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Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on March 4, 2010

African Canadian Social Development Council
$65,000 over two years to enhance the delivery of after-school support programs in Toronto. A plan will be implemented to encourage low-income and African-Canadian children and youths to improve their educational achievements and stay in school.

Alameda Theatre Company
$150,000 over three years to build the capacity of this Latin American theatre company in Toronto. The initiative will engage artists and youth within the Latin American community through outreach, audience development, training and mentorships.

Alliance Française de Toronto
$8,000 to hold a Francophone concert entitled Féminin Pluriel in June 2010 at Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto. The program will celebrate the 15th anniversary of Oasis Centre des Femmes and the role of women in society.

Anne Johnston Health Station
$14,700 over two years to conduct outreach and deliver an adapted exercise program for people with physical disabilities in North Toronto. This will increase participation in recreation by supporting a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

Batuki Music Society
$13,500 over one year to purchase computers, printers and other office equipment. This Toronto-area African arts-and-music organization will then be able to produce its own promotional materials and develop and maintain an informational website.

Boys and Girls Club of East Scarborough
$101,900 over one year to replace the club's 6,350-square-foot gymnasium floor. An additional 200 children will then be able to attend after-school programs and this designated-priority neighbourhood will have a much-needed community meeting space.

Canadian Children's Dance Theatre
$150,000 to install solar panels on the roof of the theatre building in Toronto. Heating costs will then be reduced and excess energy could be sold to the hydro grid, generating revenue to help sustain the company theatre.

Charles St. Video and Performing Arts Society
$75,000 over one year to renovate this downtown Toronto artist-run centre. A workshop training area will be built, voice-recording capacity upgraded and an equipment drop-off area created to enhance community-based education and in-house programs.

Community Action Resource Centre in Toronto
$343,200 over three years to hire staff and renovate the centre's lobby/atrium with input from the community. A community hub space will be created to help the organization better provide resources and social services to people in need.

Community Head Injury Resource Services of Toronto
$15,000 over one year to create a multipurpose garden space with more accessible pathways, a gazebo and raised vegetable and flower beds. This will improve quality of life for clients with physical disabilities and community members in Etobicoke.

CyberEquality c/o Community Action Resource Centre
$14,700 over one year to purchase equipment for a computer-refurbishing-and-recycling workshop. This will reduce electronic waste, provide a source of affordable computers and support a social enterprise for people with disabilities or low-incomes.

Delisle Youth Services
$150,000 for renovations to create a new drop-in and multiuse space for youth in the Yonge-Eglinton area.  This will support enhanced access to after-school, recreational and expressive arts programming.

Développement du quartier francophone a/s Coopérative radiophonique de Toronto
$25,000 over one year to hire staff and conduct a feasibility study. It will examine the possible creation of a designated Francophone quarter in the Yonge-College area to stimulate the social, economic and cultural development of the community.

DiverseCity: The Greater Toronto Leadership Project c/o Toronto Summit Alliance
$25,000 over one year to carry out DiverseCity Perspectives, an initiative that will provide tools and resources for the community to engage in discussions that will lead to the identification of leaders from the diverse communities of Toronto. (Other OTF grants support this project.)

Etobicoke Dolphins Girls Hockey League
$148,800 over three years to purchase equipment, train players, coaches and officials and develop the infrastructure to host a yearly tournament, which will become a major source of revenue for the organization.

Eva's Initiatives For Homeless Youth
$149,400 over two years to hire staff and purchase sports equipment for a recreation program (RacAction) targeting homeless youth. This and other shelter programs will encourage increased physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

Fire Basketball Association
$14,900 to purchase scoreboards, shot clocks and equipment for players and coaches. These additions will enhance the basketball program and provide more development opportunities for 150 children and youths in Toronto.

Friends of the Rouge Valley Watershed Inc.
$185,300 over four years to hire staff, purchase supplies and train youth and volunteers to plant trees, seeds and wildflowers to restore Rouge Park sites and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. (Another OTF grant supports this project.)

The George S. Syme Seniors' Centre of York
$150,000 over two years to help purchase and install an elevator. This will enable barrier-free access to the agency's social and recreational programs for seniors and people with disabilities in the York community.

Green Change Collaborative c/o Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre
$225,000 over three years for staff, supplies and travel costs to implement a Green Change Agent training program. This will engage residents to reduce their carbon footprint by conserving energy, cutting waste and actively engaging in green living.

Harriet Tubman Community Organization
$148,500 over three years to obtain staff and fund a youth-led research project to identify and recognize community leaders. This will develop intergenerational connections, expose youth to role models and help them learn about community programs.

Institute of Leadership for Women of Ontario/Institut de Leadership des femmes de l'Ontario
$15,000 over one year to obtain hike leaders, maps and materials needed to guide immigrant women on hikes through the Niagara Escarpment. This English, French and Farsi program will teach participants about Canadian culture and the environment.

Ko-Ach Adventures
$15,000 to purchase a 15-passenger van to transport youths including autistic youths to and from their base camp. This will significantly reduce costs and enable hundreds more young people to participate in and benefit from these wilderness experiences.

The Learning Collaborative c/o Alexandra Park Neighbourhood Learning Centre of Toronto
$225,000 over three years to obtain staff, program and training materials and equipment. Targeted recruitment-and-retention strategies will be developed and specialized training given to volunteer adult-literacy tutors across three agencies.

Leslieville/Riverdale Tree Planting and Tree Preservation Pilot Project c/o South Riverdale Community Health Centre
$64,700 over two years to obtain staff, computer equipment and print materials. These will support neighbourhood volunteers as they learn to plant and maintain trees that improve air quality and increase community adaptability to climate change.

$215,000 over three years to obtain expert services, materials and equipment that will help transform Mabelle Park in Etobicoke into a vibrant public space that reflects the stories, hopes, and desires of the people living in the community.

Making Noise Media Collective c/o Urban Alliance on Race Relations
$200,000 over three years for staff, promotions and expenses. Young people will acquire the skills to use new media, photography and video to increase community awareness about gender violence, identify how it occurs and how to challenge it.

The Massey Centre for Women
$195,000 over three years to develop, implement and evaluate a three-year pilot program that will provide community-based volunteer mentors, advocates and community supports to young women who have graduated from the centre's residential program.

Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre
$150,000 over one year to build a ramp at the centre's main entrance, make renovations to accommodate it, and install automatic doors. These upgrades will increase accessibility to this Toronto community centre for people of all abilities.

Mimico Mountaineers Jr. B Lacrosse Association
$37,200 over six months to rent space and equipment, provide awards and generally assist with the costs of hosting the seven-day Canadian Championship for Jr. B. Lacrosse (2010 Founder's Cup).

Multipurpose Collaborative c/o San Romanoway Revitalization Association
$150,000 to install a chair lift and an automatic door-opener and renovate washrooms in the facility. These upgrades will improve accessibility to social and recreational programming for seniors, children and youth in the Jane-Finch community.

Native Women's Resource Centre of Toronto Inc.
$225,000 over three years to fund the executive director's salary, develop a volunteer base and expand the centre's outreach. This will support sustainable operations so the organization can provide resources and services to more First Nations women.

Northern Visions Independent Video and Film Association
$15,000 to upgrade computer equipment and software. These improvements will enhance the organization's capacity to support volunteers and in-house systems, enabling it to produce its annual festival more efficiently and effectively.

Opera Atelier
$150,000 over one year to help this Toronto-based classical music company renovate its administrative offices, purchase new computers and software, and implement new telephone and database systems.

Outer Harbour Dragon Boat Club
$15,000 to purchase new floating docks that have stairs and ramps. These will replace aging fixtures, helping to improve safety and accessibility for members of this Toronto club.

People to People Aid Organization (Canada) Inc.
$80,200 over two years to hire staff and train volunteers to provide an HIV/AIDS and reproductive-health-awareness program. Ethiopian mothers and fathers will receive help and guidance to increase parent-to-child communication about sexual health.

The Queensmen of Toronto Male Chorus
$8,400 to purchase a portable keyboard, microphones, and amplification equipment to enhance sound production. This will encourage youth participation and enable the chorus to expand the number and types of venues in which they can perform.

Rexdale/Jamestown Community Hub c/o Rexdale Community Health Centre
$149,600 over one year to install an elevator and automatic door-openers in this community hub. The upgrades will improve the centre's accessibility, so various groups can continue offering social services and programs to meet more residents' needs.

Rouge Valley Foundation
$45,000 over one year to improve energy efficiency at the Rouge Valley Conservation Centre in northeast Toronto. Solar panels, a high-efficiency furnace and other retrofits and replacements will reduce energy use.

Smart Saver c/o Working Women Community Centre
$112,500 over 18 months to hire staff, buy materials and provide workshops that will improve the financial literacy of low-income families. Participation in government-offered programs to help save for children's education will then increase.

Songwriters Association of Canada
$7,400 to purchase equipment for the organization's new downtown Toronto location, which will increase activities and programs for the songwriter community, students and the general public.

St. James United Church - Etobicoke
$150,000 over one year to purchase equipment and renovate the space used to deliver the Food Basket program, which supports over 1,700 Etobicoke residents annually. Accessibility will also improve for community groups who use the space.

Table sectorielle des groupes de femmes en entreprenariat du GTA a/s RDÉE
$245,000 over three years for workshops, mentorships and placements. A collaborative of six organizations will provide an intensive training program for Francophone immigrant women about entrepreneurship.

Tarragon Theatre
$76,000 over 11 months to hire a project co-ordinator, replace carpeting and do renovations. These will expand the venue in Toronto, improve technical aspects and safety and enhance the quality of performances.

The Redwood...For Women and Children Fleeing Abuse
$225,000 over three years for a unique project in which service users will mentor newcomer women. Educational workshops will be provided on a variety of parenting and esteem-building topics in various communities throughout the city.

Toronto Chinese Orchestra Association
$11,700 over one year to purchase musical instruments, a set of four timpani and one vibraphone. More practice and learning opportunities will then be offered to young musicians and the group's performances, concerts and workshops will improve.
Toronto Cyclists Union
$98,000 over two years to hire staff, provide training and evaluate the organization's services. Membership development, renewal systems and better volunteer engagement will then strengthen the organization's sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Toronto Society of Architects c/o Ontario Association of Architects
$50,000 over two years to develop and conduct a walking-tour program and recruit and train volunteers. Community awareness of Toronto's architectural excellence will then be enhanced.

Women in Thorncliffe Park: Transforming Community in Public Space c/o Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office of Toronto for Social & Multi-Cultural Development
$153,400 over three years to hire staff and performers, rent space and purchase equipment. A public space will then be transformed into one that connects neighbours and increases community access to recreation, arts, employment and the environment.

Zata Omm Dance Projects
$15,000 over one year to buy office furniture, computer hardware and visual technical equipment. This will enable new performances to be created that integrate dance and technology and promote collaborations with other arts groups.

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July 1 deadline

Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on November 2nd, 2009

ArtReach: Youth Engagement through Arts Funders Collaborative Project c/o The Laidlaw Foundation

$150,000 over two years to develop a transitional process and sustainable model for this collaborative granting program in Toronto. It aims to increase the engagement of youth who have experienced exclusion through active participation in the arts.

Ashkenaz Foundation
$184,000 over three years for a strategic initiative aimed at increasing youth engagement through year-round artistic, cultural and volunteer opportunities. A young patrons circle will be created in order to cultivate new leaders and philanthropists.

Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre
$234,700 over three years to improve the capacity of this Scarborough-based organization by supporting its volunteer program and fund development initiative.

Brandon Street Community Development Foundation
$75,000 over one year to hire a recreational co-ordinator to enhance recreation programs and a marketing co-ordinator to develop materials that will increase awareness of the organization within the Allen Road and Eglinton Avenue West community.

The Cabbagetown/Regent Park Museum Incorporated
$14,400 to support community heritage preservation by purchasing multimedia equipment and archival materials for this neighbourhood-focused museum in Central East Toronto.

Canadian Organic Growers, Toronto Chapter c/o Canadian Organic Growers Inc.
$35,000 over one year to co-ordinate a conference in Toronto. The event will increase community awareness and knowledge about health and environmental solutions provided by local consuming and growing, specifically regarding genetically modified foods.

Centre interculturel d'études afro-canadiennes
$14,900 to paint the organization's office space, replace carpeting and purchase furniture and computers. These upgrades will ensure a more welcoming and accessible space is provided for social and cultural activities for seniors and youth.

$80,000 over two years to expand the organization's youth program by hiring a youth co-ordinator. A centre for learning will be created, more screenings, workshops and seminars provided and the junior jury program expanded for over 4,000 students.

Citizens' Environment Watch
$150,000 over two years for staff, communications and expenses to support environmental education programs by providing information and helping to instill a culture of environmental stewardship amongst youth across Toronto.

Consortium Haiti Afrique a/s RDÉE
$30,000 over eight months to create a three-year strategic and action plan, organizational structures and a sustainability plan. These will enhance the capacity of this new consortium in order to better serve the Haitian community in Scarborough.

Creative Mosaics c/o Scarborough Arts Council
$63,300 over one year to conduct a community needs and capacity-building assessment for an arts and cultural program that integrates after-school, mentorship and intergenerational components to respond to the needs of newcomers in Scarborough.

Crescent Town Club Inc.
$137,700 over one year to renovate this community centre, making it more accessible to people of all abilities and increasing community access to recreational and social support opportunities in Central East Toronto.

Danforth East Community Association
$7,500 to plan and implement Art of the Danforth, a local art walk and community engagement and transformation project that will encourage pedestrian traffic and help improve the aesthetic appearance of the neighbourhood.

Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services
$15,000 to revamp a community resource space in the Jane-Falstaff community, installing signage, creating a private counselling space, and replacing outdated computers, telephones and desks.

Downsview Services to Seniors Inc.
$75,000 over one year to carry out a multilingual outreach and marketing strategy in six languages, raising the profile of the agency and its programs for seniors living in Downsview and adjacent areas.

EcoSpark Environmental Organization
$150,000 over two years for staff, communications and expenses to support environmental education programs by providing information and helping to instill a culture of environmental stewardship amongst youth across Toronto.

Elizabeth Fry Society of Toronto
$99,300 over two years to build capacity and develop governance, communications and operations policies and practices. These will increase organizational resiliency and responsiveness, optimizing programs for women in conflict with the law.

Francophonie en Fête Corporation
$20,000 over eight months for workshop expenses and promotion costs to conduct a strategic planning session with community members. Management and operational systems, a communication strategy and a long-term financial plan will also be developed.

Glacier Ski Club Inc.
$14,700 to purchase netting, an LED display board and a backpack sprayer. The equipment will be used for races and will increase safety for those participating in the programs.

GreenHere: Community Reforestation and Greening Initiatives
$225,000 over three years to enhance green infrastructure and local stewardship of the urban forest. This will increase canopy coverage, improve environmental and community well-being, and provide volunteer and employment opportunities for residents.

Greening Sacred Spaces - Toronto c/o Faith & the Common Good
$121,000 over four years to engage 200 faith communities in greening activities that promote education and action on environmental issues by supporting the development of Green Teams throughout Toronto.

Habitat for Humanity Toronto Inc.
$25,300 over one year to hire contract data-entry staff who will upgrade the existing donor/volunteer database and help manage information that supports this organization in building affordable housing for families in need in Central East Toronto.

Harbourfront Centre
$228,900 over two years for metering, data collection and analysis to build a sustainable strategy to reduce the carbon footprint of this world-renowned arts and cultural facility located on a 10-acre site at downtown Toronto's waterfront.
Hashomer Hatzair of Toronto
$14,900 to support the purchase of 12 canoes, equipment, lumber for canoe racks and canoe maintenance kits. These will enable Camp Shomria to enhance its water programming and increase safety for campers.

Heritage York
$10,000 to upgrade community meeting facilities at Lambton House and purchase computer and audio-visual equipment for this volunteer-run historic building in the Lambton-York community.

Inside Out Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Inc.
$176,500 over three years for staff, equipment and furniture to enhance youth programming and build the fundraising capacity of this arts organization in Toronto.

Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
$131,000 over three years for volunteer development with a focus on succession planning. Intergenerational connections and organizational sustainability will then improve in this North York East cultural and heritage centre.

Kensington Market Action Committee
$6,000 for a community-based neighbourhood-beautification initiative that will install a bicycle rack shaped to spell out the word KENSINGTON at the corner of College and Augusta streets in downtown Toronto.

Laboratoire d'art
$144,400 over three years for workshops and exhibition programs for youth and artists from underserved Francophone groups and students from local French-language schools. Marketing strategies will be launched to increase the visibility of the centre.

Madison Avenue Housing and Support Services
$14,800 for renovations, furnishings and arts program supplies to increase the energy efficiency and comfort of this facility, helping to engage residents and community members who have serious mental health issues in Central East Toronto.

Making it Work c/o York Community Services Centre
$143,400 over two years to enable this collaborative to hire a community animator who will build community awareness and promote the resources available through the Weston-Mount Dennis-Tretheway community services hub.

MUJER a Latin American Coalition to End Violence
$9,700 over one year to organize a conference for young Latin American women living in the Downsview and Weston neighbourhoods of Toronto. The conference will aim to enhance community participation and leadership among the participants.

No. 9: Contemporary Art & the Environment
$75,000 over one year for the ART TRUCK, an educational project that will deliver a fully integrated art experience to over 8,000 students across Toronto and offer thousands of community residents a free, hands-on art and environmental experience.

North York Harvest Food Bank
$158,500 over three years to support transportation services, food drive co-ordination, and agency communications. This will enable this food bank to increase the amount of emergency food collected in order to meet the increasing demand.

North York Seniors Centre
$53,000 over one year to renovate office space, upgrade flooring and install new phone systems and kitchen cabinetry, which will enhance the facilities for seniors in central North York.

Olympium Synchronized Swimming Club
$163,500 over two years to increase the club's capacity to provide programming to more people interested in the sport of synchronized swimming by training coaches and volunteers, purchasing needed equipment and renting additional pool time.

Partnership for Integrated and Sustainable Transportation c/o CultureLink Settlement Services
$225,000 over three years to implement a cycling promotion program as part of a green-immigrant-settlement strategy. This joint initiative of CultureLink and Toronto Cyclists Union will promote cycling as a sustainable form of transportation.

Russian - Canadian Theatrical Community Centre
$8,200 over one year to purchase theatrical stage equipment for this Toronto-based community arts organization. The equipment will include light and sound systems, a projector and projection screen.

SCAN Capacity Building Work Group c/o Agincourt Community Services Association
$225,000 over three years to build the capacity of grassroots projects, community groups and associations providing services and programs in Scarborough. Activities will include workshops, trusteeship supports, mentoring and producing a manual.

Second Base (Scarborough) Youth Shelter
$43,600 over one year to upgrade and replace the tools and equipment used in the kitchen at a youth shelter in Scarborough. The kitchen is used for shelter meals, a hot breakfast program, training programs and a youth-led catering social enterprise.

Slovenski Dom of Toronto
$15,000 to purchase energy efficient radiators to replace aging ones in this well-used community hall. This will reduce operating costs, increase energy efficiency and make the space more comfortable for seniors in Central East Toronto.

Théâtre français de Toronto
$75,000 over one year to purchase, install and train staff to use a new integrated computerized ticketing-and-fundraising system and database software. The new tool will improve processes and efficiencies, customer service, marketing and communications.

Toronto Arts Foundation Collaborative c/o Working Women Community Centre
$25,000 to commission and oversee a study to determine the feasibility of creating dedicated cultural programming space in the Victoria Village community hub in North York East.

Toronto Chamber Choir
$13,000 to refurbish the pipe organ and purchase shelving for the music library of this Toronto-based baroque choir.

Toronto Festival of Arts, Culture and Creativity (DBA Luminato)
$225,000 over three years for an education and outreach program for various communities of Regent Park. Workshops and an artist residency program will be included to engage the whole community in a deeper arts experience.

Toronto Green Community Inc.
$290,000 over four years for part-time staff who will provide operating support to increase organizational sustainability and expand environmental stewardship initiatives across Toronto.

Toronto Scottish Rugby Football Club
$41,900 over one year to reduce the cost of participation, thereby increasing access to the sport. Funds will also be used to purchase a scrum machine, certify coaches and referees and enhance training programs.

UrbanArts Community Arts Council
$374,700 over three years to establish a new cultural hub for the York-Weston community. Office equipment and furnishings will be purchased and programming provided that will create a centre for community arts programming.

Warden Woods Community Centre
$254,000 over three years for staff, training and equipment to increase the capacity of this Scarborough-based agency to actively engage the community in addressing needs, developing programs and finding solutions to problems it faces.

York-Fairbank Centre for Seniors
$162,700 over three years to support yoga and fitness classes for children and youth from diverse communities led by certified instructors with volunteer support from seniors.

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March 1 deadline

Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors June 25th 2009

The Art Gallery at Harbourfront
$210,000 over two years to develop a new brand for this contemporary public art gallery. A new website and signage will be developed to expand outreach, raise awareness of the gallery and increase participation in its programs and visitor services.

Art Metropole
$27,300 over one year to improve the technological capacity of this Toronto visual arts organization by purchasing computers, workstations and website upgrades.

Art Starts / Toronto Arts Council Foundation Collaborative c/o Art Starts Neighbourhood Centre
$150,000 over three years for a co-ordinator, training and promotional materials to develop a network for neighbourhood arts hubs. The organization will provide ongoing support for the delivery of professional arts programs across Toronto.

Better Living in Don Mills c/o Better Living Health and Community Services
$300,300 over three years for renovations, office equipment and staff to expand the space and enhance recreation opportunities for seniors in this central-east Toronto organization.

Cabbagetown Preservation Association
$15,000 over one year to produce French-language resource material about historical heroes for students in French and French-immersion programs in Toronto's Cabbagetown. The program will include walking tours, a CD and internet site development.

Canadian Centre for Torture Victims (Toronto) Inc.
$201,900 over three years for volunteer co-ordinators and expenses. More volunteers will be recruited to reach out to the community and provide homework clubs in Scarborough, Etobicoke and downtown Toronto for children and youth affected by torture. 

Centre for Local Research Into Public Space
$24,000 over seven months to create an on-line library cataloguing laws, regulations and policies regarding urban parks and public spaces without walls. This will provide useful information for local community groups regarding Toronto public spaces.

CIUT FM University of Toronto Community Radio Inc.
$100,000 over six months to replace broadcast equipment with digital gear. This will provide an enhanced learning environment for students and community volunteers, and improve production values for diverse populations throughout Toronto.

CJRT- Jazz.FM91
$107,400 over two years for a project manager, instrument rentals and equipment. These will help expand programming to include a Jazz 4 Kids series, youth big band and adult learning workshops in Toronto, enhancing awareness of jazz in the community.

Developing Youth Leaders Through Sports c/o Family Service Toronto
$52,600 over three years for coaches, equipment and supplies to expand soccer and basketball recreation programs for Somali children and youth in Lawrence Heights, Jane/Finch and Martin Grove/West Way in Etobicoke.

Dovercourt Boys' and Girls' Club
$50,000 over two years to hire a recreational co-ordinator and purchase much-needed equipment in order to expand recreation programs to help meet increasing demand in the community.

Drum Artz Canada
$95,000 over three years for staff, transportation and instruments to build capacity and engage youth from the Jane-Finch and St. Jamestown neighbourhoods through arts and music education, leadership programs and part-time employment.

Eritrean Canadian Community Centre of Metropolitan Toronto
$67,600 over one year for consultants, focus groups and renovations to the organization's new office space. Strategic planning and board development will be launched, helping to expand information and settlement services to newcomers to Toronto.

Etobicoke Services for Seniors
$14,500 over six months for equipment and resources to deliver a four-part wellness program for seniors and adults with disabilities, their partners and/or caregivers and their families. The program will help them maintain strength and improve health.

Etobicoke Y.C. Junior Sail Program
$123,000 over four years to support purchase of boats and regatta costs for sponsored youth in the program. The program promotes excellence in sailing and reserves one-fourth of its available spots for youth who are financially disadvantaged.

Famous People Players
$150,000 over four months to purchase kitchen, staging and office equipment for a new dinner theatre facility in Toronto.

Filipino Youth Athletic Association of Toronto
$41,200 over one year for referees, facilities rentals and awards to host the North American Basketball Association Tournament, which will take place in Toronto in 2009.

For Youth Initiative in Toronto
$222,500 over three years for staff, consultants and expenses to carry out an organizational capacity-building program. Effective policies and procedures will be developed and other youth-led organizations in Toronto will be mentored.

Get Active Toronto c/o Toronto Community Foundation
$225,000 over three years for operating costs to enable the organization to lead actions, form partnerships and launch communications to increase physical activity of Torontonians.

Greening Pride Week c/o Pride Toronto
$140,000 over three years for an event co-ordinator, workshops and communications to develop environmentally sustainable procedures and processes that will reduce the footprint of the Pride Toronto festival.

Hellenic Home for the Aged Inc.
$101,300 over one year to renovate the home's lounge and common area, including new slip-resistant flooring and energy-efficient lighting. This will provide a safer, more welcoming environment for Toronto seniors participating in recreational programs.

Integra Foundation
$150,000 over one year to repair the foundations and footings of buildings at a residential summer camp in Haliburton. This will benefit children and youth from Toronto with learning disabilities and mental-health problems who use the facilities.

Jumblies Theatre
$225,000 over three years for an artistic director, facilitators and promotions to carry out a program to mentor young artists, support newcomers and engage children, youth, families and seniors in creative programming in Scarborough.

Lakeshore Arts Committee
$150,000 over three years for staff, promotion costs and expenses to improve services and programming and produce 1000 Acts of Art, a marketing initiative to engage artists, residents and businesses in promoting art in the Lakeshore neighbourhood.

Latino-Canadian Cultural Association
$8,500 over one year to purchase furniture, a computer and audio-visual equipment for new premises at the Wychwood Barns site in Toronto. Workshops and exhibitions will then be provided to increase awareness and enhance community arts services.

Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People
$75,000 over seven months for an architectural feasibility study and a business plan. For a capital project to upgrade existing space and find satellite space in East Toronto to reach over 100,000 children and youth.

The Macaulay Child Development Centre
$224,000 over three years for a co-ordinator, expenses and volunteer training costs to support local leadership and engage the Eglinton-Oakwood neighbourhood, enhancing the organization's capacity for service to families and community development.

Malvern Family Resource Centre
$225,000 over three years for a co-ordinator, volunteer training and program costs to develop and implement volunteer development and recreational initiatives for seniors living in the Malvern community of Scarborough.

Manifesto Community Projects Inc.
$215,000 over three years for staff, operating activities and events. The organization will be able to continue producing innovative youth-arts-driven programming, including a four-day festival that showcases leaders in the youth-arts sector.

Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto
$150,000 over three months to renovate the facility's Rainbow Room that will create a second classroom and two meeting rooms. This will enhance this well-used community space and increase areas available for broad community use in downtown Toronto.

Netball Ontario
$12,300 over one year to assist in the implementation of the Express N' Play program for girls in priority Toronto neighborhoods. The funds will be used to purchase equipment, first-aid kits and supplies and facility rentals.

North York Concert Orchestra Society
$51,000 over three years for a general manager who will build the organizational capacity of this orchestra in North York by enhancing its outreach, programming and membership.

Ontario Bengali Cultural Society
$14,700 over three months to purchase computer equipment, musical instruments and office furniture to be used in shared space to benefit community members in the Crescent Town community in east Toronto.

Ontario March of Dimes
$14,800 over three months for computers to support adult literacy training for people with disabilities across Toronto, enhancing the range of employment opportunities and lifelong learning options available.

QWAC c/o Parkdale Liberty Economic Development Corporation
$62,900 over two years for staff, marketing and expenses to develop the annual Queen West Art Crawl. This will help to build capacity and self-sustainability for the festival which is becoming an economic stimulus for Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood.

Toronto Centre for Community Learning & Development
$122,000 over one year to furnish and equip a new centre of learning with computer and related technical equipment, increasing access to educational and economic opportunities for residents of Regent Park, Moss Park and St. Jamestown.

Toronto Choral Society
$3,000 over three months for choral music folders for singers to use in longer concerts. These will support the choir's ability to offer choral music concerts to communities across Toronto.

Trinity-St. Paul's United Church
$98,200 over one year to renovate washrooms, the studio dance floor, and roof, and make the entryway accessible to people of all abilities. This will benefit many cultural, recreational and social groups using this downtown Toronto heritage building.

Tropicana Community Services Organization
$223,400 over three years for youth workers, tutors and expenses to better engage Scarborough youth who are not in school or employed. Programs will be provided to encourage leadership development, vocational support and peer relationship support.

Upfront Theatre Foundation
$75,000 over one year for new flooring, soundproofing and equipment to renovate this cultural hub for theatre music and dance in the Keele/Finch neighbourhood. Funds will also help produce Rastafest, an annual Jane/Finch community festival.  

UrbanNoise c/o Arts Etobicoke
$225,000 over three years for workshops and expenses to expand the urbanNOISE program and festival, which fuse hip-hop culture with social activism to address and stop crime. It will be expanded in the Jamestown and Weston Mount Dennis communities.

Victoria Park Cricket Club
$15,000 over one year to purchase safety equipment for juniors and youths for a cricket club in Scarborough. This will improve the quality of the cricket program and its safety for 250 players.

Working Women Community Centre
$150,000 over two years for staff, supplies and costs to engage newcomer artists, gardeners and youth in the Peanut Town community of northeast Toronto in Expressions of Life Through Art, an intergenerational, multidisciplinary arts project.

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