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Approved by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on March 3, 2011

Adoption Council of Ontario 
$109,300 over one year to expand programming, develop a marketing campaign and implement a fund development strategy that will improve the delivery of information services about adoption while strengthening the financial health of the organization.

Aquatic Federation of Canada 
$215,000 over two years to increase access and participation in aquatic sport at all levels, for all ages by providing sector stakeholders the information, tools and resources needed to plan for multi-sport pools that will benefit all users across Ontario.

Association francophone de parents d'enfants dyslexiques (AFPED), as lead organization on this collaborative 
$124,400 over two years to support the sharing of resources between this association and Parents partenaires en éducation that will strengthen both organizations, reduce duplication, and strengthen services offered across Ontario to Francophone parents who have children with learning disabilities.

Ballet Jörgen Canada 
$248,500 over two years to hire staff to recruit and engage volunteers that will set up regional dance programming hubs in eastern, south western and central Ontario. Programming will include annual dance tours across the province, community and school workshops and arts activities to engage young people, artists and organizations.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada/Clubs Garcons et Filles Du Canada 
$247,500 over three years to expand the leadership roles of youth and increase sustainability of the Central region youth programs by providing 500 youth from culturally diverse communities the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and inspiration to make positive changes in their own lives and become more engaged in their clubs and communities.

Canada World Youth 
$165,400 over one year to support the organizing of the three-day Rising Spirits: Building Ontario Aboriginal Youth Leadership for Development event that will engage 40 youth aged 13 to 25 from northern and south western Ontario communities in workshops and activities focused on leadership training, community development, creative work and traditional teachings from elders.

Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists, Ontario Chapter, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$27,800 over nine months to support a collaborative research project that will investigate micro-financing models and propose entrepreneurial activities for Ontario artists from various disciplines to adopt in order to raise their annual income.

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$233,800 over three years to expand the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care's work on local food, toxics reduction and fragrance-free initiatives in health-care facilities across Ontario. Funds will also support the Coalition as it transitions to a stand-alone, incorporated organization.

Canadian Wheelchair Basketball Association, as lead organization on this collaborative
$50,000 over one year to support the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation's first-ever Women's Under-25 World Wheelchair Basketball Championships to be held July 17 to 23, 2011 at Brock University. This event will increase the sport participation levels of young women with physical disabilities and includes a mentorship program that will have impact across Ontario. This grant has an impact in more than one OTF catchment area.

Chiefs of Ontario, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$100,000 over one year to launch the first phase of a comprehensive three-part training program that will develop the capacity of more than one hundred First Nations in Ontario to align Environmental Assessments with the negotiation of Impact and Benefit Agreements.

Community Sport Councils Ontario 
$137,600 over two years to provide staffing and program supports that will assist this provincial organization increase collaboration and knowledge sharing among community sports councils in Ontario. An interactive website and a five-year business and resource development plan will be developed during the term of the grant.

Diabetes Hope Foundation 
$102,400 over one year to increase the number of active volunteers trained in fundraising and enhance the health of youth living with diabetes by expanding mentoring, summer camp and at-risk programs to more participants from southern Ontario.

East York East Toronto Family Resources Organization, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$114,400 over two years to provide training for local housing-help organizations, develop partnership initiatives, conduct research and promote policies to increase the impact of their services and reduce homelessness.

Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario, as lead organization on this collaborative
$270,300 over two years to strengthen collaboration between the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario and FarmStart in order to better support Ontario farmers in the use of ecological methods. They will coordinate technical courses, farm tours, kitchen-table meetings as well as advisory and mentoring services across Ontario.

Family Service Thames Valley, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$184,500 over three years to develop an online thesaurus that will enable youth to connect plain or lay language to clinical language, coping tools, information and local mental health resources. This online thesaurus will enhance information-finding on the mindyourmind website.

Federated Women's Institutes of Ontario 
$140,200 over one year to undertake a broad consultation with rural community members, organizations and municipalities of Ontario on the barriers to civic engagement. Activities will include a survey and nine community forums. Recommendations that emerge from these activities will enhance the work of rural voluntary organizations.

Fédération culturelle canadienne-française 
$38,500 over six months to strengthen link between youth and the arts and culture sector by supporting a youth mentorship program at the Forum on artistic practices, Être artiste dans la francophonie canadienne. Youth aged 18 to 25 will act as volunteer reporters before, during and after the June 2011 forum in Ottawa.

Fondation franco-ontarienne 
$151,300 over two years to provide training on fundraising to volunteers and hire a communications and outreach officer who will create promotional materials, tour the province to promote the foundation, and organize focus groups to identify and better respond to the particular needs of communities, especially ethnocultural groups.

Green Communities Canada, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$95,900 over one year to sustain and promote greener local economies by fostering strategic links between Green Communities Canada, its members, and the social enterprise sector in Ontario.

Luke's Place Support & Resource Centre for Women & Children, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$76,500 over one year to hold a think-tank event to determine the necessary resources, supports and systems to meet the needs of women across Ontario who have been abused and who are navigating the family court system.

Lymphoma Foundation Canada 
$24,900 over one year to increase resources and service delivery by developing a case for support, training board and staff members, recruiting new volunteers and starting new specialized support group chapters in Windsor, Ottawa and Toronto.

Mamow Sha-way-gi-kay-win, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$244,000 over two years to train youth in remote northern First Nations to use social media, develop their ideas into community projects, create funding applications and gain support for their ideas to improve conditions for youth from the not-for-profit sector.

Mood Disorders Association of Ontario and Toronto 
$86,900 over one year to increase communication, funding and program effectiveness of the 35 affiliate member organizations providing services to people with mood disorders across Ontario.

Natural Burial Association 
$25,000 over one year to produce a strategic plan, communications plan and policy brief that will explore opportunities for natural burial activities in Ontario. Natural burial is an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional burials.

Ningwakwe Learning Press 
$36,900 over one year to complete an Internal Environmental Scan to assess operations and an external environmental scan to examine broader opportunities and challenges in order to better plan for growth opportunities in the provision of Aboriginal literacy materials across Ontario.

North Bay Soup Kitchen Inc., as lead organization on this collaborative 
$115,800 over two years to expand the Coach4Food program, in which minor hockey teams get skills drills training in exchange for food or monetary donations to local food banks. The initiative, in Niagara, Guelph, Caledon-Dufferin, Thames Valley, Ottawa, and North Bay, will increase the capacity of food banks, boost players' and coaches' skills, and build community partnership between food banks, businesses, hockey teams, and the media. A resource guide and website will provide a template for other organizations run similar initiatives. This grant has an impact in more than one OTF catchment area.

Ontario Basketball Association 
$149,300 over two years to address participation barriers and ensure a more consistent, efficient and long-term athlete development (LTAD) system by integrating officials back into the provincial sport body and reviewing how to better support and engage clubs at the local and regional level.

Ontario Disc Sports Association 
$198,800 over four years to increase participation in disc sports by establishing regional high-school tournaments, developing the Canadian Sport for Life Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model for disc sport, and training learning facilitators and coaches across Ontario.

Ontario Trails Council Inc. 
$102,000 over two years to implement a provincial professional trail education program specifically targeting underserved communities and the North that will support volunteers in the creation and maintenance of a safe and sustainable trail system in Ontario.

Parents for Children's Mental Health 
$101,500 over one year to assist families who are raising children and youth with mental illnesses and strengthen the chapter network by developing volunteer management tools, online learning products and offering public education sessions and community resources guides and other resources.

Pat The Dog Playwright Centre 
$230,100 over three years to strengthen governance and business systems and expand services and programs for playwrights across Ontario. This work will demonstrate the value of playwrights and the play development process to the broader theatre community.

Physical & Health Education Canada 
$190,900 over one year to redesign the Quality Physical Education Program and explore better school and community linkages that will support enhanced delivery of quality physical education and physical activity opportunities across Ontario for children and youth at home, in school, and after school.

Pride at Work Canada - Fierté au Travail Canada 
$53,100 over one year to create a web-based portal that will promote positive employment practices, help businesses develop strategies that promote lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-identified (LGBT) awareness in the workplace and directly empower LGBT individuals and their allies to make positive change.

Professional Association of Canadian Theatres 
$40,000 over two years to implement a new communications strategy that will result in a more cohesive and networked theatre community, which includes Aboriginal, culturally diverse and emerging theatre groups.

Rehabilitation Foundation for Disabled Persons 
$101,800 over one year to increase the voice of people with disabilities at the Festival of International Conferences on Caregiving, Disability, Aging and Technology (FICCDAT) and in their home communities by supporting 40 people living on low incomes to attend the conferences in Toronto in June 2011.

Renfrew County Youth Services 
$218,300 over one year to train organizations and parents in Brampton, Lake of the Woods and Renfrew County in the use of The Parenting Partnership, a prenatal and postnatal education program that provides parents with both in-person and online support and resources to develop their skills and confidence in parenting.

Réseau Ontario des arts de la scène Inc. 
$170,000 over two years to support a variety of youth engagement initiatives that will increase youth involvement in Contact ontarois and the j VAIS program. Activities also include the creation of a post-secondary presenting network and the development of a volunteer recognition program for Réseau Ontario's 35 member organizations.

Soundstreams Canada Concerts 
$352,700 over three years to provide a wide-range of online services, including new music concerts and performances from archival recordings, live shows through audio and video streaming, and discussion groups through social networking platforms. This initiative will remove access barriers to Canadian music while expanding audience engagement.

Sunset Area Victim Crisis Assistance and Referral Service, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$137,700 over two years to develop and implement an accessible online volunteer training system that will increase volunteer recruitment and improve support to victims of crime and other tragic events across Ontario.

The Alzheimer Society of Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma District, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$64,200 over one year to determine the feasibility of establishing a toll-free, Ontario-wide, after-hours helpline to support family caregivers of persons with dementia, extending the possibility of home care and delaying hospital or long-term care placement.

The Archives Association of Ontario 
$13,200 over one year to support training of member organizations from across Ontario in the use of the ARCHEION database. Twelve regional training sessions will be held and webcasting and teleconferencing will be provided to ensure training is available to members from remote communities.

The Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$130,000 over one year to support the formation and networking capacity of the Green Development Group, a coalition of Ontario environmental non-governmental organizations, planners, developers and municipal stakeholders. Collaborative work will lead to a green development policy framework for conserving southern Ontario's productive and ecologically valuable green fields.

The Provincial Sport Organizations Council 
$296,000 over three years to strengthen the Ontario sport community through stakeholder engagement, education, advocacy, knowledge sharing and research. The council also known as Sport4Ontario will produce and implement a revenue generation strategy to strengthen their sustainability.

The Royal Conservatory of Music, as lead organization on this collaborative
$85,000 over one year to create a three-year business and communications plan for the Canadian Network for Arts and Learning. This newly formed network will evaluate three arts education programs in Oshawa, Kitchener-Waterloo and Windsor and disseminating the learnings to Ontario-based arts and education organizations, agencies and foundations.

Toronto Community Foundation, as lead organization on this collaborative
$142,500 over one year to develop a 2015 PanAmerican/ParaPan American Games social impact legacy plan in collaboration with education, health, environment, culture, sport and recreation partners from across the province that will support a healthy active living legacy for Ontarians.

Victim Services of Bruce Grey & Owen Sound Inc., as lead organization on this collaborative 
$84,700 over one year to support a two-day provincial forum to be held in the spring of 2011 that will bring together domestic violence coordinating committees from across the province to create a stronger and more collaborative approach to community responses to violence against women in Ontario.

Victoria Order of Nurses for Canada 
$77,100 over one year to establish a new network of Ontario-based chronic disease and disability organizations by hosting a two-day forum that will focus on developing common messaging around healthy lifestyles targeted to seniors and others living with chronic health conditions and disability.

Wildlands League 
$265,000 over two years to hire an OjiCree speaking Aboriginal Watershed Coordinator from the Far North who will advance watershed planning with the communities and tribal councils living on or near four major rivers in Ontario's Far North: Albany, Winisk, Attawapiskat and Severn.

Women's Health in Women's Hands CHC, as lead organization on this collaborative
$24,000 over one year to engage HIV researchers across Ontario at a two-day conference this April in the issues affecting women at risk of HIV/AIDS infection and contribute toward a coordinated research agenda focused on the experience of women at risk of or infected with HIV/AIDS.

World Blind Union, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$307,700 over two years to support increased access to employment opportunities by gathering employment tools on a web-based Employment Resource Bank so they are accessible to employers and individuals who are blind or who have low vision.

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July 1 deadline

Approved by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on October 28, 2010 

Adult Basic Education Association of Hamilton-Wentworth
$207,800 over two years to develop clear writing standards and a training module, as well as an accreditation process offered on a fee-for-service basis, in order to boost revenue to support Learning Networks in Ontario.

Alzheimer Society of Ontario
$176,000 over one year to support a change management process, taking its 38 chapters to a more streamlined and effective model of operation and service delivery. This will help the organization better meet the rising demand for its services.

Anishnawbe Health Toronto
$197,400 over three years to improve the experience of Aboriginal people within the healthcare system by having trained Aboriginal instructors deliver cultural safety and sensitivity training, developed as part of this initiative, to health science students throughout Ontario.

Artist-Run Centres & Collectives of Ontario (ARCCO)
$145,000 over two years to build capacity through an organizational review process, develop strategic plans and strengthen artist-run centre networks through improved communications and online services and programs.

Arts Inter-Media Canada/Dance Collection Danse
$297,700 over three years to increase capacity by strengthening governance, operations, archival systems and outreach activities to engage youth through dance history workshops in Ontario schools. Development staff will also be hired and a feasibility study on facility requirements completed.

Assemblée de la francophonie de l'Ontario
$75,000 over two years to increase the delivery of services to not-for-profit Francophone organizations, and share best practices and information that will increase access to potential funding resources.

Boost Child Abuse Prevention & Intervention, as lead organization on this collaborative
$74,800 over one year to create an online version of the highly successful Making a Difference program, which trains people working with children to identify and respond appropriately to all forms of child abuse.

BRAVO Bureau des Regroupements des artistes visuels de l'Ontario
$127,900 over two years to increase the organization's presence in various Ontario communities and diversify its funding base in order to provide more services to Francophone member artists.

CanadaHelps / CanaDon
$95,000 over one year to plan the business and technical aspects of a new ticketing service for the not-for-profit sector that will allow charities to plan and deliver ticketed events more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Canadian Authors Association
$29,300 over nine months to support staff and develop strategic, business and communications plans to more effectively serve writers in small towns and rural areas and build new relationships with community organizations and public libraries across Ontario.

Canadian Centre for International Justice
$50,000 over one year to build the organization's capacity by hiring an outreach and communications coordinator to enhance its organizational and volunteer structures and pilot a volunteer engagement strategy that can be implemented across the province.

Canadian Environmental Grantmakers' Network
$27,100 over one year to build capacity within the Canadian Environmental Grantmakers' Network (CEGN) to support collaborative funding strategies and sector dialogue amongst funders and environmental non-governmental organizations as well as enhance bilingual services.

Canadian Music Centre
$158,900 over three years to implement the New Music for Young Musicians program province-wide, providing composers, music educators and students with showcasing opportunities. It will also feature new educational music works by 15 Ontario composers. Compositions and student performances will be documented and made available to support youth training across Ontario schools and communities.

Community Care St. Catharines and Thorold, as lead organization on this collaborative
$72,300 over one year to expand the Talk 2 One program which provides unrestricted free access, for those living in poverty or at risk in Ontario, to social-based information and the ability to stay connected to employers, housing providers, case workers, family and friends. This grant has an impact in more than one OTF catchment area.

De-ba-jeh-mu-jig Theatre Group
$180,000 over two years to build outreach capacity by hiring staff and supporting the development of a collaborative integrated arts initiative in partnership with arts organizations in Blind River, Garden River, Manitoulin Island, Red Lake, Sioux Lookout and Timmins.

Easter Seals Canada Timbres de Pâques Canada
$188,000 over five years to hire a program assistant to better serve Francophones and offer increased access to the Access 2 Entertainment program, which provides a card to people with disabilities entitling them to be accompanied by an attendant to movie theatres and major cultural institutions.

Family Service Toronto, as lead organization on this collaborative
$64,000 over one year to reach out to low-income women and single mothers in nine Ontario communities and determine if social networking tools are an effective way to engage them on economic security issues that affect their daily lives, so that their interests may be better reflected in government policies and programs.

Federation of Ontario Naturalists, as lead organization on this collaborative
$186,000 over one year to work with industry, environmental non-governmental organizations, First Nations and Northern communities on the first stage of implementing the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement in Ontario.

Foundation for Rural Living
$178,300 over one year to increase the resource development capacity of rural not-for-profits by promoting knowledge, skill and supports for social enterprise development through in-person and on-line training and technical support.

Green Communities Canada
$281,900 over two years to engage community organizations, professionals, municipal decision-makers and individual homeowners in nine Ontario communities to lessen the burden of storm water pollution on Ontario's lakes and rivers.

Intégration communautaire de Nipissing Ouest ET La Table provinciale francophone pour la personne handicapée, as lead organization on this collaborative
$45,700 over one year to identify accessibility issues for Ontario Francophones with disabilities, and help identify and remove barriers to their full participation in society.

Le Centre ontarien de prévention des agressions
$213,000 over two years to update, enhance and pilot Francophone programs for the prevention of violence against children and youth. Training will also be provided to teachers and community members across the province.

Le Phénix
$186,000 over three years to create a Francophone network of persons with disabilities, governments and organizations from different socio-economic sectors, in order to better integrate people with disabilities into various facets of society and ensure that resources and tools are available across Ontario.

Lesbian Gay Bi Youth Line
$155,000 over two years to build relationships between individual and organizational stakeholders that share a concern for LGBTQ youth in Simcoe County, Renfrew County, the Kingston area and Chatham Kent. This community development will include a major event that will help create an integrated sense of community responsibility and better information about LGBTQ issues and services.

Multilingual Community Interpreter Services Ontario
$258,700 over two years to develop and implement two programs; an online training program for language interpreters to allow people in remote communities to train for the profession and a video interpretation program that will allow interpreters to work from home. These programs will increase access to employment opportunities and interpretation services.

Ontario Association of Art Galleries
$49,000 over one year to increase online capacity to improve services and programs and implement new knowledge-sharing initiatives for public art galleries. An outdated telephone system will be replaced, and computers and media equipment purchased to more effectively communicate with the Ontario membership.

Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization, as lead organization on this collaborative
$180,000 over two years to hire full-time staff and develop a strategic plan. Partnerships with provincial arts service networks, arts and community organizations and businesses will be developed, along with an online social enterprise initiative to sustain operations.

Parents partenaires en éducation
$110,000 over two years to hire a communications officer to promote this organization as the voice and resource for Ontario parents who have the right to French-language education for the children. The website will also be revamped and made interactive, making it easier for parents to access information.

Parks and Recreation Ontario
$269,000 over three years to implement a corporate sponsorship strategy in order to diversify its revenue base and meet increased program demands.

ParticipACTION, as lead organization on this collaborative
$210,000 over two years to support the Sogo Active Ontario Youth Advisory Committee in outreach and mentorship training to engage youth in creating physical activities in 10 communities across Ontario.

Pillar Nonprofit Network, as lead organization on this collaborative
$454,000 over three years to incubate social enterprise as an important component of (re)building sustainable communities. London, Ottawa and Sarnia, each at a different stage of social enterprise development, will share learnings with each other and other communities through workshops, case studies and a web-based learning platform.

Pleiade Theatre Inc.
$180,000 over three years to support performances of three programs that will benefit writers from culturally diverse communities, support new Canadians learning English, engage youth in theatre arts and bring the works of diverse playwrights to the main stage. Theatre artists will lead performance workshops with inter-generational groups of learners in several Ontario communities.

Raising the Roof/Chez Toit
$213,900 over two years to research and share best practices in community-based partnerships with corporate sector employers for programs that help make homeless youth more employable and to demonstrate opportunities for collaboration and corporate engagement.

Royal Botanical Gardens, as lead organization on this collaborative
$252,400 over two years to develop a province-wide Back to Nature network and provide practical opportunities at the family, school and community levels to help get children moving and learning in Ontario's natural environment.

Schools Without Borders/Écoles Sans Frontieres, as lead organization on this collaborative
$75,000 over one year to host a multi-stakeholder initiative that explores the conditions to best support effective youth-organizing. The initiative will also develop a provincial strategy to scale up and share a youth organizing platform model.

Sheatre Educational Alternative Theatre (Huron)
$112,500 over two years to bring performances of "Far From The Heart" to youth in Grey Bruce County, Timiskaming, Toronto and Highway 400 corridor communities. Youth will also be able to view it in an interactive format, choosing different outcomes and engaging in online discussions about responsible choices for sexual health, violence and safe relationships.

Special Olympics Ontario Inc., as lead organization on this collaborative
$100,000 over one year to hire a legacy outreach coordinator for the Ontario Special Olympics Winter Games taking place in Thunder Bay in January 2011. The coordinator will develop a pre- and post-Games outreach and legacy plan to engage new volunteers and new athletes and develop new partnerships for the Games. This grant has an impact in more than one OTF catchment area.

Stratford Shakespearean Festival of Canada, as lead organization on this collaborative
$200,000 over three years to hire staff to coordinate Culture Days and increase the participation of arts organizations, communities and the public to celebrate the role of arts and culture in Ontario communities.The impact of Culture Days on artists, arts organizations, municipalities and the public will also be measured.

Sustain Ontario - The Alliance for Healthy Food and Farming, as lead organization on this collaborative
$345,900 over three years to increase the organization's capacity to undertake timely, cross-sectoral initiatives for food systems reform. Funds will be used to improve network communications, enhance strategic food systems analysis, develop members' capacity to engage in policy discussions, and provide resources to farm and food working groups.

The Architectural Conservancy of Ontario Inc.
$110,000 over one year to train volunteers in partnership with the University of Waterloo to research and promote the cultural value and economic impact of designated heritage conservation districts, in order to preserve the built heritage of Southwestern, Eastern and Northern Ontario.

The Ontario Association of Triathletes
$176,300 over three years to build the capacity of this provincial sport organization to serve their members by hiring a staff person to support club development, building an online registration system, and train more coaches and qualified officials.

Timiskaming Child and Family Services, as lead organization on this collaborative
$300,200 over two years to introduce to Northeastern Ontario organizations a large-scale parenting and family support program to prevent child mistreatment. The program will offer training and materials as well as intervention to support individual family's needs.

Union des cultivateurs franco-ontariens
$30,500 over one year to conduct focus groups in Northern, Eastern and Southern Ontario and consult with French-speaking farmers and agricultural producers in order to better respond to their needs.

Volunteer Action Centre of Kitchener-Waterloo and Area Inc., as lead organization on this collaborative
$75,000 over eight months to support the Ontario Volunteer Centre Network (OVCN) to develop a sustainability model for its operations by researching other provincial networks and conducting case study research on volunteerism in the Ontario health care sector.

Weengushk Film Institute
$240,000 over three years to support staffing and provide professional mentorship and board development, as well as to expand outreach to attract Aboriginal students from small towns, rural and remote communities across Ontario.

World Snowsports Events Group
$261,300 over two years to host International Ski Cross events in the Town of Blue Mountains. The event will also offer volunteer development programs, promote active living in schools across Grey Bruce and Simcoe Counties as well as provide legacy opportunities for freestyle skiing in Ontario. This grant has an impact in more than one OTF catchment area.

World University Service of Canada
$44,000 over one year to build a more flexible and comprehensive volunteer training program by developing video content for online training and sharing of best practices. This will help the organization reach more youth who can manage their own learning process.

Young Women's Christian Association of Greater Toronto
$44,700 over six months to develop partnerships and a training model to support the expansion of the Safe Sisters Programs for girls in Ontario YWCAs and other girl-serving organizations. The Safe Sisters Program helps girls aged 9 to 13 make healthy choices around safety and violence prevention in their communities.

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March 1 deadline

Approved by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on June 28, 2010

Association des juristes d'expression française de l'Ontario (AJEFO)

$45,000 over two years to enhance the current AJEFO website and develop educational and marketing materials regarding the legal services available to Francophone stakeholders across Ontario.

B.A.A.N.N. Theatre Centre , as lead organization on this collaborative
$125,000 over two years to support "The Book of Judith" project, a play about social attitudes to disability and persons with a disability, by contributing to tour and residency costs, including workshops, technical production and promotion in 24 communities across the province.

Blissymbolics Communication International , as lead organization on this collaborative
$47,700 over one year to strengthen the services and resources available to non-speaking individuals with communication and literacy challenges in Ontario by expanding services beyond people with Cerebral Palsy, to include those with physical disabilities and developmental delays. This initiative will help individuals communicate in symbols and learn how to write.

Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity
$536,500 over three years for training, resources, and community support to encourage girls and women to be more physically active. The initiative builds the capacity of volunteers and community agencies to address physical inactivity in girls aged 9 to 18, mothers in low-income households, and women aged 55 to 70 in communities across Ontario.

Canadian Centre for Child Protection , as lead organization on this collaborative
$70,000 over two years to create and distribute an intervention kit on child sexual abuse, to be distributed to all Children's Aid Societies in Ontario to help workers when talking with children about sexual abuse, including Internet sexual abuse.

Centre for Social Innovation , as lead organization on this collaborative
$180,900 over six months to build the capacity to support the not-for-profit sector's engagement on common issues through participation in Ontario's "Stronger Partnership: Stronger Sector" initiative and to support the first phase of a social platform for the Ontario non-for-profit sector.

Children and Youth Cultural Development Association , as lead organization on this collaborative
$200,000 over 30 months to increase capacity by supporting local policy development, partnership projects and the creation of community-based curricula for artist and cultural animator training in seven Ontario communities.

Cultural Careers Council Ontario
$132,900 over 18 months to increase capacity by supporting an organizational review, business plan, program evaluation and rebranding of key digital services to sustain operations. Partnerships with post-secondary institutions, businesses and organizations are also planned to bolster revenues.

DAREarts Foundation Inc.
$25,000 over one year to undertake an organizational development and partnership project, including board development and business planning, and conduct community consultations with a view to expanding into new locations. DAREarts Foundation works to train teachers and young people to establish the DAREarts (Discipline, Art, Respect and Education) model in classrooms, thereby encouraging learning and personal growth in youth aged 9 to 14 who are considered at risk.

Great Lakes United Canada , as lead organization on this collaborative
$355,800 over three years to assist three Ontario communities to develop water conservation programs and undertake a province-wide public education campaign. This project is part of The Great Lakes Water Conservation Initiative designed to help protect and restore the Great Lakes system.

Home Ownership Alternatives Non-Profit Corporation (Greater Toronto Area)
$152,500 over two years to increase HAO's existing capacity to develop housing options, using its social finance second mortgage program, to support low- and mid-income families to become homeowners, by creating new organizational structure able to partner with the for-profit building industry.

Hope Air
$114,900 over two years to develop Hope Air's HealthNet system into a fully bilingual Web portal, improve system functionality and efficiency, provide direct access for clients, volunteers and third parties (such as social workers) and ensure that Hope Air can better serve residents of Ontario in both official languages.

Imagine Canada

$38,700 over six months to host Ontario charitable and nonprofit organizations at a forum in October 2010. The forum will strengthen the collective voice of the sector on common issues, and encourage knowledge-sharing and innovation to enhance effectiveness of the sector.

Invest in Kids
$209,700 over one year to work with partners in three communities to introduce the Parenting Partnership, a comprehensive education program offering both prenatal and early parenting support to new parents.

Let's Talk Science / Parlons Sciences
$244,600 over two years to provide staff, training, and program resources to engage more youth as participants and volunteer mentors in science, technology, and engineering programs in communities across Ontario.

Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forest , as lead organization on this collaborative
$255,700 over two years to measure the socio-economic and environmental benefits of "leafy" green infrastructure such as urban forests, wetlands, and green roofs. Working with local communities, Green Infrastructure Ontario will convene a unique coalition of non-governmental organizations, conservation authorities, academic institutions and industry groups working for common provincial strategy for green infrastructure planning.

$50,000 over one year to develop a long-term strategic plan and to increase the organization's governance and administrative capacity to support Francophone immigrant women across the province.

Ontario Brain Injury Association
$96,000 over two years to implement a comprehensive database and marketing strategy that will improve education, awareness and support to people with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and their families, and boost participation in the Provincial Statistical Survey, a source of long-term information about how people with ABI are faring.

Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants
$583,300 over three years to expand the availability of OrgWise, an online assessment tool that provides a road map for organizations to identify areas of weakness. This capacity-building tool will be available to help up to 220 Ontario organizations serving immigrants and refugees to address issues of governance, planning and evaluation, financial administration, human resources and community engagement.

Ontario Hockey Association
$313,800 over three years to implement "Tomorrow's Game," a comprehensive restructuring plan to improve & standardize operations for member teams & leagues, and enhance safety and developmental opportunities for players across Ontario.

People for Education
$229,500 over two years to work with community stakeholders across Ontario to build an interactive web-based hub providing information, support and training to parents and school communities to increase their engagement in education as a means to improving academic outcomes for students.

Planet in Focus
$215,000 over three years to increase organizational capacity of this unique environmental film and video festival by supporting business planning and an expansion of the in-house database and online archive to improve community access to diverse media works. The initiative will also expand the mini film and video festival program and engage 54,000 young people in 36 schools across 12 Ontario communities.

Share the Road Cycling Coalition Inc.
$148,500 over one year to increase organizational capacity by developing strategic and operational plans, supporting cycling and active transportation programs in communities across Ontario, and hosting the second annual Ontario Bike Summit.

Small Change Fund Inc.
$289,900 over two years to hire an Executive Director, create a strategic plan and contribute to Ontario environmental groups with small grants.

Société d'aide au développement des collectivités North Claybelt Community Futures Development Corporation , as lead organization on this collaborative
$390,500 over two years to implement comprehensive youth entrepreneurship programs in 13 northeastern Ontario locations through local Community Futures Development Corporations. Through a variety of experiential activities and programs over 10,000 youth aged 8 to 34 will develop entrepreneurial skills and identify new opportunities to help them build their futures in their home communities.

Southern Ontario Library Service
$5,000 over 12 months to support the work of Club Amick, a Young Aboriginal Reader's Program.

Sport Alliance of Ontario
$335,000 over three years to create a broad communications and promotions platform with which to provide enhanced services, programs, and revenue opportunities for the Sport Alliance and more than 100 member sports organizations across Ontario.

Street Soccer Canada
$150,000 over 18 months to develop administrative and operational infrastructure to use soccer as a strategy for social inclusion and poverty relief for low-income, homeless and addicted individuals in Toronto, Hamilton, Brampton, and Kingston.

The Learning Partnership, L'Alliance-Éducation
$410,600 over three years to roll out the FACES (Family and Community Engagement Strategy) Program model to support parent engagement in their children's schools to encourage early literacy. More than 2,600 families and 85 schools will be engaged in this project in Durham Region, Greater Sudbury and Cornwall and areas.

The National Ballet of Canada
$380,300 over three years to contribute to tour and dance residency costs and partnerships with arts organizations, including performances, workshops and demonstations to engage both young and general audiences in Parry Sound, Sudbury, Thunder Bay and Toronto.

Tides Canada Initiatives Society , as lead organization on this collaborative
$100,000 over two years to increase green philanthropy in Ontario and provide environmental non-governmental organizations access to online courses and customized mentoring programs for philanthropic gifts and bequests.

Women's Centre For Social Justice
$54,500 over one year to create an on-line forum and network for women survivors of abuse to connect and share experiences with each other and to enhance the services provided by the professional support community.

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