Collective Impact Grants

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Grants that support collective strategy and transformative action in partnership with the Foundation to tackle complex community issues and achieve a lasting change in at least one Priority Outcome

Collective Impact grants require the co-creation or co-design of solutions, the development of evaluation strategies and shared measurement, in possible addition to professional facilitation, convening and research.

AMOUNT: Up to $500,000 per year
TERM: Up to 5 years

Read a summary of the OTF Collective Impact Stream (pdf)

There are several stages for submitting a request for a Collective Impact Grant and no deadlines.

learn more: Read a full description of the OTF Collective Impact Stream (pdf), including case studies from other jurisdictions, and overviews of each of the six stages of OTF’s Collective Impact model. 

If you think Collective Impact is right for your complex social change initiative, and you want to read up on what OTF will be asking of your collective, see these overviews of the request and reporting forms* for each stage of the Collective Impact process:


Build the Case

Concept Design or Implementation

*Actual forms will be given to organizations to complete following discussions with OTF program staff. 

Please contact the Support Centre at 1.800.263.2887 or for more information.

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