops Basketball Club
$18,000 over one year to enhance the Club's basketball development program through the purchase of equipment, training of volunteer coaches, and the development of the Steve Nash youth basketball program. This will help ensure that youth aged 10 to 14 years can continue to enjoy healthy recreation through basketball.

Burlington Minor Football Association
$86,300 over one year to purchase athletic and training equipment to improve the safety and quality of the sport experience for young participants. The grant will also support a part-time General Manager position to improve the efficiency of the Burlington club's operation.

Catholic Family Services of Peel-Dufferin , as lead organization on this collaborative
$145,500 over two years to support staffing, partnership development and planning required in anticipation of a new Family Justice/Child Advocacy Centre, where victims of domestic violence and child abuse will be able to obtain a variety of services all under one roof. This new multi-disciplinary centre, proposed for 2012, will provide a more coordinated response to victims of abuse in Peel region.

Centre Culturel de Ressources francophone pour les communautés ethniques (CEREFRAC)
$40,000 over one year to create and develop a training and mentoring program to assist 30 Francophone men from ethnocultural groups in the Peel region to recognize and learn to stop domestic abuse and become volunteer mentors in their communities.

Centre d'Espoir et de Defis des Jeunes Francophones
$9,600 over one year to purchase computer equipment and create a website that will raise the organization's profile among Francophone families and newcomers in need of the various French services it offers in the Peel-Brampton region.

Community Development Halton , as lead organization on this collaborative
$214,500 over three years to establish and develop the Halton Non-Profit Network. The network will support local non-profits through learning sessions and by collaborating to address common issues, including training, organizational development and outreach.

Compassion Society of Halton
$41,300 over one year to provide staff mentorship and training in the area of non-profit management. Funding will also support a storefront location in Aldershot that provides free clothing and food to families in need. The Compassion Society of Halton serves seniors, immigrants, refugees and low-income families with children, .

$4,600 over one year to purchase tents for use at local events and festivals in the Campbellville area that support community vitality and local economic development.

Georgetown Little Theatre Productions Inc.
$20,200 over one year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the theatre's contribution to the artistic life of Halton Hills by carrying out marketing activities and by purchasing stage equipment that will enhance performances.

Georgetown SloPitch League
$100,000 over one year to install lighting that will make better use of a baseball diamond. This will increase access and playing time for over 1,900 players in the community.

Halton Hills Concert Band
$15,000 over one year to purchase musical equipment that will enhance the development of this new Halton Hills community band and improve the quality of performances.

Heritage Acton
$150,000 over one year to install an elevator to the historic Town Hall in Acton in order to provide an affordable, accessible venue for community events and gatherings.

Hope Place Centres
$50,000 over one year to purchase vans to enable women in residential treatment for addictions to attend health-related activities and engage more fully in volunteer and community activities in North Halton, where public transportation is limited.

Kerr Street Ministries
$137,900 over one year to grow the Oakville centre's food bank services by hiring staff and purchasing equipment to transport and properly handle donated fresh produce and other food products. The food bank will serve over 5000 individuals annually.

Light Up the Hills Festival of Halton
$21,500 over one year to enhance the Winter Light Festival, expanding it beyond Georgetown to include Acton, with the creation of new lighting displays. This free festival will showcase the community to more local residents and tourists.

Mississauga Blues Rugby Club
$15,000 over one year to purchase basic rugby equipment to allow more players to particpate in the sport. By owning its own equipment, the club will become more sustainable and provide physical activity opportunities across different age ranges and locations.

Mississauga Canoe Club
$46,000 over one year to enhance the safety of the sport of CanoeKayak and make it accessible to more people in Mississauga, especially for those with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Mississauga Soccer Club
$45,000 over two years to develop a high-quality skills development program for all Mississauga club members and a certification program for volunteer coaches. This will help ensure participants can continue to enjoy healthy, safe recreation through soccer.

Oakville Choral Society Inc.
$24,700 over one year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Oakville Choral Society with the development and marketing of a new program of music that will help enhance the cultural life of Oakville audiences.

Oakville Parent-Child Centre
$49,400 over two years to carry out marketing and promotional activities to reach young families in the Oakville area and to increase awareness of the importance of early education of children.

Passerelle Intégration et Développement Économiques
$220,000 over 42 months to provide workshops, mentorship, volunteering and practical experiences for 200 newcomer Francophone high-school students in Toronto and Peel Region in order to increase their success in school, civic life, employment and social integration. This grant has an impact in more than one OTF catchment area.

Polish Canadian Society of Music
$9,200 over one year to purchase stage and technical equipment that will improve the audience's experience of performances of the art and cultural heritage of Poland.

Preparing the Trail
$9,800 over one year to provide program and equipment support for 18 outdoor community events in Halton that create a connection between sporting and healthy living activities, such as bike races and multi-sport events, and environmental actions including tree-planting. The events will help raise awareness of the unique geography of the Greenbelt surrounding southern Ontario's Golden Horseshoe area.

Rotary Burlington Fall Music Festival
$22,300 over one year to implement a web-based system to register and schedule festival performers. This will improve efficiency, help reduce the festival's environmental footprint and allow more participants to perform and enhance their musical studies.

Smart Commute Mississauga
$24,900 over one year to encourage people to get out of their cars and walk or cycle for short-distance trips. This will reduce greenhouse gases as well as enhance physical fitness.

St. Mary's Community Services
$215,000 over three years to establish a new foodbank and soup kitchen in a high-need area of Mississauga to support families and individuals with basic necessities. This will help relieve poverty by providing quality food and basic supplies to individuals who are financially disadvantaged.

Today's Family-Caring For Your Child, as lead organization on this collaborative
$37,500 over one year to introduce 4,200 children to Hana's Suitcase, a project that teaches the importance of tolerance through the lessons from the Holocaust and a Japanese education initiative. Curriculum and materials will be provided in 29 languages to 322 schools in Hamilton and Halton.

The Village Keepers
$15,000 over one year to reduce the organization's carbon footprint and energy costs by purchasing solar thermal heating panels to support a community garden in Brampton. The garden will provide an inclusive space for individuals of diverse backgrounds and ages to meet, develop young people's leadership skills, grow fresh produce and reduce pesticide use.

United Achievers' Community Services
$249,800 over three years to increase internal capacity by hiring an executive director who will build the internal infrastructure as well as increase the organization's profile and sustainability in the community.

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