OTF Applicant Survey

In 2005, we surveyed our grant applicants to learn more about satisfaction levels. This included views on our customer service quality and program effectiveness, and reactions to potential program changes. The goal of this research, which was conducted by IPSOS, was to further improve our services.

Interviewing Applicants

In late 2005, 606 grant applicants were interviewed - 300 successful and 306 unsuccessful applicants. Participants were selected based on a number of criteria including outcome, region, sector, grant type, language and First Nations.

Follow-Up Focus Groups

In March 2006, we conducted three follow-up focus groups (two in Toronto, one in Ottawa) to further explore issues raised in the initial study. We also conducted 22 follow-up interviews with Francophone applicants from the initial study.

Ontario Trillium Foundation Applicant Survey (pdf)