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Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on March 3, 2011

Afghan Women's Counselling and Integration Community Support Organization
$225,000 over three years to develop environmental awareness, leadership skills and civic participation opportunities in the Afghan community, with a focus on youth leadership. Programming includes educational workshops, outdoor activities and the production of an environmental video and related materials for Afghan community members from across Toronto.

Afri-Can FoodBasket 
$218,700 over three years to hire an executive director and support volunteer development costs in order to increase access to services by community members in Toronto's west-end priority areas.

Agincourt Lawn Bowling Club
$19,100 over six months to purchase lawn-bowling equipment, a computer, a printer and a dishwasher in order to support the delivery of affordable recreational opportunities for Agincourt residents.

Alpha House Inc. 
$11,700 over one year to upgrade the common areas of this facility used by more than 960 people who receive addiction education and wellness, life skills, anger management and relapse prevention programs in east Toronto thereby providing a warm, life-affirming program environment for people addicted to alcohol and/or drugs.

Aluna Theatre 
$200,000 over three years to purchase technical equipment, engage a general manager and support increased hours for the artistic director and artistic producer who together will develop and implement a three-year strategic plan for this Toronto-based Latin American theatre company. They will be able to expand programming and improve fundraising efforts.

Association of Spanish Speaking Seniors of the Greater Toronto Area 
$75,000 over 18 months to train volunteers to deliver a wellness leadership program for Hispanic seniors and replicate the program in the east end of Toronto. Volunteers will reach out to isolated and frail seniors in order to encourage their active participation in recreational activities.

Black Creek Community Health Centre, as lead organization on this collaborative
$337,000 over three years to renovate and furnish the west-end Art Hub located at York Woods Library and provide programming support for a centre for community arts programming in the Jane and Finch community that will include skills development for youth, artists and community members.

Cahoots Theatre Projects 
$74,000 over three years to support the development of a replicable training model for new arts administrators. This will increase access to careers within Toronto culturally diverse theatre companies.

Canadian Latin Community Services of Toronto 
$13,300 over one year to develop and pilot a visual art program for children aged 6 to 12 from immigrant families. Young people will be provided with opportunities to tap into their artistic creativity and build their self-confidence. College art students will be recruited as volunteers.

Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra Inc. 
$36,800 over three years to support the development of a marketing plan for the orchestra, including enhancements to its website that will enhance the orchestra's sustainability by increasing its base of subscribers and sponsors.

Diaspora Dialogues Charitable Society 
$62,000 over two years to develop the skills of emerging Toronto writers from culturally diverse and Aboriginal backgrounds. A new year-long mentoring program will be piloted for emerging writers. The Young Writers From the Edge program will be enhanced and a new four-month, one-on-one mentoring program for youth will be introduced.

Dreamwalker Dance Company 
$15,000 over one year to purchase office, video and computer equipment to improve the artistic quality of new multimedia creations and enhance data management of this Toronto-based multidisciplinary dance creation, performance, education and outreach company.

East Metro Youth Services 
$242,400 over three years to support Say Word, a community-based journalism program that provides Scarborough high-school youth with training and skills in video, radio, photography and print production, supporting future post-secondary education and employment in journalism and communications careers. Participants will gain experience in creating and contributing to a web-based multi-media portal.

East Metro Youth Services, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$135,000 over nine months to equip a new youth-designated program space for the Eglinton East Kennedy Park community. This collaborative initiative aims to provide young people with leadership development opportunities with youth playing key roles in identification, priority setting and implementation of youth services.

Flemingdon Health Centre 
$126,700 over two years to recruit and train peer health ambassadors, volunteers from diverse backgrounds who will increase access to and strengthen health promotion in the areas of Chronic Disease Self-Management, Diabetes Prevention, Community Well-being, Community Kitchen and Peer Tobacco Education for communities in north-east Toronto.

FoodShare Toronto, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$329,800 over four years to support the development and implementation of The Whole Nine Yards, a collaborative food systems program. The project will engage nine high-school communities in demonstrating innovative indoor and outdoor growing techniques using renewable energy, reclaimed and refurbished materials and low-cost energy efficient technologies.

FutureWatch Environment Development and Education Partners 
$225,000 over three years to provide culturally sensitive environmental opportunities for newcomers and immigrant communities in the Rexdale area that will promote community engagement and increase knowledge of the environment.

Gerstein Crisis Centre, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$85,800 over three years to coordinate Finding Recovery through Exercise Skills and Hope (FRESH), a program for adults living with serious mental health issues. This program provides opportunities for these consumer/survivors to engage in social and recreational activities that will enhance their health and well-being.

Harriet Tubman Community Organization Inc., as lead organization on this collaborative
$133,800 over one year to purchase furniture and equipment and subdivide below-market rental space so that it can be shared by six non-profit organizations, thereby increasing community access to space in East North York. Training for the tenant organizations will be provided to increase their knowledge, skills and capacity to serve their diverse communities.

Leave Out Violence (LOVE), as lead organization on this collaborative 
$114,600 over two years to enable Leave Out Violence (LOVE) and Urban Non-Violent Initiatives Through Youth (UNITY) to work together to deliver a pilot project in Toronto that will provide personal growth to high-school students by engaging them in positive learning opportunities focused on reducing violence.

Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto 
$150,000 over six months to acquire professional quality high-definition presentation equipment that will assist five Toronto community-based contemporary film and media arts festivals present Canadian and international cinema to over 55,000 people per year.

MacKenzieRo: The Irish Repertory Theatre Company of Canada 
$9,300 over one year to deliver a community arts education and outreach project in Toronto. Actors will teach theatre tools(speaking, movement, writing in a dramatic form) to youth aged 11 to 18. These tools will be used by the participants to express their own stories of immigration in a public presentation.

Muay Thai Training Centres, Inc 
$14,800 over one year to purchase equipment to allow more Toronto youth aged 13 to 24 the opportunity to access safe equipment and quality training in the martial arts discipline of Muay Thai.

Music Africa of Canada Inc 
$11,000 over six months to support the Baobab youth stage at Afrofest 2011, a Toronto-based festival of African music and culture featuring performances by international and local music and dance groups held in July.

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto 
$216,400 over three years to support staff and programming costs of the 7th Generation Image Makers program that will increase the hours of operation and provide more art exposure and constructive creative expression opportunities for Aboriginal youth aged 14 to 29.

Older Women's Network (Ont) Inc. 
$13,800 over six months to purchase and install office equipment and furnishings thereby increasing the efficiency and comfort of this volunteer-run organization. Located in downtown Toronto, this organization engages mid-life and older women across Ontario in social and recreational activities and supports their civic engagement around issues that affect their lives.

Operation Springboard 
$108,000 over one year to engage Scarborough youth and young adults with employment challenges in a skills-development program that will give them experience using leading-edge technology. The works developed by youth will expand the library of digital-content learning resources. The content developed will be made available across Ontario.

Parkdale Village Arts Collective Inc 
$58,000 over two years to develop and implement a fundraising plan that will help the gallery become more sustainable and provide the Parkdale community with more opportunities for educational arts programming.

Prisoners with HIV/AIDS Support Action Network, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$191,400 over three years to hire a shared volunteer coordinator to recruit, manage and recognize the contributions of volunteers from this organization and Maggie's. Volunteers will come from communities disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS. With increased skills and knowledge, these volunteers will develop their skills and knowledge and enhance each organization's capacity to work across Toronto.

Réseau de développement économique et d'employabilité, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$21,100 over one year to adapt a micro-enterprise program for high-school students in entrepreneurial and environmental skills. This collaborative project will be done with Éco-Ambassadeurs and provide students from Toronto-based Francophone schools with opportunities to develop their creativity, autonomy, self-confidence, sense of responsibility, solidarity and leadership.

Réseau de développement économique et d'employabilité, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$209,200 over three years to improve volunteer coordination and training, increase partnerships and raise the profile of the Kompa-Zouk Festival, a festival of Franco-Caribbean culture. This event takes place at the end of July and attracts Toronto residents and tourists of all backgrounds.

Scouts Canada 32nd Toronto Scout Group 
$30,000 over one year to install a septic system and construct a permanent all-season shelter at Camp Wilcox, which provides camping experience to Boy Scouts from the west end of Toronto.

Somali Canadian Association Of Etobicoke 
$39,900 over one year to enhance the economic prospects of 50 Etobicoke youth and young adults through leadership training and mentoring that will enhance their career development and abilities to find and successfully hold jobs in the Canadian job market..

St. Alban's Boys' and Girls' Club 
$225,000 over four years to provide youth programming in Toronto's priority neighbourhood of Weston-Mount Dennis at two locations, building on an after-school program for children aged 6 to 12 and providing daily opportunities for youth 13 years and older to engage with fellow community members in a meaningful way.

SuiteLife Arts For Youth 
$23,200 over six months to support a youth arts festival in Scarborough Village planned by youth and young adults that will provide them with opportunities to participate in workshops with industry professionals, gain entertainment industry knowledge and receive support to enhance their individual and collective performances.

Symphonyx Entertainment for Advancement of the Arts 
$13,000 over one year to purchase 12 steel-pan instruments in order to maximize the learning potential and musical experience of youth members aged 15 to 21 of this Scarborough-based steel-band orchestra.

The Factory Theatre Lab 
$73,000 over six months to renovate dressing rooms, artist areas and the lobby, acquire new sound, lighting and staging equipment and replace inadequate and aging technical inventory. These improvements will enhance this downtown-based small-scale live performance venue for emerging theatre artists, playwrights, youth and culturally diverse theatre company partners.

The People Project, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$47,500 over one year to expand the pilot OUTwords program, an arts-based initiative for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) youth from priority neighbourhoods in Toronto. A new curriculum and outreach and partnership strategies will be developed. Leadership training, workshops and art exhibitions will be offered.

Theatre Passe Muraille 
$139,800 over one year to replace this downtown theatre's outdated lighting inventory and dimmer systems in both the main and back spaces. Renovations will provide higher safety as well as improved production values and efficiency.

Toronto Child Parent Development Centre 
$160,000 over five years to build and operate a community kitchen to offer programs and services such as a daily nutritious and affordable lunch program, community suppers and regular skill-building workshops for people in Toronto. In addition, space will be provided for entrepreneurs in need of a licensed commercial kitchen.

Toronto Masque Theatre 
$125,000 over three years to hire a part-time general manager and part-time marketing and publicity coordinator who will help develop marketing and audience development strategies and databases for attendance, volunteer service and donors that will improve financial and venue management, financial support and volunteer coordination.

Toronto Photographers Workshop 
$39,600 over four months to upgrade computer-based administrative systems, purchase equipment and enhance the web site. This will strengthen the gallery's role as a leader for contemporary photo-based work.

Volunteer Centre of Toronto 
$234,900 over three years to implement the digital-story program that will allow volunteers and those impacted by volunteering a creative outlet to express themselves and promote the importance of volunteering, thereby encouraging more people to volunteer across Toronto.

Weston Heritage Conservation District 
$49,800 over five years to develop phase two of the Weston Heritage Conservation District Plan that will encourage a sensitive approach to the conservation of the neighbourhood's built heritage and maintenance of the historic, physical and contextual landscape.

WoodGreen Community Services 
$63,700 over one year to provide staffing to support the involvement of 44 new families in Homeward Bound, a residence-based program in the east-end of Toronto that helps homeless single-parent women achieve economic security by providing housing, training, childcare, job-readiness training, internship and employment opportunities.

YMCA of Greater Toronto, as lead organization on this collaborative 
$205,200 over three years to purchase equipment and hire a program coordinator for the Toronto Sport Leadership Program (TSLP) that will ensure its proper management and sustainable development. This program helps address the barriers high-school youth in communities of high need face in accessing quality leadership, recreational and employment opportunities.

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July 1 deadline

Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on October 28, 2010 

Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services
$225,000 over three years to create GreenAccess, a multi-purpose roof garden program promoting community health, environmental sustainability, and awareness of urban agriculture. Located in the Crescent Town, Teesdale and Oakridge priority neighbourhoods in East Toronto, GreenAccess will encourage residents to meet, learn, and grow together through participation and volunteering.

AfriCan Theatre Ensemble
$150,000 over three years to hire an outreach coordinator to build organizational infrastructure to support outreach and educational activities in Toronto, increase revenues, grow the Ensemble's audiences and develop strong relationships with community partners.

Agincourt Community Services Association, as lead organization on this collaborative
$227,100 over three years to strengthen the work of the The Middle Childhood Matters Coalition, which works to enhance the quality and availability of after-school and summer programs for children aged 6 to 12. Information, resources and workshops will be provided to parents and community agency staff across Toronto.

Art City in St. James Town
$85,200 over two years to expand multi-disciplinary art programs for the youth and children of the St. James Town nieghbourhood of Toronto. Programming will take place year-round and include several field trips. Artists, interns from post-secondary institutions and community members will be provided with volunteering opportunities.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Toronto, as lead organization on this collaborative
$221,000 over three years to design and deliver a Science and Technology Challenge Program that will allow 1,500 participating youth and 300 volunteer adult mentors to be exposed to new skills and experiences. Youth will gain new knowledge in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math while building their self-confidence and collaborative skills.

Canadian Air & Space Museum Inc.
$38,500 over one year to enhance the North York museum's volunteer management and procedures, encourage more volunteers to participate and to attract more members of culturally diverse communities. Educational and community outreach initiatives will be provided to students, seniors and people with disabilities.

Canadian Slovenian Historical Society
$13,700 over six months to purchase equipment and improve accessibility to historical information by archiving holdings belonging to Canadians of Slovenian heritage. The equipment will also be used to publish a monthly newsletter to promote the Toronto-based organization and acquire more archival material.

Canadian Tennis Association, as lead organization on this collaborative
$208,400 over three years to enable the Jane Finch Community Tennis Association to enhance current programs and implement a pilot project offering league participants twice-weekly after-school tennis and tutoring program.

Canadian Volleyball Association, as lead organization on this collaborative
$250,000 over three years to renovate a Downsview Park airport hangar for use as a six court indoor beach volleyball facility. Funding will also support operational expenses to support the national beach volleyball team and a unique year-round community recreation opportunity in Toronto.

Central Toronto Community Health Centres, as lead organization on this collaborative
$71,600 over one year to hold an eight-week arts-based skill-building program to enhance the capacity of diverse Toronto youth to become HIV/sexual health peer educators.

Centre for Social Innovation
$89,600 over one year to provide equipment for the new facility in Toronto's Annex neighbourhood that is shared by over 300 social innovators.

Community Living Toronto
$149,200 over two years to provide diversity training to staff and knowledge-sharing events for settlement service organizations in order to better support people with intellectual disabilities, including individuals and families from diverse ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Contact Contemporary Music
$129,200 over three years to expand two free community outreach programs: The Toronto New Music Marathon, a showcase of Toronto's most innovative and adventurous new music artists held in September at Yonge-Dundas Square, and Music from Scratch, a week-long workshop for youth aged 15 to 21 to connect with their own creative process and unique potential.

East Toronto Basketball Association
$15,000 over six months to purchase shot clocks, score boards and sports equipment that will enhance sports and recreation opportunities for children and youth in Scarborough.

Etobicoke Basketball Association
$12,800 over six months to purchase equipment such as basketballs, shot clocks, and score clocks to enhance the quality of basketball programs for more than 1,300 children and youth participating in this Etobicoke-based league.

Fife House Foundation
$300,000 over four years to develop a peer mentoring program to engage residents living with HIV/AIDS in community activities and programs in Toronto and provide additional housing search support for clients of the Homeless Outreach Program. This will also build the skills of those working as peer mentors.

GreenHere: Community Reforestation and Greening Initiatives, as lead organization on this collaborative
$176,400 over three years to pilot three environmental programs in Toronto's Christie-Ossington neighbourhood that will engage more community residents, create more opportunities for volunteers and provide programming for other disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Horizon Arts Camp
$168,000 over three years to develop and promote arts and camp programming to children and youth living in west end Toronto priority neighbourhoods.

Jumblies Theatre, as lead organization on this collaborative
$225,000 over three years to develop and implement an intergenerational, multicultural, interdisciplinary community arts project that will engage individuals at high risk for isolation, people with low income, children, youth, families and seniors residing in the Davenport West area of Toronto.

Kaeja d'Dance
$137,000 over two years to develop a community art initiative involving dancers and non-dancers in the creation of several collaborative, site-specific community dances and public performances in Toronto's Annex/Seaton Village and Jane and Finch neighbourhoods. The performances will be captured in 12 short dance films, created by youth from various Toronto neighbourhoods who are considered at risk.

Keys To The Studio - Unlocking Creativity for the Differently Abled
$14,800 over six months to purchase musical instruments and digital sound and production equipment for emerging musicians with developmental or intellectual disabilities in Toronto. The equipment will help unlock participants' creativity as they learn to play music and connect with others through artistic expression and physical activity.

Malvern Family Resource Centre, as lead organization on this collaborative
$220,500 over three years to support a collaborative effort to deliver self-help programming, services and resources to women living in the Malvern neighbourhood of Toronto, through the establishment of a Women's Self Help and Support Centre, increased participation in volunteering, seminars and conferences.

Moorelands Community Services
$150,000 over nine months to renovate six camper cabins, build a stone fireplace and install a floor in the new recreation centre at Moorelands Camp on Lake Kawagama near Dorset. This will enhance the summer camp experience of more than 600 low-income children from across Toronto each year.

Necessary Angel Theatre Company
$70,000 over six months to purchase computers, sound and lighting boards, lights, speakers, video and editing equipment in order to enhance the Toronto company's self-sufficiency, reduce rental costs, improve the audience experience and make public all aspects of the stage experience via the website.

Neighbourhood Basketball Association
$6,400 over three months to enhance the "No Books, No Basketball - Academic and Athletic Mentoring Program" offered to Scarborough youth, through the purchase of computer and audio-visual equipment and specialized fitness and basketball training equipment.

Obsidian Theatre Company Inc.
$14,800 over three months to purchase computer equipment and office furnishings. This will enhance the operations of this Toronto theatre, which promotes the development of work by Black theatre-makers and offers mentoring and apprenticeship opportunities for emerging Black artists.

Ontario Disc Sports Association, as lead organization on this collaborative
$15,000 over one year to build an 18-hole community frisbee golf (disc golf) course in E.T. Seton Park, providing a permanent, easily accessible, free recreational sport activity that can be enjoyed by anyone visiting this Toronto park.

Puppetmongers Theatre
$12,000 over six months to enhance organizational effectiveness with a digital equipment upgrade to support puppetry education, artistic development, archival recording, professional development and communications for Toronto-wide activities.

Right Path Community Centre
$14,800 over one year to support Voices of Our Mothers and Fathers (VOOMF) Phase II, an arts education project that will engage community artists and facilitators to develop cultural awareness, enhance self-confidence and strengthen the research and literacy skills of 6 to 15 year old participants of African and Caribbean descent in North York.

Senior Peoples' Resources in North Toronto (SPRINT) , as lead organization on this collaborative
$131,000 over two years to support Love Life! Active Living for Seniors, a collaborative, multi-disciplinary project that will provide sustainable wellness activities and social engagement programs for three diverse groups of seniors in North Toronto; faith-based groups, members of the LGBT community and Toronto Community Housing tenants.

Sistering - A Woman's Place
$221,000 over three years to expand Spun Studio, a textile based social enterprise that helps homeless and isolated in Toronto women make the transition towards greater independence and economic self-reliance.

Southern Currents Film and Video Collective
$14,900 over six months to upgrade computer and video equipment to expand programming all year long and engage Latino street-involved youth in downtown Toronto. The new technology will be used in new media workshops that focus on the making of personal works using video, photography, sound and web applications as creative tools.

St. Clair West Services for Seniors Inc.
$231,900 over three years to engage isolated and marginalized seniors by increasing recreational programming at the Drop-In Centre near Keele and Eglinton in Toronto.

St. Paul's L'Amoreaux Centre
$107,000 over nine months to renovate the Scarborough centre's entrance and parking lot to include a bus turnaround and pedestrian walkway that will provide a more welcoming, accessible and safer environment for over 5,000 community clients, seniors, volunteers, and visitors of all abilities.

The Association of Artists for a Better World
$60,000 over three years to enhance the organization's ability to grow, be self-sufficient, stable and sustainable. Staff will be hired to develop operational systems, implement marketing and fundraising plans and formalize a volunteer training program for the annual Winterfolk Festival in the Bloor/Danforth neigbourhood and for other activities in various Toronto and North York locations.

The Centre for Aboriginal Media
$10,000 over three months to purchase office furnishings, computer hardware and software to improve the efficiency of the Toronto-based ImagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival, which promotes and fosters emerging and established Indigenous filmmakers and media artists in local, national, and international contexts.

The Centre for Local Research into Public Space
$100,000 over two years to apply the "common resources" work of Nobel-prize-winning economist Elinor Ostrom to enlivening urban parks by supporting the efforts of local groups and creating an accessible database of resources related to park usage in order to increase access to ten parks across Toronto.

The Paradigm Shift Project
$2,600 over one year to publish four educational resources for elementary, secondary and post secondary students on important global issues from poverty to environmental sustainability. These kits will be piloted in Toronto-area classrooms and final versions made available for free to Ontario educators.

Theatre Gargantua Inc.
$11,000 over one year to update the company's computers to produce marketing materials in-house and expand video and graphic capacity as well as providing additional skills-based learning opportunities.

Theatre Rusticle Inc.
$33,400 over two years to develop two workshop programs in Toronto; one for the general public that will demystify theatre-making and nurture creative expression in their everyday lives; and another for emerging artists of any discipline seeking professional training, mentorship and performance opportunities.

Toronto Dance Theatre, as lead organization on this collaborative
$150,000 over one year to support roof renovations, installation of energy efficient heating and cooling units, and the refurbishment of windows and exterior doors of the historic Winchester Street Theatre, home to the Toronto Dance Theatre and the School of Toronto Dance Theatre.

Toronto Speed Skating Inc.
$103,300 over three years to purchase equipment and develop a regional training camp in Toronto. This will allow more people to try the sport and raise the calibre of athletes participating in speed skating in Toronto.

Tropicana Community Services, as lead organization on this collaborative
$75,000 over one year to further organizational development through enhanced outreach, marketing, volunteer engagement, and social enterprise development. This will strengthen the work of Elevated Grounds, a youth-led initiative in Scarborough that uses the performing arts to raise awareness of mental health issues.

Vision Africana 2000
$68,000 over two years to deliver an entrepreneurship and mentorship initiative for ethnocultural Francophone young people aged 16 to 28 in Toronto and offer volunteering opportunities for business leaders.

Yorktown Child and Family Centre, as lead organization on this collaborative
$257,100 over three years to create a safe and welcoming youth space in the community hub at Jane and Trethewey in Toronto. Activities and programs will be directed by youth, who will be encouraged to take on leadership roles in the community.

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March 1 deadline

Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on June 28, 2010

Abrigo Centre
$81,000 over 18 months to hire a coordinator to formalize and expand recruitment programs so that more volunteers can help deliver programs at this west Toronto multi-service organization serving Portuguese-speaking individuals and families.

$48,900 over six months to purchase a new van that will allow adults with mobility issues and developmental disabilities to participate more fully in vocational and recreational programs in Toronto. New computers will enable staff to work more effectively and participants to have better equipment at their disposal.

$73,100 over one year to provide resources on nutrition and engage members of North York's South Asian community in physical activity to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

Best Buddies-Vrais Copains Canada
$135,300 over three years to develop a pilot program in Toronto called Buddies United In Leadership Development (BUILD), whereby individuals with intellectual disabilities will gain skills and confidence to take on a larger role in spreading awareness about the Best Buddies program, and be more active in their community.

Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention
$150,000 over six months to renovate, furnish and equip new offices and program space that will be shared by AIDS service organizations serving Toronto's Black communities. This will provide the organization with enhanced spaces for counselling, drop-in and supportive programs for people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Canada Maison d'Accueil & Immigrants Sans Frontieres
$15,000 over one year to develop a pilot program of leisure and cultural activities with seniors and youth from Francophone newcomer communities in Scarborough and North York to reduce isolation and enhance greater understanding and connection between generations.

Central Neighbourhood House Association
$112,500 over 18 months to engage the community through a new communication strategy and 12 special events that provide venues for learning, growth and community celebration during the organizations' 100th anniversary. The centenary offers an opportunity to focus on reducing the divide and tensions among higher and lower income residents and develop the community's local leadership and assets.

Central Toronto Youth Services
$135,500 over one year to merge two office locations to improve clients' ability to access services, and to combine programs, streamline administration and save money without impacting current levels of service to youth with mental health issues.

Community Association for Riding for the Disabled
$20,800 over four months to run a summer camp program at this Toronto therapeutic horseback riding facility for 48 children with disabilities. Participants will benefit from an increased range of motion, improved balanced, and greater confidence and self-esteem.

Community Care East York
$150,000 over two years to provide Flemingdon Park-Victoria Village seniors with low income opportunities to learn about and participate in personal wellness activities and become more engaged as advocates for healthy, supportive communities in which to live.

COSTI Immigrant Services , as lead organization on this collaborative
$191,700 over three years to support a community capacity building program in the Crescent Town and Oakridge neighbourhoods that engages residents in supportive social, cultural, recreational and skills development programs and builds the organizational and governance structure of the South Asian women's rights organization.

Daily Bread Food Bank
$130,400 over one year to install a ramp at Daily Bread's main facility to accommodate clients, volunteers, donors, suppliers and staff with disabilities and those who use assistive devices, strollers or wheeled carts.

East York East Toronto Family Resources Organization
$128,800 over six months to move the main site of its Ontario Early Years Centre (OEYC) to the new Crescent Town Community Hub and Health Centre at Victoria Park and Danforth Avenue. Funding will assist with renovation, equipment upgrades and the co-location of complementary services to better respond to community needs.

Etobicoke Services for Seniors
$316,800 over three years to provide, maintain and enhance health and wellness programs for Etobicoke seniors and adults living in isolation, with physical or cognitive disabilities, complex chronic health conditions, language barriers, or who are experiencing food, housing or income insecurity.

Focus Young Adult Addiction Services
$15,000 over one year to develop and deliver youth-based theatre presentations focusing on the lives of Toronto teens and the issues and choices they face. Over 2,500 students, friends and family will have the opportunity to attend the performances and discuss issues of teen violence, drugs, peer pressure and gangs.

Frontline Partners with Youth Network
$242,200 over three years to hire a coordinator to implement a system of self-care for Toronto frontline youth workers and facilitate group get-togethers, think tanks and innovative learning approaches to address the trauma and grief these workers can experience in their jobs. By participating in these activities, people working directly with youth can employ new coping strategies to avoid or lessen stress and burnout.

$136,500 over one year to replace the windows at JobStart's largest location in Toronto, reducing energy loss and providing a healthier and more comfortable environment for volunteers, clients and staff, as well as creating a parking lot at the head office location.

La Franco-Fête de la communauté urbaine de Toronto
$210,000 over three years to support the growth of Toronto's biggest festival of Francophone culture in order to expand its school programming, better serve its diversified clientele and establish a stronger financial base.

Manifesto Community Projects Inc. , as lead organization on this collaborative
$50,000 over nine months to support the redevelopment of shared space used by arts, recreation and youth-focused organizations in west Toronto. Information technology infrastructure will be updated and plans for further enhancements created. This will support the development of a dynamic, creative hub for youth organizing, programming, and community building.

Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts
$11,900 over six months to purchase computer equipment and software to enhance the organization's efficiency. This will ensure the Toronto labour arts festival runs more smoothly and archiving of festival information is improved.

Motion Basketball Association
$63,800 over two years to expand a basketball program in Rexdale by recruiting more female participants and female volunteer coaches and implementing an academic tutoring and mentoring component for participants. This initiative will help provide affordable, high-quality athletic programming while emphasizing the importance of hard work, discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork.

New Heights Community Health Centres
$216,000 over three years to expand the Pathways to Education project in Lawrence Heights with a career mentoring program to help Grade 12 students be better prepared and confident to explore their options after high school graduation. Pathway graduates would continue to receive support for up to two years after completing high school.

Passerelle Intégration et Développement Économiques
$220,000 over 42 months to provide workshops, mentorship, volunteering and practical experiences for 200 newcomer Francophone high-school students in Toronto and Peel Region in order to increase their success in school, civic life, employment and social integration. This grant has an impact in more than one OTF catchment area.

Regroupement ethnoculturel des parents francophones de l'Ontario (REPFO)
$5,000 over six months to purchase computer and audiovisual equipment and host an annual event to encourage Toronto Francophone parents from diverse backgrounds to become more involved in their children's schooling. This initiative will help prevent youth from dropping out of school.

Rexdale Community Health Centre
$225,000 over three years to create a career mentoring program to help Jamestown high school students in the Pathways to Education program move on to post-secondary education and become engaged in their career development.

Russian-Canadian Theatrical Community Centre
$23,500 over one year to expand the theatre's seating capacity with the purchase of new chairs. This will allow the facility to be used more effectively and increase audiences.

Scarborough Concert Band
$3,600 over six months to purchase musical instruments, sheet music and computer software to enhance the operations of the Scarborough Concert Band. This will support the continued provision of free concerts for the Scarborough community.

Seeds of Hope Foundation
$14,400 over one year to purchase audio and video equipment to record arts and recreational workshops taking place at one location for posting online or streaming live to a second Toronto location. This will expand the reach of the organization by allowing more people coping with addictions, homelessness and underemployment to access the workshops when and where convenient.

The Canadian Helen Keller Centre, Inc.
$140,600 over one year to renovate the Centre's kitchen, washrooms, back deck and emergency exit to increase access to this training centre for people who are deaf-blind and those who have mobility impairments.

The Conservation Foundation of Greater Toronto , as lead organization on this collaborative
$131,200 over two years to build the stewardship capacity of three neighbourhoods in the Highland Creek Watershed by educating residents and engaging them in action to address two key issues that impact this watercourse, storm water runoff and the loss of natural vegetation.

The High Park Choirs of Toronto
$120,000 over three years to augment staff and volunteer development in order to help transform the children's choir by enhancing the quality of musical programs, activating a marketing plan and broadening its community reach through workshops for more than 4,000 students in priority Toronto neighbourhoods.

The Learning Disabilities Association of Toronto District
$12,000 over six months to purchase new computers that will replace aging equipment. This will increase access to computer learning for adults with learning disabilities and seniors in North York.

The Remix Project
$210,000 over three years to develop a mentorship and training project for this youth-led urban arts progran that will involve past and current program participants of diverse backgrounds from Toronto's 13 priority neighbourhoods. The project will enhance economic potential and job opportunities in the creative industries of Toronto and provide the organization with social enterprise models for long term sustainability.

The Shaw House Corporation
$4,400 over three months to renovate and make accessible the washrooms of this facility, which is used by Toronto Island seniors for social and recreational programming.

tiger princess dance projects
$93,500 over two years to develop a community art project combining literature and contemporary dance created specifically for public libraries and community centres in neighbourhoods across Toronto. Developed in workshops by the participants, dancers and authors, the project will culminate in a multidisciplinary dance performance celebrating the artistic and cultural diversity of each community.

Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Clubs
$133,600 over one year to install an elevator, thereby improving access to social and recreational programming offered at its Spruce Street location in Toronto. This initiative is part of a larger renovation project that will almost double the usable space for youth programming.

Toronto Non-Contact Hockey League (TNCHL)
$99,400 over three years to hire a league administrator, train coaches, purchase equipment and evaluate changing attitudes within hockey in order to enhance the league's ability to provide Toronto's only option for boys and girls aged 11 to 17 to play competitive hockey free of body checking.

Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival
$207,500 over three years to build organizational capacity by developing new programs and audiences in Richmond Hill, Scarborough and Markham and through increased marketing and outreach activities and equipment upgrades. This grant has an impact in more than one OTF catchment area.

Toronto Signals Band Inc.
$15,000 over six months to purchase new equipment and instruments to enable the band to continue providing high quality performances at Toronto community events.

Toronto Teen Track Program
$96,300 over three years to support evening and weekend sports and recreation opportunities for children and youth in the Morningside Heights community of Scarborough. This program will strengthen players' confidence, physical skill development, teamwork, leadership and healthy living through participation in sports, cooperative games and free play.

Toronto Urban Music Festival Incorporated
$89,700 over two years to develop and implement a number of approaches to decrease the environmental impact of the IRIE music festival and to educate festival-goers on steps that they can take to lessen their own impact.

TransCare Community Support Services
$62,400 over six months to purchase a vehicle to transport seniors and people with disabilities in Scarborough, enabling them to attend to health care appointments, social services and recreational programs.

West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre
$225,000 over three years to expand after-school and school break programs in three Scarborough and North York neighbourhoods. This will increase access to recreational programs and homework help for children while providing leadership roles for local youth and volunteers.

Women's Art Resource Centre
$50,000 over one year to support the Youth Express project, "Collecting Stories - Connecting Cultures," a digital storytelling project for young residents of Crescent Town. This will provide participants with leadership and facilitation skills while gaining expertise in the use of digital communication tools.

Words in Motion
$71,500 over three years to implement the organization's strategic growth and capacity-building initiative. This would support the organization's work providing arts-based education to promote emotional and social literacy for children.

Working Skills Centre
$149,600 over six months to renovate and purchase equipment so that the agency can expand services to meet increased demand for services and ensure programs are accessible. This capital contribution will improve the learning environment for clients, enhance the content and delivery of skills-training programs and increase workplace health and safety.

Wychwood Open Door Drop-in Centre
$42,900 over one year to improve overall efficiency and enhance services to 500 clients annually who are homeless and socially isolated by making essential repairs to the facility and purchasing equipment to improve existing programming

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