Symposium Presentations

Morning presentations

Ready, set, go... or not?

Blair Dimock presents an overview of Ontario's demographic changes and a snapshot of what's happening in the not-for-profit sector and what OTF and other funders are currently doing. His presentation also highlights where challenges and opportunities lie.

So What? Reflections on new opportunities and strategies for the sector

Dr. Jane Barratt, Lori Holloway Payne and Joe Bornstein join Gerda Kaegi in a discussion of key issues related to the impact of our changing demographics.  » Audio clip coming soon

What's working in Ontario communities?

Margaret Denton presents on Hamilton's move towards age-friendliness, including their Age Friendly City initiative.
 » Hamilton's Age Friendly Community (pdf)

Pierre Brochu and Carmen Robillard talk about the experiences of two northern communities, Hearst and Sudbury, with integration of services. » Club Action Hearst (pdf)

Ken Doherty explains why Peterborough rates so high as an age-friendly community. » Serving Seniors (pdf)

Ahmed Hussein and Esel Panlaqui of the Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office and Jane Piccolotto of Woodgreen Community Services explain how not-for-profits in Toronto communities are meeting the unique challenges of aging and diversity.

» Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office (pdf) and » Woodgreen Community Care & Wellness (pdf)

Afternoon presentations

Talent and Financing - Innovation for the Future

Allyson Hewitt leads a discussion on four areas where innovation can make a difference for the Not-for-profit sector.
» Audio clip coming soon

Ruth MacKenzie presents on how new volunteer recruitment strategies can help the sector prepare for the new demographic realities. » Seniors and Volunteering (pdf)

Lynne Toupin discusses the human resources challenges facing the not-for-profit sector as a result of population aging.
» Audio clip coming soon

David Hughes discusses the Ontario Community Support Association's Capacity Builders division, a social enterprise which generates revenue to support the organization's other activities. » Capacity Builders (pdf)

Adam Jagelewski discusses social impact bonds and the opportunities that lie with mobilizing private capital for social good.
Social Impact Bond: Is there application in Aging?
(prezi presentation)

Reflections on the day - Where do we go from here?

David Crombie and Anne Golden join L. Robin Cardozo, CEO of the Ontario Trillium Foundation as they share their observations and reflections on the day's proceedings. » Audio clip coming soon