GoderichGoderich is a town with a population of 7,604 located in Western Ontario on the shores of Lake Huron, about 73 km from Stratford. Known for its tourism and growing retirement community, Goderich boasts the lowest unemployment rate (5.1%) among the six communities OTF studied. Goderich enjoys a few thriving industries including a Sifto salt mine and a Volvo road grader assembly plant. Most people in Goderich (25%) work in wholesale and retail trade, with 14% working in manufacturing or construction.

Watch the Town's video or read the full Small Towns: Big Impact Report (pdf) for more information.

Report Highlights:

  • OTF invested just under $2 million in Goderich through 38 grants from 1995 - 2007.
  • OTF grantees have engaged almost 1,500 volunteers contributing 29,300 hours and $500,000.