Community Profile: Grand River

Aging population; large and growing Aboriginal community; employment largely based in manufacturing

group of women playing cards jpgBetween 2001 and 2006, the population of Grand River grew at a slower rate (4.4%) than the province overall (6.6%).  However, its rate of growth is higher than the 1996 to 2001 period.  Grand River has a large Aboriginal population, which grew substantially (19%) during this period. In addition, Grand River saw an increase in its employed population (6.7%) and as of 2006, unemployment rate in the region (6.0%) was slightly lower than the provincial average (6.4%).  Nevertheless, with 1 in 5 workers (20%) in Grand River employed in the manufacturing industry, it is one of the regions in the province that is proportionately more dependent on this sector for jobs. The complete Grand River Community Profile includes population, labour force, education, income and language information.

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Community Highlights

  • More than half of Grand River residents live in Brant. This area has an older population than Ontario, with a larger proportion of people in each age category from 50 up.
  • One in eight (12.1%) Grand River residents said they were born outside Canada. This is significantly lower than the province overall (28.3%).
  • Two-thirds of recent immigrants to the region (2001-2006) settled in Brant.
  • Grand River's Aboriginal population is mainly comprised of First Nation people (81%).  Almost 7 out of 10 Aboriginal people in Grand River reside in Brant with a high concentration in the City of Brantford.
  • Individual and household incomes in Grand River are lower than their Ontario counterparts. The region has a lower proportion of low-income families than the province on the whole.

- "Brant" refers to the Brant Census Division which includes the City of Brant (Brant County), the City of Brantford and parts of the Indian Reserves of New Credit and Six Nations.

- While technically a single-tier municipality, the City of Brant is locally and commonly referred to as the "County of Brant" or "Brant County". Throughout the report the preferred local terminology is used (i.e. County of Brant or Brant County).