Youth Social Infrastructure

Relationships and collaboration amplify youth innovation
in Ontario

As part of the commitment of the Ontario Trillium Foundation to support opportunities for youth, the Foundation has supported the emergence of the Youth Social Infrastructure collaborative (YSI). YSI is an example of a new way of engaging and supporting youth and has emerged over the last three years with help from the Laidlaw Foundation, McConnell Foundation, Tides Canada Initiative and OTF.

alt: image On the 31st of March 2009, a visionary group of leaders in youth engagement and organizing gathered to start the process. At the gathering, young people from all over the province and different sectors came together around the issue of supporting and transforming youth organizing in Ontario. The group agreed on the need for a coordinated provincial model. Bringing people together created the space for innovation and to tap into the end-users of innovation themselves: youth.

Since then, two large stakeholder gatherings have taken place attended by youth from across the province, as well as funders, policy makers, youth organizers and youth serving groups. The gatherings have created an inclusive space for shared power and decision making, and have helped pave the way for new leadership to take YSI into the future.

OTF and Laidlaw Foundation continue to be part of this journey as the collaborative continues to evolve and realize its mandate from the community.

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