Francophone Community:
Muskoka, Nipissing, Parry Sound, Timiskaming

The Francophone community in MNPST faces challenges due to its aging population

Ontario is home to more than half a million Francophones, and crowd looking upabout one out of twenty lives in Muskoka, Nipissing, Parry Sound, Timiskaming (MNPST).  Despite this large community, there were 1,235 fewer Francophones in MNPST in 2006 than in 2001 - the size of the community is decreasing.  The overwhelming majority (93%) of Francophones in MNPST live in the areas of Nipissing or Timiskaming.  Compared to MNPST overall, and Ontario's Francophone community in general, MNPST Francophones are older and are aging more quickly. In addition, the MNPST Francophone community is not as diverse as other Francophone communities in Ontario. In 2006, less than 1% identified as a member of a visible minority (compared to one out of ten for Ontario overall). The complete MNPST Francophone Community Profile includes population, labour force, education and income information. 

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Community Highlights

  • There are proportionately fewer Francophone children and youth (under 25 years old) compared to MNPST overall (22.4% compared to 28.3%).
  • Francophones in MNPST are more likely to hold apprenticeship or trades certificates or diplomas and are less likely than the general MNPST population to have a university degree.
  • Francophones in MNPST earned slightly more than people in MNPST overall; in 2006, the median employment income for Francophones was about $2,800 higher.
  • Using French at work is more common for Francophones in MNPST - three-quarters use French at work compared to two-thirds for Francophones in Ontario overall.