Recognition Policy

In order to maintain the highest standards of public accountability and to ensure transparency regarding the distribution of public funds, the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) has established recognition requirements for grantees.

Grantees are required to actively seek activities and participate in those identified by the Foundation to publicly recognize the Foundation's support. This may include public announcements, news releases, award presentations, acknowledgements on websites and special events. All annual reports, newsletters, news releases, exhibits, interviews or other means of communication—print, visual or virtual— dealing with the activities or achievements of the work of the grant shall acknowledge the Foundation's support.

All grantees will receive a recognition certificate that they are required to post in an appropriate high-traffic/visible location.

In addition, the Foundation may identify opportunities for recognition related to outdoor projects, including festivals, cultural events, sporting events, access ramps, heritage buildings, parks and trails. Grantees involved in outdoor projects will receive outdoor signage that they will be required to post in an appropriate high-traffic/visible location.

All grantee organizations that have websites must create a link between their site and the Ontario Trillium Foundation website for the duration of their grant.

All recognition certificates, plaques, signs and other forms of recognition will follow an approved wording and graphic standard and will acknowledge both the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Government of Ontario.

The approved wording to be used in publicity and promotional materials is:
The Ontario Trillium Foundation is an agency of the Government of Ontario.

The approved logo and graphic standard are available on the Ontario Trillium Foundation website.

OTF requires grantees to observe a news blackout period after they are notified of their grant. This period enables OTF to coordinate communications and notify key stakeholders about OTF Board decisions. During this period, grantees must not make any public announcements about their grant. The specific time frame is defined in the letter accompanying grantees' Letter of Agreement.

All grantees are required to contact their Communications Officer to advise the Ontario Trillium Foundation about any plans to hold a media event, create a photo opportunity or distribute a news release to recognize their grant.

All grantees must invite the Ontario Trillium Foundation to participate in media events to announce their grant.

MPP Participation

The Government of Ontario is the funder of OTF. Grantees are required to ensure their MPP, regardless of party affiliation, is invited to participate in recognition events. OTF staff are pleased to assist in coordinating arrangements with MPP offices. For assistance to involve your MPP in your event, please contact your Communications Officer at OTF.

Large or High-Recognition Grants

OTF staff and Grant Review Teams will identify opportunities for highly-targeted recognition or unique marketing strategies for organizations receiving high-impact grants with significant recognition potential in either grants program. Grants identified as having significant potential for recognition will develop a recognition/media strategy tailored to their grant in consultation with the OTF Communications and Public Affairs Department.

Multi-year Grants

The recognition policy applies for the life of the grant. Grantees, in consultation with OTF staff, are expected to conduct on-going recognition efforts for the duration of the grant.


Grantees are required to report on all recognition activities and media coverage as part of their progress and final reports. Grant payments may be withheld until OTF staff are satisfied with the grantee's recognition efforts.


In most cases, the costs of recognition signage will be funded by the Foundation. However, grantees receiving larger grants, including those that are part of a collaborative, may be asked to cover the cost of appropriate recognition themselves. In such cases, this condition will be included in the Letter of Agreement.