HawkesburyHawkesbury is a town with a population of 11,629 - the neighbouring Alfred and Plantagenet add another 8,600 people.  Hawkesbury is located on the Ottawa River in Eastern Ontario, and is halfway between Ottawa and Montreal.  Many Hawkesbury residents commute to either city. Due to its proximity to the Quebec border, there are strong cultural ties with that province.  In fact, 81 per cent of Hawkesbury residents speak French at home. Hawkesbury has seen many of its industries leave over the last two decades, resulting in high unemployment (8.2 per cent, compared to Ontario's average of 6.1 per cent).

Watch the Town's video or read the full Small Towns: Big Impact Report (pdf) for more information.

Report Highlights

  • OTF invested almost $2.5 million in Hawkesbury, Alfred and Plantagenet through 56 grants from 1995 to 2007.  
  • OTF grantees have engaged over 1,200 volunteers who have contributed 65,000 hours of volunteer time with a value of just over $1.1 million.