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Approved by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on March 4, 2010

Active Healthy Kids Canada
$135,500 over one year for staff, research and communications to produce an Ontario supplement to the Canada Report Card on Physical Activity for Children & Youth. This will compile and report information about physical activity and children's health.

Alpha-1 Canada and Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders c/o Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Defiency Canada Inc. (Alpha-1 Canada)
$46,600 over one year to hire staff and produce resource guides. A model will be created for Internet-based peer-support groups that will provide health benefits for people who are suffering with rare diseases.

Association for Native Development in the Performing & Visual Arts
$120,000 over 18 months to hire staff, organize creative-action circles and facilitate artistic expression by connecting elders, artists and youth in Brantford, Kenora, London, Manitoulin Island, Niagara Falls, Peterborough and Toronto.

Association of Ontario Snowboarders
$70,600 to hire a consultant who will work with the board of directors and membership. Three-year strategic and operational plans will be developed and safety equipment purchased for use at competitions and training events.

Bridging the Gap Collaborative c/o DoaneHouse Hospice (DHH)
$143,800 over one year for staff, expert advice and meeting costs to create a pilot e-learning process. The capacity of Ontario hospices to recruit and train volunteers and evaluate learners with recognized criteria will then increase and improve.

Building Community Capacity through 211 and Volunteer Centre Services c/o Information Niagara Inc.
$75,000 over one year for a project manager, meeting expenses and teleconferences. Ontario 211 providers and volunteer centres will develop a collaborative model to optimize this help service and strengthen volunteerism in Ontario communities.

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
$95,000 over one year for staff, newsletters and conference fees for the Doctors Renewable Energy Project (DREP). Ontarians will then be better informed about the relative safety and health effects of different energy sources.

Canadian Network for Arts and Learning c/o The Royal Conservatory
$15,000 over six months to organize a three-day arts and education event. A learning network dedicated to supporting practice-based research, knowledge sharing and arts promotion in Ontario will be established.

Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation - Fondation Canadienne d'Orthopedie
$260,700 over 18 months for staff, media purchases and materials to engage volunteers and create a web-based peer support program. People with bone and joint disorders will be able to learn about orthopaedic surgery and get support to help recover.

The Canadian Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes Foundation (SADS Foundation)
$50,000 over two years to expand the Warning Signs program. Minor sports coaches, officials and trainers will recognize warning signs of cardiac-rhythm disorders, educate parents and encourage them to seek treatment for their children.

CARFAC Ontario
$151,000 over 30 months for staff, consultant fees and expenses. An organizational review will be conducted, business systems revamped and staff trained to establish a job-share partnership for visual, media and craft artists across Ontario.

Concerned Friends of Ontario Citizens in Care Facilities
$78,000 over two years to hire a co-ordinator, develop a website and purchase equipment. The organization will then be able to increase membership, volunteers and fundraising to improve care for residents in Ontario's long-term-care homes.

Consortium of Dusk Dances Presenters c/o Dusk Dances Inc.
$253,000 over three years to produce festivals and build local capacity through mentoring, technical assistance and marketing in Flesherton, Haliburton, Sudbury and other regional communities.

Créations In Vivo
$130,000 over three years for a tour co-ordinator and expenses. The organization will then be able to provide artistic performances and workshops in a variety of disciplines to underserved Francophone youth throughout the province.

CS4L/LTAD Expert Group and PHE Canada c/o Physical And Health Education Canada
$69,700 over six months to undertake a needs analysis and develop a comprehensive strategy to implement the Canadian Sport for Life / Long-Term Athlete Development model in after-school and interscholastic sport.

Distance Training Utilizing New Technology c/o Springtide Resource Inc.
$224,000 over two years for instructors, website development and material preparation to market on-line violence against women recognition training for social service and professional audiences.

DOCS on Demand Collaborative c/o Hot Docs
$57,000 over nine months to build new digital systems and platforms. These will help to educate and coach Aboriginal and culturally diverse producers and presenters and enable them to connect with film and digital-media distributors.

Dragon Boat Canada / Bateau-Dragon Canada
$161,000 over three years for staff, equipment and program resources. Enhanced services will then be provided for member clubs and programming expanded for athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers.

Early Childhood Education Collaborative c/o Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario
$200,000 over one year for co-ordinators, website development and facility rentals. Roundtable gatherings will be held to develop and train leaders and build membership in two key early childhood education organizations across Ontario.

The Energy Exhibition Collaborative c/o Ontario Sustainable Energy Association
$127,300 over one year for a co-ordinator, equipment, exhibit production and website design. A collaborative photography initiative with a touring exhibition component will raise awareness and educate Ontarians about how energy impacts everyday life.

Fédération de la jeunesse franco-ontarienne
$94,000 over two years for planning consultants, travel expenses and materials for visioning and strategic-planning exercises. The organization will engage youth in Francophone high schools throughout the province about governing and leadership roles.

Fédération des aînés et des retraités francophones de l'Ontario
$305,000 over two years for staff, consultants, meetings and computers to develop Seniors' Friendly. This community pilot-project in three regions will develop models to expand this world-wide movement to other Francophone municipalities in Ontario.

Healthy Communities, Healthy Kids Collaborative c/o The Ontario Physical and Health Education Association
$409,800 over four years to facilitate community partnerships and provide training and materials to education, recreation and public-health representatives. Active, healthy-living opportunities for children and youth will then increase.

Internet Safety Collaborative c/o Community Opportunity and Innovation Network Inc
$308,000 over two years for eight collaborative partners to develop a training program for caregivers and service providers and provide them with support as they train their clients. This is to prevent vulnerable people from being victimized over the internet.

Local Food Plus
$330,900 over three years for staff and marketing communications to support a two-part project. A consumer campaign will be launched for local-food purchasing across Ontario and building local sustainable food supplies in three targeted regions.

Mamow Sha-way-gi-kay-win: North-South Partnership for Children
$580,000 over three years for staff to consolidate the operational model of this collaborative of 30 northern First Nations and their southern partners.  This will help to establish projects to improve conditions for children in remote communities.

Municipal Cultural Planning Inc. c/o The Council for Business and the Arts in Canada
$85,000 over one year to build organizational capacity and hire staff and consultants. Effective organizational systems will be developed and cultural-planning services delivered to municipalities and non-for-profit organizations in Ontario.

National Dialogue on Youth Engagement - Planning Partnership c/o Public Policy Forum/Forum des politiques publiques
$50,000 over six months for advisors, research and website tools to engage youth, including those who are marginalized, in articulating a vision for governance and civic engagement in collaboration with other organizations including Raising the Roof.

Ontario Senior Games Association
$225,000 over three years for staff, training, promotion and meetings. Volunteer training, mentorship, board-and-staff development and enhanced programs and services will help improve service to the organization's 12,000 members.

Ontario Visual Heritage Project - Land Between Collaborative c/o Living History Multimedia Association
$145,000 over 18 months to create, produce and edit a documentary film series. First Nations, community groups and students in 14 areas will collaborate to recount the history of the area from the St. Lawrence Lowlands to the Canadian Shield.

Ontario Youth Confidence in Learning and the Future Collaborative c/o Canadian Education Association
$137,300 over one year to create and support five civic group-panels that include school and community representatives. Young people will be consulted about their expectations and aspirations to help communities and the province plan for the future.

PARO: Centre for Women's Enterprises
$200,000 over two years to increase business leadership, social enterprise and economic opportunities. A mentoring program will connect Aboriginal women in rural and remote Northern communities. (Another OTF grant supports this project.)

RDÉE Ontario et Balestra a/s Réseau de développement économique d'employabilité de l'Ontario
$490,700 over two years to develop a new bilingual interactive web channel that encourages youth aged 9 to14 years to get involved in their communities. Opportunities in arts and culture, sports, environment and social services will be featured.

Projet de l'initiative de développement agricole, Windsor a/s Regroupement économique  et d'employabiliité de la francophonie ontarienne
$21,800 over one year for meeting and travel costs to hold a series of community-based initiatives and consultations. Ways to counteract the economic downturn for Francophones in small to mid-size communities in Southcentral Ontario will be explored.

Right to Play
$150,000 over one year to plan, develop and implement the Promoting Leadership in Aboriginal Play project in two remote Northern Ontario communities. Hockey and other programs will be used to increase physical activity and life skills.

Run for Life Inc.
$220,000 over two years for staff, program branding and administration to organize volunteer-led-grassroots-running programs in more than 100 Ontario communities. An on-line community will be engaged to build the program and sustain it financially.

Sky's The Limit Youth Organization
$113,000 over three years to increase resources, volunteers and partners to provide refurbished computers and training to youth who are marginalized in Southern Ontario. They will then have the needed tools and support to pursue better opportunities.

Société franco-ontarienne d'histoire et de généalogie
$50,000 over two years for a webmaster and data conversion costs to upgrade and digitalize over 30,000 franco-Ontarian genealogy documents and make them available to researchers across Ontario and Canada.

Sustainability Network
$281,400 over 28 months to support Good to Great, a program that builds capacity among leading community-based, environmental non-government organizations by providing direct management assistance and learning networks.

Tides Canada Initiatives
$289,800 over two years to help the voluntary sector attract the talent and leadership it needs and learn from other projects that successfully use the organization's infrastructure and models to build capacity, civic engagement and leadership.

Toronto Artscape Inc.
$100,000 over one year to hire staff and design and build an interactive on-line electronic platform. This will house research and best practice tools, and advance peer networks and culture-led-city-regeneration projects in Ontario.

Youth Social Infrastructure Collaborative c/o Motivate Canada
$65,000 over one year for a co-ordinator, facility rental and supplies to create a community of practice in Ontario's youth sector. Multisector gatherings and an on-line space will be created to develop a provincial strategy and maintain connections.

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July 1 deadline

Approved by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on November 2nd, 2009

2010 Artist Renewal Project c/o Mariposa in the Schools
$178,000 over three years for the Artist Renewal Project, which engages senior folk artists to mentor Aboriginal and culturally diverse artists from Ontario. Bilingual training material will be available and practice sessions podcasted.

AboutFace, The Craniofacial Family Society
$105,500 over 18 months to design and implement a volunteer training program based on best practices in the not-for-profit sector. The program will address the needs of individuals with facial differences and their families.

African Trilogy Collaborative c/o Volcano Non-Profit Productions Inc.
$75,000 over one year to explore Africa's relationship to the West through workshops with artists from Ontario university drama programs, a public forum by the Centre for Ethics, and a multimedia installation at the Luminato Festival in Toronto.

Alliance culturelle de l'Ontario
$20,000 over one year to develop a new website and provide communication resources to franco-Ontarian cultural arts-services organizations across the province.

Association des auteures et auteurs de l'Ontario français
$30,000 over one year to present a tour of story-tellers and an exhibit of literary works to 15 communities. The program will target dyslexic Francophone children and their families.

Better Child Care Ontario Inc.
$50,000 over one year to translate the Childcare Management guide and Smart Treasurer E-Learning module into French and distribute the resources to the Francophone child care community.

Canadian Arts Presenters Association
$240,000 over four years to hire staff and grow membership through improved services, professional development programs and networking. Collaborative projects will strengthen touring networks in Ontario.

Canadian Freestyle Ski Association
$84,200 over six months to host a World Cup Ski Cross event in Collingwood in 2010. It will offer coaches and officials development programs and provide an equipment legacy for freestyle skiing in Ontario. (Another OTF grant supports this project.)

Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment (CPCHE) c/o Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA)
$300,000 over two years for staff, consultants, outreach conferences and equipment to promote awareness of toxic chemicals and indoor air-quality risks arising from building retrofits and home renovations.

Carolinian Canada Coalition
$390,000 over three years to establish a Lake Erie Carolinian Coastal Trail System to help save coastal species, habitats and ecosystems at risk in communities along the north coast of Lake Erie. (Other OTF grants support this project.)

Creative and Natural Outdoor Experience Inc.
$331,700 over three years to build the organization's youth leadership and development programs for youth at-risk. Staff and board professional development will enhance this organization's capacity and help improve its fundraising infrastructure.

Indigenous Culture and Media Innovations
$175,000 over 30 months for staff and artists to engage in an organizational mentorship to strengthen governance, management systems and networking. Media arts programs for youth will also be provided in Moose Factory, Ottawa and Toronto.

International Festival of Authors (IFOA) Ontario c/o International Readings at Harbourfront
$200,000 over three years to hire staff and support a tour of readings by professional authors. Literary events and school and community workshops will be established in small towns and rural areas in Ontario.

Low Income Energy Network (LIEN) c/o Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario
$198,900 over 30 months to ensure optimum measures are in place in the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program and that it is being fully used by low-income consumers. This will help build community capacity to reduce energy poverty in the province. of Family Services of Thames Valley c/o Organization for the Advancement of Aboriginal Peoples Health
$23,400 over one year to produce documentaries to be used as tools in suicide prevention for First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities. The films will also support the work of youth mentors participating in the National Aboriginal Role Model Program.

Native Earth Performing Arts
$65,000 over 18 months to hire staff and consultants to conduct a feasibility study and implementation plan to acquire a performing arts venue to train artists and produce and present Aboriginal works.

The Natural Step (Canada) Inc.
$127,100 over two years to expand the Emerging Leaders Program. This provides volunteer and training opportunities that give students first-hand experience with sustainability and organizational change processes in not-for-profit organizations.

Ontario Association of Food Banks
$424,600 over three years to create partnerships among food producers, businesses, volunteers and food banks. Team building, revenue and the supply of fresh local food in food banks will all increase.

Ontario Headwaters Institute
$10,000 to design and facilitate seven community discussions about preserving Ontario's headwaters. These workshops will increase public understanding of the importance of protecting headwaters and help build the capacity of the organization.

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation
$366,900 over two years for the Hockey Neurotrauma & Concussion Initiative to study the effects of concussion injuries in sports and the efficacy of educational interventions in reducing them. Recommendations will be provided to sport organizations.

Ontario Society for Health and Fitness
$213,800 over one year to detect pre-diabetes conditions and implement culturally preferred physical-activity interventions in high-risk ethnic communities in the Greater Toronto Area, Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie.

Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project c/o London Abused Women's Centre
$284,800 over two years to increase collaboration and cross-training among sectors that deal with mental health, addiction, the abuse of women and sexual assault. Better support will then be provided to women who experience violence and abuse.

Oshki Aayaa'aag Bimaadiziiwin Foundation (Good Life for Young People)
$218,700 over three years to build capacity, engage the community and strengthen connections with partners to build the first provincial Aboriginal foundation focused on supporting youth. (Another OTF grant supports this project.)

Outside Looking In
$50,000 over one year to hire staff and consultants and strengthen governance and management systems. Strategic and business plans will be created and First Nations youth from Northern communities engaged in dance and performance arts.

People Centred Economy Summit Working Group c/o Canadian Community Economic Development Network
$40,000 over one year for staff and communications to support Ontario groundwork for a national summit in 2010. Key organizations interested in building an ecologically and socially responsible economy will gather for the first time.

Projet Tricycle a/s Green Communities Canada
$99,000 over two years to deliver an active transportation program to Francophone elementary, secondary and post-secondary students in Ottawa, Sudbury, Windsor and Toronto that focuses on youth leadership, environmental awareness and physical activity.

REEL CANADA: Canadian Film in the Schools
$180,000 over three years to expand a free film festival to schools and cultural organizations. Media literacy and an appreciation of Canadian film will be raised among youth in Southern Ontario.

Regroupement ethnoculturel des parents de l'Ontario a/s Association française des municipalités de l'Ontario
$323,000 over two years to provide support to organizations within the Francophone immigrant communities in Toronto, Ottawa, London and Sudbury. Training and information will be provided on the democratic process in Canada.

Renewed Computer Technologies
$448,700 over three years to launch RCTech Outreach, a program that provides refurbished computers, software, and free digital-literacy training and tools for low-income learners while diverting more than 500,000 pounds of e-waste from landfills.

The Royal Conservatory
$450,000 over three years to roll out Living Through The Arts in four communities. The program will engage people with health and social conditions through artistic activity and evaluate the impact of arts engagement on health and well-being.

$360,000 over three years to strengthen operations by subsidizing staff salaries, developing templates and tool kits, and sharing an arts engagement model with 10 communities to reduce poverty for homeless and street-involved youth.

Social and Enterprise Development Innovations
$596,900 over three years to support more than 75 organizations in 15 Ontario communities to build the capacity of 100 trainers and to deliver financial literacy support to 2,000 Ontarians.

Social Planning Network of Ontario
$224,400 over 18 months to develop and test a regional hub model of community planning. This will support six Northern communities as they create and act on local blueprints for social and economic development.

Théâtre Action
$50,000 over one year to expand the website for this provincial arts service organization. This will enhance the communications capabilities of its member groups and provide the public with better access to event schedules.

Think Smart and Safe Alliance c/o SMARTRISK/SAUVE-QUI-PENSE
$117,000 over eight months to support four leading safety and accident prevention organizations in working together. A better use of resources will be made, helping to reduce injury and save lives across Ontario.

Windsor Printmaker's Forum
$27,700 over two years to tour The Sense of Place, an exhibit of prints by Ontario artists to public art galleries in Chatham, Sudbury and Thunder Bay. Panel discussions and printmaking workshops will be conducted by visiting and local artists.

Wushu Ontario
$74,400 over two years to implement coach, officials and volunteer development and certification programs for Wushu, a full-contact exhibition and demonstration sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts.

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March 1 deadline

Approved by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors June 25th 2009

Accreditation Coalition c/o Family Service Ontario
$490,500 over three years to develop a new third-party accreditation agency for community-based service organizations.  Six accreditation programs serving more than 300 health and social services organizations in Ontario will be merged first.

Action ontarienne contre la violence faite aux femmes
$180,000 over two years for staff, equipment and program evaluation costs to enable this provincial organization to expand its services to Francophone women in underserved regions of the province.

The Ally Stories Collaborative c/o Community Builders Youth Leadership
$249,200 over 28 months for storytelling circles and resources to address racism and harassment in 24 schools across Grand River, Toronto, Sudbury and Espanola/ Manitoulin.

$325,000 over three years for staff, seed funding and program expenses. The organization will develop multi-sector partnerships, offer technical assistance to regional arts education organizations and research best practices in Ontario.

Assemblée de la francophonie de l'Ontario
$34,700 over one year for a project co-ordinator and software to create a virtual resource website, which will allow Francophone organizations greater access to relevant services and funding opportunities in their communities throughout Ontario.

Association des professionnels de la chanson et de la musique
$120,000 over two years for a co-ordinator and travel expenses to create an artists management system. This will enable more opportunities for Francophone music artists to perform and encourage youth to learn more about Francophone music in Ontario.

Association of Ontario Health Centres
$232,000 over two years for staff, communication tools and database licences to develop a bilingual education/communication strategy to help members' boards, volunteers and community leaders raise awareness of community health care across Ontario.

Blue Green Now: Driving the Transition to Green Jobs in Ontario Communities c/o Steelworkers Humanity Fund (SHF)
$420,800 over two years for staff, media and expenses to launch Blue Green Now. The project will create strategies to promote a green economic agenda, attracting green jobs and industries to Sudbury, Greater Toronto, Hamilton or Kitchener Waterloo.

Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care c/o Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE)
$68,500 over one year for staff, communications and equipment for a greening-of-health-care strategy in hospitals. Toxics will be reduced, alternative cleaning products used, fragrance scent-free policies implemented and more local foods purchased.

Centre canadien de leadership en évaluation (le CLÉ)
$495,000 over two years to develop five personal leadership modules in six regions of Ontario. A program will be delivered to help Francophone communities develop capacity in areas of governance and leadership. (A capacity building partnership grant with the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration also supports this project)

Choirs Ontario
$118,300 over three years for staff salary enhancements and a province-wide choral research project to help determine how best to improve services, programs and projects to support the stability and growth of Ontario's choral community.

Coalition for Music Education in Canada/Coalition pour l'éducation en musique au Canada
$100,000 over two years to build organizational capacity by enhancing staff salaries and building partnerships with the arts and education and business sectors to facilitate music education in Ontario.

Colour of Change Network c/o Metro Toronto Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic
$255,000 over 30 months to educate and train community animators who will act as champions to build local solutions to the issues of racialized poverty and employment equity in Hamilton, London, Ottawa, Peel, Toronto and Windsor.

David Suzuki Foundation/Fondation David Suzuki
$129,200 over two years to develop a financing model to stimulate the green economy and energy retrofits by researching and pilot-testing Local Improvement Charges (LICs) in three to five Ontario municipalities.

Diabetes Hope Foundation
$12,900 over six months to conduct a comprehensive strategic review that will create focused plans to sustain programs that support children, youth and young adults living with diabetes.

Golf Association of Ontario
$210,000 over two years to encourage active healthy lifestyles by delivering the introductory Golf in Schools program to more than 25,000 elementary school students across the province.

High School Climate Challenge c/o Sierra Club of Canada Foundation
$168,200 over two years to increase youth leadership on climate change, energy conservation, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by expanding the collaborative pilot project High School Climate Challenge to 20 high schools across Ontario.

Jeunesses Musicales of Ontario (JMO)
$152,300 over three years to hire full-time staff, create new partnerships with arts organizations, education and corporate sectors and present diverse music to engage adults and young audiences across Ontario.

Karate Association of Ontario
$81,600 over three years for staff, clinics and honoraria to implement a long-term officials development program that will improve the quality and quantity of karate referees across Ontario

MICRO-Mouvement des Intervenants et Intervenantes Communautaires en Radio de l'Ontario
$110,000 over two years for a marketing co-ordinator who will enhance the organization's communications and provide training to community radio volunteers in four regions of the province.

Ontario Cycling Association c/o Forest City Velodrome Association
$110,000 over one year to increase participation, train additional coaches and volunteers, purchase training equipment, and develop a long-term plan for track cycling in Ontario.

Ontario Justice Education Network/Réseau ontarien d'éducation juridique
$367,600 over five years for a program manager, travel and translation costs. A community-based program for youth in Aboriginal communities and justice officials in Northern Ontario will be created to improve relationships, opportunities and knowledge.

Ontario Minor Roller Hockey Association
$166,000 over three years for an executive director, marketing and promotions to increase participation, train coaches and officials, and develop relationships with hockey and corporate partners to promote roller hockey across Ontario.

Ontario Soccer Association
$400,000 over two years for co-ordinators, travel and workshops to build local soccer clubs through the Club Excellence Award program. Workshops for community-based volunteers and staff will be provided and a network of co-ordinators developed.

Pembina Foundation for Environmental Research and Education
$52,600 over one year to develop, test and deliver educational resources to enhance the Grade 10 civics curriculum. An on-line video and teachers guide will be created to increase youth engagement in democratic decision-making processes on energy.

Prologue to the Performing Arts
$300,000 over three years to hire part-time staff, upgrade communications and on-line systems. The organization will partner with School Boards to present performing arts in underserved schools in Belleville, Mississauga, Sudbury and Toronto.

Riversides c/o Green Communities Canada
$97,800 over one year to initiate programs to help urban landowners curb stormwater run-off pollution by testing and adapting Riversides' program to six new Ontario communities.

Senior Artists' Research Project (SARP) c/o Dancer Transition Resource Centre
$87,000 over 22 months to hire staff and consultants to conduct a research project on the state of senior artists in Ottawa, Toronto and Thunder Bay. Service models will be created to integrate them into the Ontario arts community.

Social Enterprise Council of Canada c/o United Way of Greater Toronto
$30,000 over nine months to support regional participation and organizing costs of the third Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise to be held in Toronto over four days in November 2009.

Softball Ontario
$224,100 over three years for a co-ordinator, workshops and communications. Training for volunteers will be enhanced, a quality assurance program developed and communication and marketing efforts expanded softball associations and leagues.

Special Olympics
$282,000 over three years for a communications co-ordinator, training and materials to implement the Physical Activity & Healthy Living project, promoting healthy lifestyles for people with intellectual disabilities and highlighting Special Olympics

Strength Within
$165,000 over two years for a program manager, web engineer and content writers to develop a social community website, BEYOU.CA, that will connect young women across the province and guide them to learn, share and take leadership in their communities.

Threads of Life - An Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support
$199,200 over two years to recruit, train and strengthen the skills of volunteers; improve services for family members; and promote awareness of this organization that reaches families across Ontario affected by workplace tragedy.

Tides Canada Initiatives and Waterlution - A Water Learning Experience c/o Tides Canada Initiatives
$41,500 over one year for an executive director, three workshops and program evaluation costs to encourage diverse stakeholders, including youth, to learn about water issues of importance to Ontario communities.

Toronto Symphony Orchestra Association
$250,000 over two years for musicians and tour costs to engage young people through music recitals in schools, conduct  master classes for community orchestras and present public performances in North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury and Timmins.

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