New partnerships use community data to support individuals and non-profits

Turning data into useful knowledge helps non-profits and the non-profit sector learn and take evidence-based action. The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) is pleased to share two newly launched partnerships which will make better use of data and evidence to achieve greater impact in Ontario.

Gathering meaningful data from the populations we serve is essential to learning about their lived experiences and realities. This is especially important for underserved groups, where an accurate understanding of their needs helps create evidence-based programs and services that address inequities and create solutions that meet their diverse needs. 

OTF has recently partnered on two significant community-based projects focused on gathering and mobilizing data with the support of and for children, youth, and people living with disabilities. 

Access Data Hub

The Data Hub will provide an online platform to collect, share and mobilize data, integrating the expressed needs and lived experiences of Canada’s disability community all in one place. The Data Hub will provide a comprehensive and evidence-based snapshot of the state of accessibility and inclusion in our communities. Additionally, it aims to: 

  • better understand trends, challenges, and needs of people with disabilities
  • digitize existing resources and develop additional evidence-based resources 
  • support research to gather valuable insight

The Data Hub is a key component of the Access Project, a framework to embed equity in the development of strategies and solutions to meet the needs of Canadians. 

Partners: Abilities Centre, Canadian Disability Participation Project, Include Me, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities, Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorder Alliance, Rick Hanson Foundation, Spinal Cord Injury Canada, Canadian Labour Congress, University of British Columbia 

Community Child and Youth Well-being Survey Project

Currently in Phase 2, the Community Child and Youth Well-being Survey gathers data from children and youth on how they are experiencing life, using a community survey co-created with children and youth which was piloted in phase 1. Phase 2 will use the data collected to develop a user-friendly toolkit and digital platform to support more communities to administer the survey and produce data reports. The overarching goals of this project are to:

  • engage with children and youth to better understand their needs  
  • identify inequalities between young people and help close equity gaps
  • connect with and learn from other communities
  • develop action plans focusing on the greatest challenges 

Partners: UNICEF Canada, Canadian Index of Wellbeing, Medavie Health Foundation


“OTF is pleased to be investing in the creation of tools and platforms to help collect and use meaningful data for Ontarians,” said Liz Forsberg, Lead, Partnership Investments. “Through these partnership projects, the non-profit sector and the people they serve will have better access to resources to turn data into useful knowledge - helping organizations and individuals take evidence-based action to meet the needs of their communities and create positive change.”


Quick facts

  • The Ontario Trillium Foundation’s (OTF) Partnership Investments program connects the non-profit, public, and private sectors to build a stronger non-profit sector in Ontario.
  • These partnership projects are part of the Partnership Investments Strategic Priority - Data and Learning.