Community Roundtables

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The recession of 2008 was a challenging time for Ontario's not-for-profit sector (NFP). The economic crisis facing the country and the world was more serious than anything we have experienced in decades.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation set out to understand how Ontario's communities were coping and what the NFP sector, its funders and supporters, could do to respond to the new economic challenges that we
face. We conducted two surveys over the course of 2008-2010.

In 2010 we convened a series of Community Roundtables across the province:

  • to facilitate dialogue about the impact the economic crisis in communities
  • to understand how the not-for-profit sector is being affected
  • to identify what actions are needed to address key challenges in those communities.

The Community Roundtables provided an opportunity for us to share our knowledge as a provincial grant-maker and to learn from the communities we serve about opportunities  to adapt to meet their changing circumstances.

Watch the Community Roundtables - Tracking Outcomes (ppt) to learn about some of the main themes and ideas emerging from the 13 Community Roundtables. We heard many different things in the diverse communities that we visited. One common theme is that of a not-for-profit sector in transition. Communities recognize the need to work together in new ways and are excited at the challenge. 

At the same time they are struggling to meet the demands of their communities - especially when that need has increased for many agencies. The need for time to meet, time to collaborate, time to learn, time to share and time freed up by funders for grantees through streamlining application and reporting procedures were also themes we heard.

Read about the Challenges and Opportunities for Ontario's Not-for-Profit Sector during Tough Economic Times (pdf)

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