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Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on March 4, 2010

Canadian Chamber Academy
$15,000 over nine months to purchase staging and lighting equipment, which will enhance musical performances at venues throughout Niagara.

Canadian Henley Regatta Joint Commission Corp.
$50,000 over one year to purchase and install an accessible rowing dock and ramp, which will benefit thousands of recreational and competitive rowers utilizing the facility at Henley Island in St. Catharines.

Christ Community Church of Welland Inc.
$40,000 over six months to install a new elevator lift in this community facility in Welland, which will make it safer and more accessible for people of all abilities to take part in activities and gain access to services.

Club 2000 Niagara Inc.
$126,700 over two years to hire a co-ordinator for three co-operatives in Niagara Region that will grow exotic foods, distribute produce and a operate a farming incubator. Francophone immigrants will benefit from employment opportunities, skills development and training.

Community Living Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln
$31,500 over one year to purchase computer equipment, train volunteers and produce communication materials. Public awareness of community agencies and the number of volunteers working with people with intellectual disabilities in Niagara will then increase.

Community Living Port Colborne~Wainfleet
$50,000 over nine months to purchase an accessible 16-passenger minibus, which will make it possible for children and adults of all abilities to access a variety of community programs.

First Baptist Church
$49,800 over nine months to repair the gymnasium roof at the community hall, which will ensure continued access to community space for recreational and cultural activities in Welland.

Jordan Skating Club
$4,900 over nine months to purchase office technology and renovate the skating club room, which provides office, storage and meeting space for user groups in Jordan Arena.

Lincoln Minor Hockey Association
$15,500 over one year to provide training clinics and purchase on- and off-ice equipment, which will support an effective training and development plan that benefits 500 players and coaches in Lincoln.

Niagara Acro Cats Gymnastics Inc
$20,000 over nine months to purchase a gymnastic floor, which will improve the safety and quality of participation for recreational and competitive gymnasts and create additional opportunities to bring high-level competitions to Niagara Falls.

Niagara Historical Society
$11,700 over one year to design an interactive multimedia exhibit that will showcase Niagara's rich heritage and history leading up to the War of 1812.

Niagara Olympic Wrestling Club
$25,000 over nine months to purchase wrestling mats, which will enhance opportunities for the organization to host events and increase access to quality sport programming for youth throughout Niagara.

Niagara Storm Football Club
$20,000 over nine months to purchase equipment in order to establish two additional football teams. This will improve player safety and training and help promote healthy activity for young people aged 13 to 17 years in the community.

Niagara Varsity Football Club Inc.
$20,000 over nine months to purchase equipment in order to establish a peewee varsity football team. This will improve safety and training for players and promote healthy activity for young people aged 13 to14 years in the community.

Ontario Association of Youth Employment Centres
$149,300 over two years to hire staff and purchase equipment to evaluate Project Turning Around, an program that seeks to increase students' basic education, self-esteem and life-coping skills. A model will be sought to influence student retention programs across the province.

Primavera Concerts Incorporated
$17,800 over two years to acquire new technology and hire a part-time administrator who will help to successfully promote and manage chamber, choral, vocal and instrumental music concerts by notable artists based in St. Catharines.

Rotary Club of Lincoln Foundation Inc.
$14,500 over one year to obtain rented sound equipment and entertainment for the free outdoor summer-concert series at Charles Daley Park. These events will help promote culture, art and entertainment activities for the entire community in Lincoln.

The Bethlehem Not-For-Profit Housing Projects of Niagara
$70,800 over two years to hire a co-ordinator who will ensure that tenants of a new 40-unit low-income housing facility in Niagara Falls have the necessary support services to improve the quality of life for their children and themselves.

The Fergie Jenkins Foundation
$10,000 over nine months to renovate the second floor of the organization's facility. This will create workplace and training space that will be used to enhance the skills of youth interns and volunteers supporting community organizations in Niagara.

The Optimist Club of Grantham, St. Catharines, Ontario
$65,000 over one year to construct an accessible pathway around Optimist Park in St. Catharines, which will provide barrier-free access to park activities and a fitness trail for local community members to enjoy.

Town of Lincoln Concert Band
$4,500 over nine months to purchase a sound system, which will enhance the quality of concert performances throughout Niagara.

Trinity United Church
$33,700 over nine months to construct an accessible entrance and washroom in the community hall, which will enhance access to programs for people of all ages and abilities in Thorold.

Twenty Valley Tourism Association
$47,000 over two years to develop an innovative volunteer recruitment-and-management program that is based on rewards. This will produce greater incentives for youth and adult volunteers to support cultural festivals and events in Lincoln.

YMCA of Niagara
$137,900 over two years to hire staff, renovate facilities and develop the YMCA Healthy Kids Centre program. This new initiative will address childhood obesity by offering fitness, recreation and weight-management programs and services to children and their families.

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July 1 deadline

Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on November 2nd, 2009

Adolescent's Family Support Services of Niagara
$45,400 over six months to repair the roof of the community facility enabling vulnerable children and families to receive ongoing support services in Welland.

Alzheimer Society of Niagara Region
$50,000 over 15 months to develop and pilot an activity program for individuals with early stage dementia. Clients will participate in the development of the program to address their needs.

Carolinian Canada Coalition
$30,000 over three years to establish a Lake Erie Carolinian Coastal Trail System to help save coastal species, habitats and ecosystems at risk in communities along the north coast of Lake Erie. (Other OTF grants support this project.)

Carousel Players
12,000 for health and safety improvements in the performance and rehearsal areas of the arts centre in St. Catharines, which will assist in sustaining the quality and standard of performances.

Le Centre polyvalent des aînés francophones de Port Colborne
$41,000 over two years for renovations that will make the centre safer and more enjoyable for Francophone seniors in the region and the general public.

Corporation of the City of Thorold
$10,900 to increase physical and social activity among members of this seniors recreational club by purchasing new furniture, technology and recreation equipment.

Corporation of the Township of Wainfleet
$50,000 over one year to install an accessible playground at the Wainfleet Sports Complex for children of all abilities and their families to use.

Early Childhood Community Development Centre
$132,100 over two years to support children's early numeracy development by providing early math skills and training kits for trained child care workers and community volunteers to use at 150 licensed child care centres in Niagara.

Fort Erie Boys and Girls Centre c/o Boys and Girls Club of Niagara
$115,000 over one year to develop a multiservice community facility that houses several community agencies and provides recreational and cultural programs for children and adults in Fort Erie.

Gateway Residential and Community Support Services of Niagara Inc.
$41,300 over two years to support the Good Food Box Program, an alternative, community-based, food-distribution system that provides a variety of quality food at an affordable price for families
and individuals in Welland.

It's Great to Skate Collaborative c/o Winter Festival of Lights
$15,000 to provide equipment for the artificial skating rink located at the brink of Niagara Falls. Revenue will be generated through rentals, and community groups serving children will be given complimentary use of helmets and skates.

Niagara 1812 Bicentennial Legacy Council Corporation
$90,000 over two years to co-ordinate the 1812-2012 bicentennial celebration in Niagara Region. A full spectrum of events and activities will mark 200 years since the conflict and the resulting peaceful coexistence between Canada and the U.S.

Niagara Age-Friendly Community Collaborative c/o Rose City Seniors Centre Foundation
$222,900 over three years to hire a co-ordinator to develop and lead an initiative that will involve the Niagara community in making and implementing action plans to become an age-friendly community.

Niagara Artists' Company
$190,500 over three years for staff who will enhance the company's sustainability by increasing audience sizes, members, volunteers and funding. This will enable it to contribute meaningfully to the arts-led transformation of downtown St. Catharines.

Niagara Falls Music Theatre Society
$15,000 to improve the stage lighting system of the Firehall Theatre in Niagara Falls. This will permit greater use of this multiuse performance facility by numerous public and private cultural groups.

Niagara Land Trust Foundation
$9,400 to provide technology and equipment for the land trust office, which will help it to provide permanent protection of natural heritage lands within the Niagara Region.

Niagara Regional Native Centre
$63,400 over one year to hire a capacity development officer, who will develop a strategic sustainability plan for the centre. This will help it ready itself to implement a successful ongoing development program.

Niagara Thunder Basketball Club Inc.
$8,500 to purchase training and other program equipment to improve the overall development of young basketball players in the Grimsby area.

The Peninsula Field Naturalists
$10,000 to help cover production costs of the book Niagara Birds, an educational resource highlighting 375 wild bird species found in Niagara.

The Port Colborne Social and Recreation Centre for Senior Citizens
$14,600 to install energy efficient lighting and doors and fitness-training equipment in this facility, which will ensure safer and continued use of the centre by seniors in Port Colborne.

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 4 - Welland
$70,800 over six months to construct barrier-free washrooms and install an energy-efficient heating system, which will promote greater use of this multiuse community facility located in Welland.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 418 - St. Catharines
$15,000 to repair the roof of this community centre, which will ensure its safe and continued use for meeting and recreational activities by groups in St. Catharines.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 613 - Fonthill
$8,700 to construct fully accessible washrooms in the facility, which will ensure the safe and continued use of it by community groups and people of all abilities in Pelham.

Soil: Niagara's Homegrown Arts Festival c/o St. Catharines and Area Arts Council
$17,000 over one year to hire a part-time project manager to co-ordinate the region's first multidisciplinary arts festival, which will showcase the outstanding and original creative talents of the region.

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March 1 deadline

Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors June 25th 2009

79 Lynton Davies (Air Cadet) Squadron Parent Sponsoring Committee
$30,000 over one year to repair water damage to the training facility in Port Colborne. Interest in the air cadets program will increase and youth will have space for fitness, leadership and citizenship activities.

Brain Injury Association of Niagara
$22,900 over one year to publish a book filled with inspirational stories from survivors of acquired brain injuries who reside in Niagara. This will inspire survivors and caregivers, and help to raise funds for the organization.

The Child Advocacy Centre of Niagara
$60,000 over two years to hire a program administrator who will engage the community and identify partners to develop a workable shared-space, shared-service model for the agency.

Community Living St. Catharines
$69,000 over six months for the purchase of two vans needed to expand the accessible transportation program. The vans will be used to transport clients to appointments, training programs, recreational programs and employment opportunities.

Fort Erie Lafrance Association
$9,000 over one year to replace the furnaces in the firefighter museum, which is home to a rare collection of antique fire trucks and equipment.

Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre
$44,600 over one year to install a high-efficiency heating unit in the multipurpose hall. The facility is regularly used by the Aboriginal and general community for recreational, social and ceremonial programs.

Heart Niagara Inc.
$144,000 over two years for a project manager, marketing and office support to create a regional sport council in Niagara. The council will facilitate and co-ordinate interdependence among local private and public sports organizations.

Interactive Niagara Media Cluster
$54,300 over one year for a game designer, graphic designer and programmers to create a hybrid, downloadable reality game related to the War of 1812. This will help to develop interactive media as an economic and employment generator for Niagara.

Niagara Concerts
$15,000 over one year to replace the black stage draperies and purchase a new backdrop. These additions will properly equip this performing arts facility in Niagara Falls, making it safer, more adaptable and more engaging to audiences.

Niagara Grape and Wine Festival
$24,700 over six months to purchase new computers and a telephone system for the festival's new facility, which will improve the organization's ability to service customers and communicate with stakeholders and tourists.

The Niagara Memorial Militaires Alumni Drum Corps Inc.
$5,000 over one year to purchase musical instruments for this marching band in St. Catharines. The additions will help to encourage membership growth, especially among youth, and enhance its community service and volunteer performances.

Niagara Regional Athletics
$22,100 over one year to purchase pole-vault and throwing equipment, which will enhance performances and safety and allow athletes to train and compete in a larger variety of track and field events.

Niagara Research and Planning Council c/o Niagara Community Foundation
$125,000 over two years to hire a full-time director who will help to identify key issues and social and economic trends emerging in the community, provide access to relevant and reliable Niagara-based research, and engage in collective action.

The Niagara Symphony Association
$138,500 over three years for a resource development associate and computer technology to help the organization generate new revenue sources, increase volunteerism, develop new marketing and branding strategies and improve box office administration.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 230 Ridgeway
$32,500 over six months to repair the roof and refinish the floor of the main hall. These upgrades will help ensure a safer and more comfortable facility for community programs and activities.

SFOHG Régionale du Niagara a/s Société franco-ontarienne d'histoire et de généalogie
$23,000 over one year for staffing and equipment costs to create an on-line database of resources and an easy-to-use search tool to help all users locate historical documents more simply.

St. Alexander's Church
$12,400 over one year to install an audio-video system in the community hall in Fonthill. This will enable greater use of the facility for community workshops, youth activities and service club meetings.

St. Catharines Rowing Club
$39,900 over one year to purchase rowing shells, which will increase access to the sport and create opportunities for a growing number of recreational and competitive rowers in St. Catharines.

Treblaires Show Choir
$9,000 over one year to purchase staging boxes and sound equipment for this women's choir in Fonthill. These upgrades will expand community outreach to additional venues and audiences, with better sound quality.

Wayside House of St. Catharines
$54,200 over one year to replace the roof and windows of this addictions rehabilitation facility. These upgrades will improve energy-efficiency, reduce operating costs and enhance service delivery.

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