Social Investment Partnerships

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In 2013, the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF), began to engage in Social Investment Partnerships (SIPs) as a complement to its role as a strategic grantmaker.

A SIP is the Foundation’s proactive and intentional way of bringing together public, private and individual funders to leverage each other’s resources for greater impact and shared measurement.

SIPs can take various forms and will include but are not limited to the following modalities:

co funding iconCo-funding
Two or more funders co-fund or contribute to a pool of funds aimed at a specific issue or opportunity

grant admin iconGrant Administration
OTF manages and administers a granting program on behalf of another funder

knowledge sharing iconKnowledge Sharing
OTF shares its data, resources, knowledge and networks to catalyze social change within the not for profit sector

OTF’s Social Investment Partnerships was designed to be driven by OTF and other funders (i.e: private and public sector funders, philanthropists, community foundations) to identify opportunities for partnership and collaboration aligned with the Foundation’s Investment Strategy.

Please note that the Ontario Trillium Foundation does not provide sponsorships to conferences, annual meetings and other public events. As a grant-making agency of the government, we provide grants to Ontario-based charitable and not-for-profit organizations for various activities, projects and programs. If your activities are part of an initiative that fit our investment strategy, we would encourage you to apply for a grant.

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