Measuring the Economic Impact of the
Not-for-Profit Sector

The Not-for-Profit (NFP) Sector is more than safety net for the most vulnerable Ontarians: it is a vital driver of economic growth and development (pdf) . Not for profits produce valuable goods and services and produce clear social benefits at the same time. We create real opportunities for all Ontarians. Let's tell the whole story.

OTF supports economic development in Ontario by strengthening NFP Sector capacity and investing in healthy, vibrant communities. We grant over $100 Million per year to pioneering initiatives that stimulate economic growth through social benefit.

OTF is committed to helping the NFP Sector paint a complete picture of its full impacts. It's not about making everything about money. We set the ambitious but simple goal of identifying the economic impacts we are already making, and sharing that story.

What we are doing

Measuring the economic impact of the not-for-profit sector, and OTF's contribution to it, continues to be a priority for the Foundation. Starting in early 2012, we have embarked on a research project to strengthen our ability to measure the economic impact and to craft a compelling narrative of the sector's contribution to community economic vibrancy.