Knowledge Sharing Centre

Knowledge sharing in three words - access, convening and action

The Knowledge Sharing Centre will support OTF's mission to strengthen the capacity of Ontario's not-for-profit sector by:


  • Increase access to OTF research documents and other useful resources through distribution and promotion of the knowledge that resides within the Foundation.  
  • Share with grant recipients, other stakeholders and the community at large OTF learnings, obtained from our research, unique vantage point and more than 25 years of experience as a grantmaker in communities.


  • Act as a convenor of workshops, meetings and conferences to foster a rich exchange of ideas and knowledge, encourage partnerships and speed the identification of solutions.  
  • Conduct public consultations across the province to further connect OTF with Ontario communities and the not-for-profit sector and guide OTF's efforts to respond to local needs.


  • Increase the ability of organizations or individuals to take informed action.  
  • Link people to specific knowledge in order to support healthy planning and discussion among OTF's various stakeholders.   
  • Drive informed debates, decision making and change to support the not-for-profit sector and its role in building healthy and vibrant communities in Ontario.