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November 1 deadline

Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on March 4, 2010

Afrofesta London
$20,000 over one year to support Afrofesta London in its fourth year of growth by supplementing funding for the parade, bringing in recognized performers and purchasing costumes and a sound system to be used in this and future events.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Society of Ontario - London Community Group
$60,000 over two years to hire a part-time community development co-ordinator who will implement a program to improve the quality of life of people living with ALS and help them live in their homes as long as possible.

Bethel Baptist Church
$75,000 over one year to help build a new top-quality soccer field in Strathroy that will be available to all community members. This will increase access to structured and unstructured physical activity for youth in the area.

Career Opportunities for Elgin Youth
$50,000 over two years to fund salaries and program expenses to open and operate a cafe in Aylmer. It will provide employment and training opportunities, especially for young people who are in-need, unemployed and lacking skills.

Carrefour des femmes du sud-ouest de l'Ontarion
$57,000 over 30 months for staffing and related costs to help implement a sexual violence and exploitation education campaign in Francophone secondary schools in Thames Valley. (Another OTF grant supports this project)

Community Living London
$75,600 over one year to fund salaries, equipment and program expenses to develop augmentative communication manuals and a train-the-trainer program. This will ensure better assistance is given to London's seniors, people with disabilities and those who are vulnerable.

EON Association of Curators
$20,000 over one year to build exhibits and develop interpretative and promotional materials to display in the Antique and Historical Tent of the International Plowing Match near St. Thomas in September 2010. This will increase awareness of the area's museums and heritage.

Fairmont Lawn Bowling Club
$15,000 over one year to repair the club's sidewalk area and purchase a new lawnmower. These upgrades will improve safety and efficiency, reduce repair costs and improve lawn conditions for community members to better enjoy this healthy form of outdoor recreation.

Friends of the Coves Subwatershed Inc.
$59,600 over one year to fund salary and administration costs that support the organization's ongoing programs in London. This will enable activities and services that protect water quality and the habitat of native animals and plant species to continue.

Habitat for Humanity London Inc.
$28,000 over one year to purchase a laptop computer and pay a part-time data-entry person to input information into a new database program. The organization will then be better able to track volunteers, sponsors and donations so it can sustain itself in the future.

Ilderton Agricultural Society
$14,600 over one year to build a pedestrian entrance, upgrade signage and landscaping and build a safety barrier, which will improve the fairground's appearance and safety for its many visitors.

Iona Community Preservation Association
$3,200 over one year to replace the roof on the community hall in Iona, ensuring that the building remains safe and available for continued recreation, cultural and educational use by community groups.

Kee-mo-kee Camp Site of the United Church of Canada
$23,000 over one year to replace the roofs on five camp buildings and a breezeway. Repairs will help prevent further deterioration and reduce the maintenance costs of this camp used by people of all abilities, including over 600 children and youth with special needs.

LIFE*SPIN (Low Income Family Empowerment* Sole-Support Parent Information Network)
$5,000 over one year to build a ramp and install an electric-opening mechanism at the entrance door to the organization's Free Store, which benefits people who are homeless or have low incomes. The building will then be fully accessible to staff, volunteers and clients.

London Community Foundation
$30,000 over one year to obtain staff and administrative support and provide training. This will enable the organization to continue offering the London Sport Leadership Program for youth with disabilities and from low-income communities.

Municipality of North Middlesex
$75,000 over one year to help install a new elevator in this small rural community arena. This will make the facilities more accessible to people of all abilities and enhance the enjoyment of all users.

Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration
$65,000 over one year to build a social support network and provide culturally sensitive programs to help Muslim women and children who are victims of domestic violence. The community's capacity to respond appropriately to victims of domestic violence will then increase.

Oneida Nation of the Thames
$44,500 over one year to purchase gear for a revolving hockey-equipment loan program. This will increase sports and recreation opportunities for 50 school-aged children and youth from the Oneida Nation of the Thames, encouraging physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

Ontario Puppetry Association
$9,000 over one year to purchase and equip a cargo trailer to house a mobile puppet theatre, which will be towed to festivals and events in London and Southwestern Ontario for entertainment and educational puposes.

Optimist Club of Ilderton
$40,000 over one year to help build a splash pad in Meadow Creek Park. This will help ensure that children in this small rural community have access to more healthy and affordable recreational opportunities.

Optimist Club of Kintore
$12,100 over one year to purchase new sports equipment, which will enable 140 young people in the rural area of Kintore to participate in high-quality soccer, baseball and golf programs.

Oxford Community Foundation
$131,000 over five years to fund the executive director's salary and assist with program expenses. This will help provide consistent leadership as the foundation works to enhance its endowment base and increase donation levels.

Serenity House Hospice Inc.
$92,900 over two years to assist this growing organization with staff, equipment and program expenses that will increase the community's awareness of its services and enable it to provide more individuals and families with quality end-of-life experiences.

Sitting Tree School and Nature Programs
$45,000 over two years to hire a program co-ordinator who will increase the organization's strength, visibility and capacity to work with community partners. More children and youth in London and area will then attend nature programs and learn about the environment.

St. Thomas-Elgin Second Stage Transitional Residence
$12,400 over one year to install a new fire alarm system and purchase bedding and new cleaning equipment. This will improve safety and quality of life for women, with and without children, who are needing shelter as they leave abusive relationships.

Thamesford Taking Action Group (TTAG)
$40,400 over one year to hire a project co-ordinator, designers and consultants to undertake a community consultation, visioning and design process. A community-driven plan will be created to revitalize Thamesford with emphasis on the future of the town's old mill.

The Children's Aid Society of London & Middlesex
$50,000 over one year to hire a facilitator and a project liaison staff member to help this 22-community-organization collaborative in London create a shared-space arrangement and provide a more seamless, responsive and people-centred access to services and programming.

The Elgin Military Museum Inc.
$12,400 over one year to replace the roof of one of the museum buildings to ensure that its collection of artifacts is preserved safely.

The London Police Association
$25,000 over one year to help complete the Path of Honor at the Ontario Police College. This monument will recognize and memorialize police officers from all across Ontario who have fallen in the line of duty.

The London Potters Guild
$55,000 over one year to assist with renovations to the second floor of this organization's building, including the installation of an elevator, which will improve its accessibility for community members of all abilities.

Union Community Centre
$14,900 over one year to install drywall and relocate a basement stairway, improving safety and completing renovations to this well-used community centre. The facility may then continue to be available for community groups to use for meetings, activities and recreation.

Wafrika - African Organisation of London-Middlesex
$10,000 over one year to rent soccer fields, pay referees and assist with tournament fees. Funds will help this organization, which engages new immigrants in the community, to expand its programming and make the sport more accessible and affordable for all participants.

Women's Community House (SEMJA)
$75,000 over one year to provide start-up funds and make renovations to establish a used-clothing retail store in London. Youth and women who have been abused will receive pre-employment and on-the-job training to prepare for longer-term employment.

Woodcrest Community Club
$13,400 over one year to upgrade the only outdoor seasonal saltwater community pool in London with signage and equipment.

Woodstock Soccer Club
$92,600 over one year to improve the premier field with the installation of lights and additional bleachers. This will allow the club to host sanctioned events, which will result in positive spin-off for the whole community.

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July 1 deadline

Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors on November 2nd, 2009

Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association
$60,000 over two years to hire an executive director and administrative assistant who will market the hall to the wider community and establish it as an ideal venue for concerts and events in London and area.

Art For Aids International
$35,000 over one year to hold a series of community workshops for all ages that incorporate awareness of social justice issues such as AIDS/HIV in Africa with instruction in the art form of collage.

Canadian Chestnut Council
$7,600 over three years to increase outreach, upgrade marketing initiatives and broaden membership, volunteer and partnership activities for the preservation of chestnut trees. (Another OTF grant supports this project.)

Canterbury Folk Festival
$29,000 over one year to purchase fencing, a trailer and equipment to establish the festival as a dependable source of free quality music. The new tools and resources will be shared with other major festivals in the Ingersoll area, enabling them to also host ongoing events and activities that sustain economic growth in the community.

Carolinian Canada Coalition
$30,000 over three years to establish a Lake Erie Carolinian Coastal Trail System to help save coastal species, habitats and ecosystems at risk in communities along the north coast of Lake Erie. (Other OTF grants support this project.)

Centre communautaire régional de London
$54,000 over one year to hire staff who will help the centre implement its strategic plan's recommendations. Programming will then be sustained and expanded, allowing the centre to grow its reach and secure new funding sources.

The Corporation of the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex
$50,000 over one year to widen doors, lower counters and install fixtures to make the swimming pool area and change rooms in the village of Glencoe building fully accessible. Citizens of all abilities will then be able to use community services more easily and safely.

Croatian Canadian National Sports Center-Zagreb (London) Inc.
$47,000 over one year to purchase materials, obtain services and hire contractors to fully renovate the washrooms. This will make the facility more accessible to people of all abilities in the community, especially seniors who wish to watch their grandchildren play soccer.

Curinga Italian Canadian Sport Club
$50,000 over one year to add floodlights to the organization's soccer field, which will enable six adult and children's teams to extend their playing time into the evening hours.

Drumbo Opportunity Centre
$54,000 over two years to help the centre with operational and equipment costs. Funds will allow it to continue providing and supporting integrated information services and community programs for adults, youth and seniors in the town of Drumbo and surrounding area.

Elgin County Library
$75,000 over one year to purchase supplies for the Growing with Books program, which distributes a sturdy book bag, a hard cover book and other literacy resources to families with newborns in St. Thomas and Elgin County.

Elmwood Club
$8,200 over one year to replace the facility's old furnace and water heater with new, energy-efficient models. These purchases will improve the comfort and safety of this building for seniors and other community members who attend its recreational events during the winter.

Epilepsy London & Area
$57,300 over three years to develop and implement a resiliency program that will help youth living with epilepsy become more active and involved in the community. (Another OTF grant supports this project.)

Hospice of London
$35,000 over one year to develop and implement a stronger community awareness and marketing campaign thus increasing the number of clients served in the community.

Ingersoll Theatre of Performing Arts (ITOPA)
$51,000 over one year to purchase and install new seating, a heating system and a stage floor. These improvements will make this community theatre more secure, comfortable and accessible for all patrons and volunteers and enable quality theatre to continue being provided to the community.

London and Area Food Bank Inc.
$50,000 over one year to help cover the costs of replacing the organization's roof, which will prevent leaks and possible food spoilage and make the facility more comfortable for staff, volunteers and community members who use it.

London City Farm Network
$55,000 over two years to provide start-up and infrastructure funds to help the network become self-sustaining. The network will increase its produce and the number of heirloom seedlings for sale, provide more educational workshops and attract new volunteers.

London CYO Basketball
$18,000 over one year to provide training opportunities for volunteer coaches and expand the organization's capacity to meet the demand for house league and competitive basketball opportunities in the London area.

London InterCommunity Health Centre (LIHC)
$96,000 over three years to support an ethnoracial youth mentoring program in which young people and their mothers will be matched with relevant, caring and supportive mentors in the community.

Municipality of Thames Centre
$11,500 over one year to purchase equipment and accessories in order to modify the community's stage trailer, which will be used for community events in Thames Centre.

The Parish Church of St. Luke's Anglican
$35,000 over one year to install a lift at the side entrance of the church community hall, which will allow people with physical disabilities to participate in community events at this London area meeting place.

Participation House Support Services London & Area
$45,000 over one year to provide specialized training to eight staff members while developing a training program and video. The trainees will partner with people with physical and intellectual disabilities, helping them build bridges in the community.

Pillar Nonprofit Network
$99,800 over two years to develop a consulting service for the not-for-profit sector in the London region. The program will operate as a social enterprise as it provides training and professional development for community agencies in the area.

RCL Branch 583 - Newbury
$15,200 over one year to upgrade the insulation in the Legion community hall, which will reduce utility costs and make this vital community facility a more comfortable venue for community events.

Search Community Mental Health Services
$100,000 over two years to hire a fundraising officer who will develop a fundraising campaign and strategy, and recruit and develop volunteer leaders and canvassers. Funds will help the organization expand its services to better meet the needs of this rural community.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul - St. Charles Garnier Conference
$10,000 over six months to increase the safety and efficiency of this food bank and used clothing store located in Glencoe by replacing rotting windows and doors with new high efficiency ones.

South-West Oxford Township
$25,000 over one year to help fund the purchase and installation of new accessible playground equipment at Mount Elgin Park so the community's children can enjoy a source of healthy, safe recreation and activity.

St. John's Church
$15,000 over one year to construct an access ramp to the hall of this church in Thamesford and install a new entrance, which will make the facility more accessible to community members of all abilities.

The Stork Club Big Band Museum & Hall of Fame
$95,000 over two years to hire staff who will manage programs and raise funds as outlined in the interpretative centre's strategic plan, enabling it to do more to promote and preserve big band era activities and music.

Temple Israel (of London)
$17,000 over one year to hire a part-time co-ordinator and help with the costs of presenting the film Paper Clips to more than 2000 students in Thames Valley and deliver an educational program about genocide, violence, tolerance and respect.

Tiggir's Tots Daycare
$6,000 over one year to purchase materials and equipment that will encourage diversity, inclusion and acceptance in the early years at this daycare located in Komoka.

Township of East Zorra - Tavistock
$75,000 over one year to purchase equipment and make renovations that will help revitalize the Village of Innerkip park. Funding will make a larger range of structured and unstructured physical activities available to residents.

Woodstock Volleyball Club
$4,500 over one year to purchase a serve machine that will help the club's youth and adult travel teams improve their serving and defence skills and more successfully compete against other teams.

Zorra Girls Hockey Association
$23,000 over one year to support the amalgamation of girls hockey in the Thamesford and Embro area. Funds will be used to purchase equipment, cover legal and administrative costs and help renovate a building so girl's minor hockey can continue in this rural area.

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March 1 deadline

Ratified by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Board of Directors June 25th 2009

2010 Special Olympics National Summer Games
$75,000 over 19 months to help offset the costs of organizing and hosting the National Special Olympics Championships in 2010 in London.

Ailsa Craig & District Lions Club
$20,000 over one year to pave a trail through the Memorial Forest in Lions Park in Ailsa Craig. This will result in the trail being accessible to people of all abilities in the community.

Association canadienne-française de l'Ontario de London-Sarnia
$34,000 over two years for operational costs to help increase access to support and counseling services for Francophone newcomers to Canada who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Byron Optimist Sports Complex Inc.
$22,000 over one year for renovations to the complex's baseball field. The area will then be more accessible to members of the London community of all abilities, helping to increase participation in sports by people with physical challenges.

Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association
$57,700 to purchase parachutes and develop an interactive educational program. The initiatives will improve safety, and will help the Oxford organization reach long-term financial viability through increased fee-for-service programming.

Craigwood Youth Services
$15,000 over one year to create architectural plans for buildings at the Craigwood site in Ailsa Craig. The new structures will be models of green building and will enable better services and recreation for children and youth in the London area.

Dale Brain Injury Services Inc
$52,000 over two years for a full time co-ordinator to develop a volunteer recruitment and training program. More activities will then be provided to people with brain injuries in the London area and respite services offered to their caregivers.

Down Syndrome Research Institute
$23,900 over one year for a part-time co-ordinator who will help to develop a clear business plan, policies and procedures. The organization may then expand, providing more and better educational services to people with Down Syndrome in the London area and beyond.

Eating Disorders Association of London
$ 35,000 over one year for programming costs to help Hope's Garden sustain and enhance its operations. The funding will help raise awareness of eating disorders and provide public education and support services to people suffering from it.

Elgin Association for Community Living
$70,000 over two years for staff and program costs to help this network improve respite services in Elgin County. Existing services will be better organized, the public better informed and a pool of qualified respite providers established.

Elgin St Thomas Public Health
$65,000 over two years to help expand a comprehensive inventory of sport, recreation and leisure activities in Elgin County. More guides will help to increase awareness of current accessible sports, recreation and leisure programs in the community.

Family Service Thames Valley
$75,000 over one year to help the organization upgrade its technological infrastructure so it can continue to maintain and enhance the quality of services it provides to its growing clientele.

Fanshawe Chorus London
$40,000 over one year to produce commemorative CDs to celebrate the anniversaries of the Fanshawe Chorus London, the Gerald Fagan Singers and the Concert Players Orchestra, all respected choral and musical groups in the London area.

Friends of Ye Olde Town Hall
$52,400 over two years to hire staff to co-ordinate and increase the numbers of activities at Ye Olde Town Hall building in Ailsa Craig. Community access to live performance and other art forms will increase and help generate revenue for this historic structure.

London & Middlesex Heritage Museum
$50,000 over two years to help restore the Caverhill Farmhouse part of the Caverhill Farmstead, preserving this example of an 1880s immigrant's home and an important living history venue in Middlesex County.

London and District Distress Centre Inc.
$10,000 over one year to develop a strategic plan that will guide the organization's service delivery for the next three years, helping it to provide emotional support and services to people in need.

London Occupational Safety and Health
$58,800 over two years for programming and administrative costs. The organization may then expand its student-teaching program, providing occupational health and safety training to 3,000 students and young workers to help reduce work-related injuries.

London Regional Children's Museum
$15,000 over six months for a 10-week event and a culturally diverse exhibit for a potential audience of 30,000. The program celebrates the history and experiences of the Latin American, Phillipino, Chinese and Italian communities in London and area.

Midlanders Music Group
$15,000 over one year to increase the number of instruments available for people who would like to play with this community band based in Middlesex County.

Muslim Educators' Council
$25,000 over two years for an intensive support program for young Muslims in London who are experiencing challenges. This program will test out a model of service including life coaching and mentoring by members of the community.

Nokee Kwe Occupational Skill Development Inc.
$10,000 over one year to develop a strategic plan and provide Board training and orientation materials. The organization will then be better able to continue providing workplace preparation, life skills and vocational training for this London-area aboriginal community.

North Middlesex Community Medical Centre
$3,500 over one year to install appropriate hand rails at the entrance to the facility. This upgrade will enhance its safety for thousands of patients and caregivers who use the centre on a regular basis.

Norwich and District Historical Society
$51,700 over one year to restore the slate roof, chimneys, windows and doors of the only remaining Quaker Meeting House in Norwich open to the public.

Norwich District Curling Club
$27,800 over one year to renovate the lounge, bar and kitchen areas, and to provide additional furniture in the club. This will make this curling facility a more attractive and comfortable area to use and rent to other community groups.

Operation Sharing of Woodstock
$40,000 over two years for a part-time co-ordinator to provide administrative and program support at the organization's new branch. Service levels will then increase for low-income families in need in Ingersoll and the surrounding area.

Pearce Williams United Church Christian Centre
$30,000 over one year to help Elgin County's only residential summer camp develop a master renovation plan. This will improve its ability to make capital improvements and renovations so the facility is safer and more comfortable for all users.

Princeton & District Museum Library Association
$4,600 to repair the library's heating and ventilation systems. This will allow the organization to continue to provide comfortable and safer services to a wide audience in the community.

Réseau franco-santé du Sud de l'Ontario
$20,000 over one year to help develop French language tools to promote health services in various regions of Southern Ontario and ensure liaison with local health networks. (Another OTF grant also supports this activity).

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 119 - Hillcrest Memorial, Ingersoll
$25,000 over one year to make capital improvements to the Ingersoll Legion facility, including upgrades that will save energy, make the building more accessible to people of all abilities and safer for the entire community.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 219 - Reg Lovell Br., Glencoe
$30,000 over one year to refurbish and upgrade the main hall of the Legion in Glencoe, which will make the facility more comfortable and increase its rental and use by many different community groups.

Royal Canadian Naval Association (London) Inc.
$3,900 over one year to replace outdated kitchen and maintenance equipment at the Navy Association Club in east London. These improvements will create a safer and more comfortable environment to encourage greater use by the membership and community.

Sexual Assault Centre London
$118,000 over two years for staffing and program costs to develop and implement a public education and awareness campaign directed at University of Western Ontario students to prevent sexual violence on campus.

Sparta Community Society
$35,000 over one year to renovate and upgrade the historic Sparta Community Hall to make it a more accessible, safer and more comfortable gathering venue for all the residents.

St.Thomas Panthers Girls Hockey Association
$12,000 over one year for equipment and program costs to enable the organization to meet the standards of the Ontario Women's Hockey Association. These upgrades will also help improve the quality of the training provided to participants.

Strathroy Skating Club
$8,000 over one year to obtain new equipment that will improve the experience for skaters of all ages and assist the club in maintaining records and materials.

The Optimist Club Of Westminster Park
$60,000 over two years to recruit and train volunteers to deliver education and recreation programs to the community of Westminster Ponds.

Tillsonburg Minor Baseball Incorporated
$52,000 over one year to purchase baseball equipment, upgrade two existing diamonds and construct a new third one.

Town of Tillsonburg
$40,000 over six months to complete accessibility renovations to the library. The installation of a new ramp and electric sliding pocket doors will provide a safer and more accessible entrance for all users.

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