KenoraThe town of Kenora has a population of 15,838. It is located about 200 km east of Winnipeg, near Ontario's western border with Manitoba. Traditionally a pulp and paper town, Kenora recently saw the end of that era with the announcement of the closure of the Abitibi-Consolidated mill in December 2005.  Kenora has the second highest unemployment rate of the six towns - 8.5 per cent. Nevertheless, Kenora residents were most likely of the residents of all six towns to work full-time, year-round (54 per cent). In addition, Kenora has successfully turned its focus to tourism in recent years, and today 31 per cent of all jobs there are in sales and service occupations.

Watch the Town's video or read the full Small Towns: Big Impact Report (pdf) for more information.

Report Highlights

  • OTF invested almost $1.6 million in Kenora through 35 community grants from 1995 to 2007.  
  • OTF grantees have engaged 1,800 volunteers who have contributed nearly 28,000 hours of volunteer time.  This is a volunteer value of just over $471,000.