Francophone Community: Essex, Kent, Lambton

EKL faces unique challenges due to its rapidly aging population

people playing cardsEssex, Kent, Lambton (EKL)—and in particular Essex—is one of Ontario's oldest Francophone communities. In 2006, 21,965 Francophones lived in EKL and seven out of ten resided in Essex. However, the EKL Francophone population is decreasing; between 2001 and 2006, the number of Francophones dropped by nearly 3,000 people.  

As a group, Francophones in EKL are approximately 12 years older and are aging more quickly than the general population is. In addition, the proportion of Francophones using French at home is notably lower in EKL compared to other areas of the province. In EKL about one-quarter (24.6%) of Francophones use French as the language most often spoken at home - less than half that for Ontario overall (55.3%). The complete EKL Francophone Community Profile includes population, labour force, education and income information. 

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Community Highlights

  • The Francophone community in EKL is not yet as diverse as other Francophone communities in central and eastern Ontario - only 6.8% of Francophones in EKL identify as members of a visible minority. However, recent Francophone immigrants in EKL are increasingly from countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia..
  • The Francophone community in EKL has a smaller proportion of children and youth (under 25 years old) compared to EKL overall - 14.9% compared to 32.4%.
  • While Francophones in EKL earn slightly more than the general EKL population, those who identify as visible minorities earn less - about half that of the overall EKL Francophone community.